Speculative Market Of Bahria Town Karchi Forms Is Going On..

Salam to every one hope all are in good health , well first we see on Bahria town karachi forms which was the most hot in all over Pakistan , as i predicted few days ago, Bahria town will give ad and your form worth will consider 1.5 lac, so it happened today and rates started moving upwards, but failed to broke a threshold of 200,000 pkr, and settled back in late evening at the price range of 180,000 to 190,000. well people are asking will it move more up, so i am gonna advise them what you now more want, you should sale of them you are already on very big profit, why you are not looking on your investment, what you invested and what is today payback, but as we know the today human nature is so materialistic wants more and more. This is all speculation in market like stock exchange, well i confirm you Bahria town slips has been sold in million and it will impossible all form holder will be succeeded in balloting,

Well if we see today ad published by bahria town technically, it is clearly mentioned only we will give discount for success full candidate only, it is just discount and this is a very clever strategy played by Bahria town, let suppose if bahria town planned a 5 marla plot at the price of 3 million now he will launch a price of 3.2 million because there is no discount actually you will get, this is the ad just create more hype and nothing else in my point of view,  well another question is that  if you will not successful so then your what will be your form worth ? because it is clearly written in a ad , only successful candidate will enjoy this candidate, so this is a point to understand.

Well the purpose of telling this not to disappoint you, if you will successful in balloting , then you will get a very remarkable profit or we can say that the profit beyond our expectations, it happened many times in bahria town projects. well if you successful then this discount has a worth and this discount will give you in payment schedule, and even if you get success in balloting then you don’t need of this discount, because i guess at that time position will be very different in positive way.

In the end i give advise to whom which booked these form in the booking sale it when rate cross the 200,000 and if you want to keep in touch this business then first you have a big heart in property and then do sale / purchase according to the market and takes regularly advise from you realtors, because this is the speculative market of bahria town Karachi and nothing else. one day will get you profit and another day may you will face loss. Well in the end i must say it is a very good project of the people of Karachi, when the project will launch then you should must buy a files or plot in this project according to your pocket.

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 Here is an ad image, kindly read it keenly , 

Bahria town Karachi forms ad

Bahria town Karachi forms ad