Bahria Town Karachi Current Situation

The present situation of Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) is getting better with the passage of time especially after the offer of Mr. Malik Riaz of 250 Billion Pak rupees to the honourable Supreme Court in order to settle down this issue. Although the Supreme Court bench was demanding 500 Billion but the offer from Mr. Malik Riaz seems very reasonable and this is giving hope to the general public and investors that this issue is going to be resolved. Initially the management of Bahria Town Karachi has been offering 25-30 Billion rupees which were not even considered by the court and it was also creating frustration among the investors because of the huge difference between the demand and the offer. Right now there is a positive sentiment in the market and majority of the investors and end users are realizing that the issue can be settled against the amount of 300-350 Billion. Therefore, the largest private society of Pakistan is going to rise and shine again.

Where to Buy in the Present Market?

Due to this court issue, the prices were down by almost 30% which was a very serious consideration not only for the investors but also for the management of Bahria Town Karachi. The reason behind this is if the investors are suffering then the project will suffer big time especially in the long run. During the last one week recovery has been observed in the market and prices have been recovered a little. Now there is a demand in the market but the investors are also taking interest in buying the plots. Now the most important question arises where to buy? The only recommendation in the present situation is to buy only on-ground plots in the phase 1 of BTK. The phase 1 consists of precient 1-19 and majority of the precients in the phase 1 are considered to be safe. The main reason behind this is it is fully developed, possession has been announced and general construction has been started so it is very difficult for any court in the world to demolish the already developed area (this could be the worst case). Second the most important factor is that phase 1 of BTK is developed on MDA land and if the issue with the court is resolved which is more likely then the clearance will be given by MDA to Bahria Town immediately. Therefore, it is suggested to buy only on ground and possession plots in phase 1.

What to Buy in the Current Situation?

After the positive wave in the market, the majority of the investors are taking huge interest in 125 yards (5 marla) and 250 yards plots (10 marla). The 125 yards and 250 yards are always boom high whenever there are good sentiments in the market. The reason behind this is the plots of these sizes comes under the budget of the majority of the people and the most important consideration is that there are always more number of end users in the 125 and 250 yards category. If the present situation is analyzed then it can be stated that 125 yards has been recovered almost 20% and 250 yards has been recovered almost 12-15%.

Although 125 yards and 250 yards of Phase 1 is a hot item, however, it is important to understand that not everything can be blindly bought in phase 1

The recommendation for 125 yards is Ali Block (Precient 12), Precient 14 and Precient 15.

·         The prices in Ali Block for 125 yards is in between 30-50 lacs

·         The prices in Precient 14 for 125 yards is in between 30-40 lacs

·         The prices in Precient 15 for 125 yards is in between 29-38 lacs

 Among these precients of 125 yards, Ali Block (Precient 12) is considered to be the hottest item at the present moment. There are various reasons behind this and the most important reason is that Ali Block is located infront of Grand Jamia Mosque and it is a Jinnah Avenue Precient which means that Ali block is situated at the 400 feet ever famous Jinnah Avenue. Ali block is located at the top height location and one can see the entire Bahria Town from Ali block along with the clean and cool breeze. The second most important reason is almost 300 houses are under construction in Ali block and not only general public but the builders are also constructing their villas for resale purposes. Builders are the backbone of any phase in any society because the moment builders enter in any phase or any block that particular area of the society will see the peak rates which are happening in Ali block at the present moment. Almost 10-12 families are also shifted in Ali block and living happily. An important factor is that Ali block is situated infront of P10 and P11 Villas where already 100 plus families are living. Therefore, due to the height location, near to grand jamia mosque and near to the populated villas more number of people expected to get shifted in Ali Block and price will rise in the near future. It is recommended to buy Jinnah back plots in Ali block because they are always in demand and immediate back of Jinnah Avenue also provides better access.

The recommendation for 250 yards is Precient 6, Precient 8, and Precient 16.

·         The prices in Precient 6 for 250 yards is in between 50-75 lacs

·         The prices in Precient 8 for 250 yards is in between 48-72 lacs

·         The prices in Precient 16 for 250 yards is in between 48-70 lacs

Precient 16 is a good item in 250 yards because it is a Jinnah avenue precient with height location. However, not everything can be bought in Precient 16 because some plots are also in depression. It is recommended to buy after consulting some experts of Precient 16. Precient 6 and Precient 8 can also be bought for the construction purposes as these precients are also located on better locations

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  1. Frontline

    Invest in real estate for your child’s future

  2. ijaz yousaf

    Supreme court has accepted the Bahria Town Karachi appeal and settlement has been done between supreme court and Bahria Town.Now anyone can buy property in Bahria Town Karachi

  3. Zafar khan

    I am worried about my plot in Sports city p45. Here below it says, this land is not legal. Now should i pay my rest payments?

  4. Sarwar

    Until Supreme court clears BTK, people should not buy anything there. People have hard-earned money so why to invest in a land which is occupied by illegal means.


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