Bahria Town Karachi Got Acceleration After CJ Relief Order

Hello, Hope you all are doing great. Bahria town karachi got dramatically upward after some postive decision by Cheif Justice i.e Nab inquiry suspended, Bahria town can collect remaing dues, development work. Although the case has not cleared and it will take time to review by new members. But cheif justice above noted decisions were ample for market toward upward. Some expert says this dramatically market updward created by realtors and very temporary. According to me it will remain upward atleast eid and even after for one month.

Current & Future Market Trend

We have seen the most postive impact on 125 square yard category after decision and now this wave will go to 250 n 500 square yard in coming weeks as seller are already demanding good price. As i noted in last article ramadan was the best time to purchase and still lot of opportunity to buy. Market was already down before Apex court decision and due to that decision prices went down drastically, now the btk market position is as same or bit updward before apex court decision that mean there is still ample room for purchasing as we are experiencing market get always boom in this tenure (Eid-ul-fitar to November) since launching of bahria town karachi.

Where to Invest?

Now the major query where to invest as btk is expnaded alot and investor has numerous varierty in connection of price and location. In my opinion if one looking for short term investment choose those location which are developed or at least on ground, becuase you will get offer even in slow market or complex situation as btk court decision is yet to come.
The most safe and sound precincts are 1 to 19 , 27 and 28 ( on ground).
In sports city choose precinct 34, 35, 37. Choose precinct 47 & 48 in bahria paradise. The price of above noted precincts are realitvely high to other but those precincts are much secure than others. Bold investors can play anywhere and can get more margin through high risk investment.


Today market situation is ideal for seller, Btk plot/filer can easily sell at good price , As some expert say this bubble is temporary and can brust any time. it could happen due to external factor i.e change of Government, settlment with Mda, Court, judicial matters. Well in the end one thing that i know sooner or later bahria town all issues will be resolved. Just invest wisely you will succeed in the end.

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  1. Kamran

    Keeping in point of view of the increasing rates in Bahria Town after Cheif Justice Relief. You can make here investment by visiting or by calling at 0300 8439496

  2. hassan

    perfectly explain Bahria Town Karachi Got Acceleration After CJ Relief Order

  3. humayoun

    nice article about Bahria Town Karachi Got Acceleration After CJ Relief Order

  4. Raja Haseeb

    Bahria Town Karachi has a good future.

  5. Naeem Haider

    I want to sale a 5 marla corner plot in P 25 and another 10 marla in P 8
    What are the rates(on amount)

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Quote your plot # for exact assesment or call on 03014442226.

  6. Muhammad AsIf

    Can you please tell me about Bahria town karachi briefly .Because i listened from someone that this society case is loose in court .If this is legal please tell me because I want buy house or plot in bahria town. 3 years ago I bought a house in bahria town through #AliRathoreAssociates and that exaperience was too good.
    Muhammad Asif

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      case is in review well that dosent matter much. you can call me on 03014442226.

  7. Iqra

    Cheapest article

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      you may have horrible relationship with btk i guess.

  8. Mrs Khan

    very well written, what do you think about paradise 500sq yard?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      now the overall market of btk is in healthy position. Good time to purchase

  9. Tariq

    Nice Article

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)



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