Bahria Town Lahore Demand Possession and Utilities Charges

Bahria Town has recently demanded possession and utilities installation charges in all of Bahria Town Lahore projects which include Bahria Town (Mohlenwal), Bahria Orchard, Bahria Education and Medical City and Bahria Nasheman.

Possession Charges:

Possession charges are one which Bahria collected at the time of construction of a house. Earlier plots were inclusive of possession charges. So plots located in Sector A, B and C of Bahria Town Lahore are inclusive of possession charges. They don’t need to pay it earlier, neither do they need to pay it now.

Find below the detail of all plots sizes possession charges

Utilities Installation Charges:

Utilities installation charges are one which Bahria collected at the start of the construction of a house. These charges included Electricity, Water and Gas installation. Everyone has to pay these charges when starting the construction of their house.

Find below the details of utilities installation charges of all plots in Bahria Town Lahore

What is the Problem?

Possession charges and utilities installation charges both have to be paid later at the time of construction which Bahria is demanding upfront. Some people might have bought the plot for investment. They don’t have any plans to construct a house on it. Why do they have to pay the possession and utilities charges? Others might have plans to start construction after a few years; Why do they have to pay these charges right now?

Effect on Property Market

Property market has been in a slump for quite a few years. Govt. has recently announced a relaxation in property taxes. Property analysts were expecting to see a growth in property investments. DHA and Bahria Town are the two most favorite places for property investors. But such untimely charges by Bahria Town Lahore will drag people to invest elsewhere than Bahria Town.

Short Term Thinking by Bahria

Bahria might be able to collect these possession and utility charges from plot holders but lose the chances to earn lots of transfer fees by the investors’ plots transaction. It is a small and short term thinking as Bahria have to ultimately receive those possession and utility charges at the time of construction but will lose a large number of transfer fees. 

It’s like killing the goose to collect the golden eggs.

Corona Pandemic Bad Timing

Mr. Malik Riaz of Bahria Town has a face of philanthropist. He gives lots of charity every year. Further at the time of crisis he always steps forward to help needy people.

Now at this stage when the whole world is in crisis. People are out of business. Some people are getting half of their salary. Whole economy system is jammed.

At this time when we need to give money and show sympathy, Bahria is demanding extra charges. This timing is also making people furious.

Suggestions to Bahria:

Bahria Town should not impose untimely charges to plot holders right now. Property market has just seen a good news from Govt. They have just seen the glimpse of sunrise right now. Give more ease to property investors to attract in Bahria Town property market otherwise people will start looking for other housing societies as option to invest.

This way Bahria customers will remain delighted and Bahria will earn from transfer fees and lots of new customers.

Bahria Town should focus to launch another sector to attract those investors which can pay in installments. This is the right time to give incentives, not to demotivate existing investors.

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  1. Muhammad Waqas

    I purchased a plot in Takbeer block – all dues were cleared except utilities charges – which i paid later on.

    I applied for poession June 2020 – at that they checked and confirmed poessession is paid.

    Now at the time of submitting map to Bahria town design wing they are saying that posession charges are paid – if you have paid them or previous owner has paid them then bring supporting documents.

    my questions are:

    1. plot in sector A and B are not required to pay posession charges? so why are asking us to pay?

    2. Why they accepted the application of posession if its not paid?

    3. why they confirmed at that time posession is paid

    4. in lasr, how i can ask previous owner to provide the supporting documents? which in Bahria system its clearly says that all dues are clear

  2. Muhammad Waqas

    why they are asking us to pay poessession charges for a plot in sector B Takbeer block? all due are cleared

  3. Ha

    pls give me the whatsaap no I want o join the group. Everyday they are coming with new demands. I am out of Pakistan please do let me know how i can record my protest against this rule.

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      Below are the whatsapp group links




      1. Ha

        link no 1 and 3 is not working.
        link no 2 is full
        pls can share any other link.

      2. Fawad Javed

        Please someone can share the whatsapp links …the one provide above are not working

  4. Ali Amin

    Phase 4 is also demanding it

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      Yes Bahria has also demand these charges from Phase 4 of Bahria Orchard Lahore

  5. Faisal

    Well just assume for a moment that no one is needy around, then what?

    I am surprised to look at the decision, it seems like as someone with power is trying to collect Jagga Tax.

    It’s an outcome of sick minded decision making, I dont know who took it, truly this is insane to ask money from those who do not intend to kick off construction.

    Having said that all, I have 2 questions.

    1- what’s the current state of this unjust rule?

    2- has anyone gone into litigation yet, I am sure that once the decision is taken to the court, it wouldn’t drag further from even first hearing. Assume, someone is asking for a rent of an empty house? It’s nothing more than that, decision will be against Bahria.

    As long as justice prevails!

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      Judge of High Court didn’t listen the case due to his personal links. Case is suppose to forward to another judge. No further news afterwards

  6. Investor

    As per Bahria’s letter, they may change plot location if people will not pay this extortion money (forceful possession charges), but it seems impossible and just a threat because most of Bahria contains vacant plots so how come they will change the locations of thousands of plot locations, plot owners will go to any extreme level if Bahria even dares to do so.

    Unfortunately Bahria is a seth company, it could not become an organization, its advisors are mostly uneducated and those who are educated employees of Bahria they are mostly corrupt & greedy, it will lead to fall down of Malik Riaz and all projects of bahria town.

    Plot owners have made WhatsApp groups and tens of new people are joining the groups every day, oversees are raising their complaints on Citizen portal & Oversees commission, people are also going to submit applications in NAB within 3-4 days, social media is also full of content against Bahria, so Bahria is going to face the heat from all around.

    1. Maverick

      Can you please share the link of that WhatsApp group ?

  7. Usman-bin-Khalid

    after collection all of money against forcefully possession charges then what next ?
    As malik shb always says Overseas Customer do investment in term of plot not house where they will go.
    Hope, sanity prevail in the end.
    Malik shb don’t dilute your image n multi billion brand worth.
    Bahria town only survival is launch new projects to meet supreme court penalty

  8. Usman-bin-Khalid

    yes its also applicable in bahria orchard except phase 4.

    1. Ali Amin

      Phase 4 is also demanding it

  9. mohsin khan

    it is unjust demand by Behria Town. By doing this they will lose their customers.They should revise this unjust policy

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      People are raising voice on different forums. Planning to have a protest against it as well. Let’s see what happens next

  10. Ahmad

    It is really unjustified and ghunda gardy that will spoil the name of bahriya also.

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      You are right. I don’t know who is advising such actions; very short minded.

  11. Qasim

    Are these charges applicable on Bahria Orchard too?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      yes its also applicable in bahria orchard except phase 4.

      1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

        I know a person who have a plot in phase 4 also received a letter for these charges

  12. Ayesha nauman

    I fully agree that in present sanario of corona wave such illogical and unjustified demands r a huge financial burden on clients.This ruthless policy should b reconsidered otherwise people will abstain from investing in Bharia town.All the clients suffering in tis situation should protest collectively through a combined forum.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid


    2. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      They tried to protest but Police department has postponed their protest till 9th of May. Today is 9th, I believe they will plan a protest now.


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