DHA City Lahore Status Update

DHA City Lahore is a topic to discuss nowadays as they haven’t announced the location of their housing society yet. DHA (Defense Housing Authority) has a good name which is known by worldwide Pakistanis. This is the first time that they have used their name and launched a housing society without disclosing the location. As everyone have trust in DHA (Defense Housing Authority) so they just applied without knowing the consequences. Secondly everyone here know that whatever property one has in DHA will always go Up and give profit to owner. Because of this name, this experience, everyone see this DHA City as an opportunity to have a plot in DHA named housing society.

Location of DHA City Lahore:

Now this is the most important question regarding DHA City; where is this housing society? What is the planned location of DHA City Lahore? What is the map of DHA City? When DHA will announce the location of DHA City Lahore?

For all of these above questions regarding location of DHA City Lahore, there is a simple answer. DHA has not announce the location of DHA City yet. Question came in mind that when they will announce the location of this housing society? Answer to this question is that they will announce the final location of their housing society DHA City Lahore as the installments finish.

Secondly if someone needs an unofficial idea that where DHA City will launch their project; then we’ve come to know through our resources that they are planning this DHA City Lahore behind Park View Villas on Multan Road. You must have seen the DHA-EME sector on Canal Road which also touches the Multan Road. This DHA City is planned to launch near to that location. This is a clue for all those who are anxious to know a tiny piece of information regarding location of DHA City Lahore. In this condition when DHA City has no officially announce the location, this clue would be very helpful.

Plot Price in DHA City Lahore:

Those persons who have bought the files of DHA City Lahore would be feeling themselves in trouble as they are already confuse with the location of this housing society. Due to this not-officially-announce-location issue their files prices have fell down. These files are available in Rs. 90,000/- minus which means that one who has paid 5 lac for instance is selling their file in 4 lac 10 thousand.

Firstly we were suggesting to not buy plot in DHA City Lahore but now condition is different. Those who have bought the plot should hold there plot now and pay the dues of plot. Now files are in negative which would cause you a loss so just keep going with the schedule and wait for the time when installments finish and DHA City officially announce the location of housing society.

When DHA City will physically launch their housing society then their prices will rise again which would be a better time to sell the property or deal in this housing society.

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  1. razia ikram

    what is new in this news, we are listening this rubbish since we completed our installments. by the way what the hell monkey business is going on here.

    1. Sajid

      Many Affectees have engaged Ahmad Awais Advocate and filed a Writ Petition in Lahore High Court. Next Hearing on 22nd January 2018, Barrister Farough Naseem is defending the case by representing DHA.
      Those interested, please try to attend Court Hearings.

      1. Shahid Khokhar

        Last Date in Lahore High Court 22.01.2018

  2. mohammad rafiq

    what will happen to those who have cheated dha city lahore investers. I am sure they will be the fuel of jahanam and before they get this azab, they will suffer
    from deseases like cancer and even more severe deseases in this world.Allah kee lathi ba awaz hoti hai.

  3. Nazeer Ahmed

    Now as per advertisement in daily Dawn karachi dated 8th jan.2017,NAB Lahore has. Asked to provide them proof of depositing amount, membership etc. from the investors if they wish.

  4. Nazeer Ahmed

    What is the purpose of posting six years back status which seems now absolute? What action has been taken against main accused as like kamran kiani? I think the scondrLs are waiting for retirement of Gen. Raheel and then to resurface for false promised.The most disappointing and dismal matter is that even General could not do any result oriented thing for the army SHUHDA for providing the plots or retrieving the usurped mony.

  5. Riaz

    Dear Qamar,

    DHA management, didn’t show their wordings against or with that statement that’s mean this didn’t hurt them all or they unable to describe the people that what going on, now I think that only the issue is land where they will build the project, land is not according to people applied so now they only want that some. People left them so they reach the required targets.

  6. Qamar

    So Mr Riaz I Already Mentioned That In response of That News, U Can go to the DHA EME Website http://www.dhaemesector.org and see They have metioned DHA City as Their project. So this news have no value

  7. Qamar

    U can go to the link http://www.dhaemesector.org/ and check project and Add below on th escreen

  8. riaz

    guyz dont worry, its a good investment but will take time to cash it, so pay your installment and believe in GOD,

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      i am agree with mr.riaz and thanks for sharing such a detail info

  9. riaz

    Ch Mujahid Yasin
    Lahore Real Estate Pvt Ltd
    kindly reply this.

    PAC meeting – ‘DHA City’ status, Defence sec feigns ignorance

    By: Irfan Bukhari | Published: January 21, 2011

    By: Irfan Bukhari | Published: January 21, 2011

    ISLAMABAD – Secretary Defence Lt General (retd) Syed Athar Ali Khan on Thursday failed to tell the status of DHA City Lahore to the Public Accounts Committee.

    During PAC meeting, when Riaz Fitana asked the secretary defence to clear the position of DHA City Lahore, secretary defence said, “Either DHA City Lahore is the part of Defence Housing Authority or it is a private entity and if it has been launched by a private company then why is the name ‘DHA’ being used?”

    Fatiana said that the management of the DHA City Lahore had collected billions of rupees against one thousand residential plots, none of which had been allocated. “Now another housing society with the name ‘DHA Raya’ has also been launched in Lahore,” he added.

    Taking strict notice of unsatisfactory performance of Athar Ali Khan, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday made a joint committee of the officials of the Ministry of Defence and Auditor General of Pakistan to settle audit objections on the commercial use of cantonment lands.

    Chaired by Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the Public Account Committee expressed strong reservations over leasing out of 166 acres land of cantonment board and non fixation of responsibility on the officers found involved in irregularities.

    The audit officials raised objection that Rs 7.8 million earned from leasing agricultural land at Mushaf Air Base were not deposited in government treasury. Member of committee Zahid Hamid said the matter of leasing out agriculture land was not transparent. Audit official informed the committee that Pakistan Army had been using government land falling in A-1 category, worth Rs 120.767 billion for commercial purposes, adding that relinquishment of the land of Fortress Stadium will be based on the rate of Rs.150, 000 per square yard, while the recovery to be effected as in the case of private treaty arrangement would be amounting to Rs 1.386 billion.

    Member of committee Saeed Ahmad Zafar told PAC directives were not complied with and instead autocratic attitude was adopted.

    Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that no one was above law. “The Indian Chief of Army Staff’s summoning before India’s public accounts committee is triumph of democracy,” he added.

    Committee also expressed dismay over the unauthorized occupation of A-1 land measuring 107.29 acres without prior approval of the government as well as non-recovery of rent amounting Rs 5.922 million from National Logistic Cell (NLC) as per revealed by the record of Military Estate Office (MEO) Gujranwala.

    Athar further assured the committee that the data of all the A-1 land in possession of three forces would be collected by his ministry for evolving a fair asset management mechanism to discourage the practice of commercialization of land in future.

    DG ML and C categorically informed the meeting that the responsibility of management of A-1 land come under the preview of armed forces and Cantonment Board can not be made responsible for any misuse of land.

    This news was published in print paper. To access the complete paper of this day. click here

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  10. riaz

    Ch Mujahid Yasin
    Lahore Real Estate Pvt Ltd.

  11. Qamar

    Dear All DHA EME Sector also update their website and they mentioned DHA CITy as DHA EME Sector Phase 2 now the question that who is the owner of DHA City is resolved Insha Allah soon they will resolve the Location matter also.

  12. Imran sadiq

    com’on guys y r so much crying in this matter that dha city is fraud, buddies there isn’t any problem like that.if u have invested then keep calm yourself and wait for the right time.all of u who invested their money in this scheme shall see that ALL……………..IS WELLLLLL…………………….

  13. NAEEM

    at last DHA City Fraud is over. Defence secretary refused to admit and say anything about this scheme in public accounts committee. CMY has collected his commission and now he is removing DHA city messages from his website.

  14. asim


  15. asim

    why u use this blog to attract the innocent people towards fake schemes knowingly, instead of exposing the false schemes on this blog.

  16. Usman-bin-Khalid

    mr. asim not a single word use which motivate the people to purchase or sell in Dha city. this is blog which keep updates of property news. we do-not take commiseration. we just passes genuine information whats going in real estate. why you taking personally and behaving churlish

  17. asim

    dear nabeel zafar why r u die, after my reply, fraud people

  18. asim

    Dear Nabeela Zafar,
    CMY, LRE offered the innocent persons to book plots through LRE, just for his commission and later on affered the people to ask ballot result through phone and in his posts he catagorically claimed DHA city as Military project, Why? despite he was aware fate of DHA city, I think motivator is real culprit.

  19. asim

    Dear CMY, lRE, why r u doing fraud with innocent people to convince them to purchase files of DHA city which is in the air.

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      Who is convincing here, secondly there is no use of convincing because you can’t buy or sell files of DHA City Lahore at the moment. Society might allow this after paying 50% of your dues.

  20. ATIF

    Guys Calm down, no need to be in such anxiety. There is not a proft always in life & regarding the DHA City we are hopefull that something good will arise soon inshAllah.
    Regarding my brother Tahir question, I have lived more than him in foriegn countries but I still love My PAKISTAN. Buddy don’t forget your roots ,otherwise a lifetime regret waiting ….Jameel Fahri’Son Example in fornt of you.

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      yes you are rite mr atif. we know there is lots of problem in our country . is that soloution we leave this country rather contribute in positive terms. people makes country on their own way. now INSHALLAH positive change will come very soon. but question to tahir if he call paskitan third class country so why he invest there

  21. mani

    @nabeel : really informative this post for me… thanks alot
    @tahir : if u think this is the third class country why you invested here, so I wish your money will be drown.. and listen people makes country, why u r blaming the country, the people like you leave this country and using there bloody language. Now forget about your investment…
    @naeem… this blog is really informative really great job in e-world for convenice . and this post also informative.

  22. naeem

    Mr nabeel, there is no information in your post, its just time wasting. its all ideas and common sense you have portrayed here.
    well Mr Tahir, no need to cry on spilt milk. you have lost your investment now. let me teach you some basics of investment now. may be a second class citizen of first class country like you cant understand things easily.
    for example a friend of mine invested 100,000 CAD and bought a plot in pakistan in 2005, it was almost 5,900,000 Rs.
    now after 5 years this plot can be sold at 8,500,000 Rs, but now the canadian dollar equals 85 Pak Rs. so he will get same 100,000 CAD in return. he was foolish enough.
    people like you want to make easy money out of this country. investing and taking out multiples.
    DHA city is entire farud now, i have lost my investment, but i have no sorrow , i played the gamble that didnt payoff. so stop crying tahir, if you want to make money do some hard work like you do in states. Pakistan is not a money amking machine for people like you. grow up man, and digest the reality that you made a bad decision and you dont have stomach to digest the failure and disappointment now.

  23. Tahir

    I am very greattfull for your valued information. I hope you will in touch with me. I am living in USa right now but i hope this most nasty and most corupt country in the world will do some lawfull things. I hope third calss country will do right things in this property mattter.


    1. NAEEM

      tahir , lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont worry yaar i lost 100,000 also.

    2. Sajid Iqbal

      Are you a Pakistani. Shame on you why you abusing the Pakistan ? our parents sacrificed for Pakistan. shame on you.


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