Payment Plan Lakhani Presidency Karachi

Lakhani presidency offers various sizes of apartments and pent houses on installments here is the payment plan for each size . For all details of booking and project information , features of the project and location click here .

Here is the payment plan for :

  • 3 rooms
  • 4 rooms
  • 5 rooms pent house

Payment plan 3 rooms :

  • Total price : Rs 6,267,000/-
  • Booking : Rs 953,500/-
  • Allocation : Rs 545,000/-
  • Start of work : Rs 408,000/-
  • 48 installments :Rs 68,000/-
  • Completion of foundation : Rs 545,000/-
  • Possession : Rs 550,000/-

Payment plan 4 rooms :

  • Total price : Rs 7,357,000/-
  • Booking : Rs 12,26,000/-
  • Allocation : Rs 817,400/-
  • Start of work : Rs 545,000/-
  • 48 installments :Rs 81,700/-
  • Completion of foundation : Rs 545,000/-
  • Possession : Rs 545,000/-


Payment plan pent house :

  • Total price : Rs 27,600,000/-
  • Booking : Rs 9,30,000/-
  • 21 installments :Rs 825,000/-
  • Possession : Rs 975,000/-


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  1. Shaharyar

    Anyone who invested in lakhani presidency plz contact me.
    I have invested in it when I was abroad but I want to get suggestions from someone who invested locally.

    1. Muhammad waqas

      please call me. 03412260066

  2. Murtaza Saleem

    Salam W Kum, Can you send me detail of 3Room also mention covered area and price list.

  3. Mohsin

    What is current position of construction?

  4. Salman riaz

    I want to buy 3 bed appartment

  5. Mk

    I want to buy 4 bed apartment . Please send me details at 03342117782

  6. amin marfani

    Can u snd me detail on my cell 00923333642891

  7. manzoor ahmad

    i want to know the present situation of project,cani book an apartment now?what will be the procedure,thankyou

    1. amin marfani

      I want to book three room flat can u snd details

  8. Syed Akhlaq H.Rizvi

    I want to pay full payment(without loans). Pls give me your advice & let me know the time of possession.

  9. Zuhair Ahmed Siddiqui

    I am currently in Middle East , interested to book 3 room flat on installments. Kindly let me know project location, flat layout, total cost, per month installment with downpayment & possession period, please specify the amount in Pakistani Rupees because i have seen some other add. which shows amount in AED/SAR. i.e. same amount that you have mentioned earlier.


  10. Irfan

    I am currently in Bahrain, interested to book 3BHK flat on installments. Kindly let me know project location, flat layout, total cost, per month installment & possesion period, please.

  11. Saqib

    Farhan – iam unable to access to this number. Do u have any other number?

  12. Saqib

    Please send me the details and also confirm when it will be ready and do you have any office in dubai?

    1. Farhan (Post author)

      Mr. Saqib Call on this number for all further details :


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