Bahria Paradise (A new milestone in Bahria Karachi)

Bahria town paradise map

After the huge success of Bahria Sports City Karachi, the management of Bahria Town has launched Bahria Paradise which is attracting investors and genuine buyers both in Karachi, Lahore and other major cities of Pakistan. The map of Bahria Paradise has been revealed yesterday which currently shows the exact location of the different category plots. During the last 2 weeks there is huge buying in Bahria Paradise Karachi and majority of the buyers are genuine buyers. The overseas clients have shown great interest in this project. There are numbers of reasons behind this and one of the main reasons is that there are very limited options available in Bahria Karachi on instalments at the present moment. The most important reason is that people have started realising the fact that anything which is available on instalments is more likely to give them a better return in near future. So people are making investments without even giving a second thought.


Currently there are four investment options available in Bahria Paradise. This includes 250 square yards (10 marla), 500 square yards (one kanal) and 1000 square yards (2 kanal) and 1000 square yard Villa

The prices are as below:

250 square yards 59 lacs
500 square yards 95 lacs
1000 square yards. 172 lacs
500 square yards Villa 385 lacs


Currently the best option for investment in Bahria Paradise Karachi is 250 square yards and 500 square yards. The updated map shows that 250 square yards is very close to Precient 15A and Precient 16 which makes it a hot cake because these precients of Bahria are almost developed and huge numbers of buyers are present in the market of the good location plots in these precients. 500 square yards plots are also located at very good location and closer to the existing precients of Bahria Karachi. Bahria Paradise Villa will also be very hot because only 250 Villas are launched by Bahria and limited quantity will make it hot. Another important consideration is that there is no other 500 square yard luxury villa available in entire Bahria Town Karachi. However still i believe that the majority of the investors will go for 250 and 500 square yards plots.


There are two most important reasons which makes Bahria Paradise a hot cake. The first reason is the four years instalment plan which suits the majority of the genuine buyers. The second reason is that recently there was a boom in Bahria Sports City and investors have made loads of money through sports city and those investors are now moving in Bahria Paradise in order to gain short term gains because the down payment is very low. This shows that Bahria Paradise has an attraction for both investors which are going for short term and long term gains.

For  Sale / purchase more information related to Bahria Paradise you can call me

M.HASSAN.        03212727272

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  1. adeel

    nice blog ,visit for great deals on property

  2. Zaheer

    I still think its expensive but here it says Bahria paradise is a best investment at the moment.

  3. TPM

    Al Rehmat Project

  4. Zee

    I have a 3 bed flat in Parsa City Garden near Makki masjid. 3 side corner, brand new with Lift, Gym, Water plant etc. Kindly elaborate if this site allows such sale listing or if there is any place to post. 0345-3182218

  5. TPM

    Etihad Town Lahore

  6. TPM

    Bahria Paradise karachi

  7. Hamid

    The discussion is really helpful, Usman, please give me an advise, I bought 500 Sq Yard in minus and now getting 50,000 Own. What do you suggest. Should I hold or sale now.

    I can pay the installment. I have no issue.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Dear hamid
      Files are the product in bahria go up and down on daily basis.
      If you purchased it for trading purpose then you should sell it. If you have aim to get some good profit then hold it for several months but again it will depend on your file location

  8. Dr ghazanfer

    Thanks I got lot of things in discussion …I wana know current status of paradise 250.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Sorry though a very late reply but the current status of 250 sqyard is 125,000 own

  9. Abidhussain

    What is the current scenario of Bahria Paradise?? I want to invest in 500 & 1000 Sq Yard.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      I suggest wait for some days and go for 500 square yard.
      Option1 May the dealer quota plot with number available in coming days.
      Option 2, if you want to choose bahria ballot through files then wait several days may you will get at lower price.

      1. Abidhussain

        Thank you for your prompt reply. What do you think, if i go for option -2 in how much minimum price i will get after balloting.

        I am more interested in Option – 2.


    2. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Paradise file price started toward downward as i expected.
      Current rate 1000 sq yard 50k own
      500 sq yard minus 75k
      Well, after ballot it will depend on your location but i can see you will get some good profit in sevetal months.

  10. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    Bahria pradise today rate.
    1000 square yard at 400,000 own
    500 square yard at 50,000 own
    250 square yard at 80,000 own.
    We have seen a dramtic growth in all categories from last two days, especially in 1000 square yard raised 350,000 in less than 24 hours.
    Mr shaid qureshi voice msg spreaded all over the markt ” he said we have no mercy for bata group ( who sell files without having) and we welcome genuine traders)
    Well the main reason for this dramatic growth shaid qureshi ordered to all big authorized dealers submit certian quantity to bahtia, it has been created by him to give some lession to bata group.

    1. Haroon

      Usman what is the meaning of submit certain quantity to bahria??

      1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

        There is streategy adopted to shortage of file and they have done it successfully.

  11. Ali

    I have heard Bahria Paradise rates has increased alot due to its location??

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Not alot, paradise was traded in minus sincd project launch, it went on own and level yesterday first time.
      SO it is availavble at -25 to +100k own.

  12. Fayaz USA

    Should I go for 500 Sq or 1000 Sq Yard?

    Which is more good in the longer run??

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Dear Fayyaz
      The best and certain in a long run is balloted 500sqyard number in starting.
      Currently you can get even in minus but the only issue is after ballot if you get number in last precint or bad location then it will be not as benefit as if you purchase in starting precinct.
      There are two options
      1- you can wait for ballot then purchase it accoording to location.
      2- you can purchase dealer quota alloted number.
      you can contact mr hassan as number given for further proceed.

      1. Fayaz USA

        Usman, I check from dealers online .. They are quoting plots with 3 4 lack to 1.5 Million own with no. They are offering file minus 1 lack for 500 Sq Yard.

        My point is why should I pay extra for the longer term for location .. once the Map will be released and construction started, The location will not remain same. Some other cuttings will come in furture which will cover the surrounding Area .. Just to give 3 4 lack to 1.5 Million for just at start of prinicint or location is indigestible.

        I understand if irrespective of location and file price is higher due to demand like own then we can say ok to buy file at higher price but this is a very bad practice and technique by bahria and their dealer to make money this location technique.

        We expat do not like to buy this kind of buying like location with higher own. In DHA this thing does not happened. I think Bahria should immediately stop this non sense practice. This gives a very bad impression that there is no concept of fair balloting in Bahria Town.


      2. Fayaz USA

        As I am the Town Planner as well .. I have observed in the paradise overall 500 Sq Yard location is quite good. Here you should not pay something extra for location ..

        Location is already very reasonable.

    2. Hassan

      Dear Fayaz,

      You can call me at 0321-2727272 i will tell you more options about paradise. Personally i feel 500 sq yards location is good

      1. Fayaz USA

        Please update the current rates of BTK Paradise 500 Sq Yard??

    3. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Today rate was closed at minus 50 to 40k of bahria pradise 500 sq yard.
      1000 sq yard bahria paradise traded at own 60 to 70k

  13. Kamran Ali

    Informative article, my personal assessment after seeing the map is that 500 square yards and 250 square have a better location and they are most likely to be trade more in the market. What do you think usman sb?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Yes you are right, but the only positve point in 1000 yard is limited quantity.


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