Bahria Town Karachi Getting Its Shape.

Courtesy by : TARIZ AZIZ KHAN 

Hello, First of all Ramadan Mubarak to all readers.Since the project is launched there was uncertainty regarding land issues and political controversies but despite all issues Bahria town Karachi is moving forward with bullish speed towards its destination and is progressing by leaps and bound day by day. The interest of investors, end users and overseas is instrumental, owing to lucrative gains, people from all over the country and overseas Pakistanis have recently injected huge money into the project. Ample liquidity for property investment is pushing BTK prices and still there is immense potential to grow. Overall, BTK is adding positive value addition in the real estate sector and economy of the country.

The well planned development work is in full swing in all precincts and generally locations are marked with precincts identification signboards equipping beautiful plants, flowers, dancing fountain and parks. The world’s third largest mosque, theme park and desert safari is in the final stage of development. The possession of Quaid Villas, Ali Block and few precincts has already been granted.

The property sector of Karachi is quite eventful these days and there is huge investment potential in the market at the moment right after improving of law & order situation of the city. Precisely speaking, the sale-purchase activity is impressive these days. The prices in BTK are registering an uppish trend right now and as per expert assessment Bahria Town Karachi will break all historic record in real estate sector of Pakistan.

The step wise plot allotment process is already been initiated and generally fully updated files have been entertained with plot allotment numbers in different precincts. In the continuation of the process Bahria has announced balloting date i.e. 14th August 2016 for all those who still are waiting for allotment numbers.


The investors have started investing in Karachi’s property market after the city’s law and order improved and considering world class development in BTK. Still, Bahria Town Karachi is an affordable investment for middle class families and big investors too. It is recommended to invest in on ground properties in Bahria Town Karachi and enjoy handsome profits. The location of plot, villa and apartment will be an important factor in this regard.  Moreover Bahria Town Karachi is  focused by Bahria Town Lahore & Islamabad realtors and investors from last couple of months, Investment / Purchasing is already started and i am seeing a good jump after Eid.

Latest Average Plot Prices in Bahria Town Karachi

125 yards Plots:
Precinct 10, 11, 14 & 15: 5.50 lacs to 16 lacs
Precinct 27 & 28: 5 lacs to 9 lacs
Precinct 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, & 31: 1.5 lacs to 6 lacs

250 yards Plots:
Precinct 6, 8 & 16: 24 lacs to 39 lacs
Precinct 12: 17 lacs to 23 lacs
Precinct 21, 22 & 30: 9.5 lacs to 15 lacs

500 yards Plots:
Precinct 4, 9 & 17: 33 lacs to 48 lacs
Precinct 27-A & 29: 14 lacs to 25 lacs

125 yards villa (O/H):
Precinct 10 & 11: 24 lacs to 35 lacs

200 yards villa (O/H):
Precinct 10 & 11: 32 lacs to 50 lacs
Precinct 27: 25 lacs to 33 lacs

2-bed apartment (O/H):
Precinct 19: 12 lacs to 17 lacs

125 yards commercial (Midway):
Precinct N/A: 90 lacs to 150 lacs

125 yards Old Commercial File                                                                                                                                                      

Precinct N/A : 38 lacs to 40 lacs  

For any query regarding BahrIa Town Karachi, Feel free to contact me

Usman bin khalid         92-301-4442226



Yours comments are always welcome, share your thoughts regarding this article, your query will reply through comment box.


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  1. Ashraf motiwala

    Please suggest which one precincts are best fit from investment point of veiw in terms of residential plots??

  2. Nazim Hussain

    I have plot in precinct 16 in new balloting.When we r having new map of precinct 16 in BTK

  3. Asad sheeraz

    Asllam o Alikum dosto Behria town men kharedo farukht k lye hum se rabeta Karen ”
    Behria Town
    Behria icon
    Behria tower
    Behria town nwab Sha
    We work on All ”
    Or iske ilawha
    Asf / Fazaia / k work k lye bhi ap rabeta kr sakte hen ”

    Contact 03152199325
    Asad sheeraz

  4. Malik

    For sale purchase in bahriya contact me

    Malik Mushtaq

  5. faraah


  6. tauquir

    what is the balloting results…… is any report

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  8. Tariq

    Any update on development in Precinct 15b

  9. Pak properties

    Hi, its a very interesting article i like the details in it about BTK, plz let us know about the effects of property taxes impose by government.where will it leads the property sector in Karachi.
    Aslam Khan

  10. Atif

    I am interested in investing in BTK. Can you please subscribe me to whatsup group (+966545577950) or any email listing if there is any?

  11. motiwala

    Motiwala has some really reasonable rate property for sale in Pakistan in the posh area of Clifton, Defence, Bahria Town.

  12. Sami khan

    Hello bahria related real states and plot owners plz let me know abt flats in behria I m interested in low price flats plz anyone sell???

  13. zahid

    Are these total prices or just the own?

  14. Habib

    Dear usman,
    Kindly suggest, still is it the right time to invest in sports city ?? Or anyother project on its way….


  15. Ali

    many thanks for ur detail point of view.much appreciated …..please put some light on future of bahria heights In next 6 months…thanks and best regards.ali

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  16. Tariq

    Please suggest which one precincts are best fit from investment point of veiw in terms of residential plots


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