Bahria Town Karachi Market After SC Decision

Hello, Hope you are doing great.Due to recent supreme court verdict about Bahria Town Karachi, I have been reading various analysis over the last many days. Some analyst are giving very negative views and some people are still very hopeful and positive.

We have been investing and trading in Bahria Town from decade pindi times saw many ups and downs of bahria in Pindi, Lahore and now in Karachi.

Trust me at the end of the day everything will be settled down. The plots which were launched by Bahria in Pindi in 2000 for 1.5 lacs now its worth is 1 crore. The plots which were launched by bahria in Lahore in 2008 for 10 lacs now its worth is 125 lacs and honestly the 250 yards in Phase 1 which worth 60 lacs (lets say Precient 16) now will be minimum 3 crore after 4-5 years.

A friend who belongs to karachi and a good investor of both DHA City Karachi and Bahria Karachi came to lahore for a transfer of plot gave his opinion that Bahria is like a ‘prostitute’ who looks very attractive but at the end of the day took away everything from you and leave you with empty hands. DHA is like a ‘wife’ who might not look very attractive but at the end of the day its your biggest asset means things r slow and steady but gives you profit. I laughed alot on this statement but i dont agree with him.

There are two simple rules of making money from Bahria Town

1- Either hold it for long term and you will earn good amount of profit. A friend bought precient 1 plot on 1 lac own in 2015 and sold it for 1 crore own in the end of 2017.

2- if you r a short term investor then Keep in touch with a smart and a sincere dealer who will tell you when to exist and when to enter the market. For instance one of my friend was keeping bahria height for long term last year in Nov i suggested him to sell it for 26 lacs own as i believe kafi paise dal gae hain and he sold it now he bought it again for 10 lacs own. So that flat of same floor is still there and be earned 16 Lacs as well.

3- The most important thing is that you trust someone who has the sense of this business. For instance in initial days of sports city p34 was at 1 lacs own and precient 45 was minus 2 lacs. During last tezi in market p34 even sold on 20 lacs own and p45 not even on level. Right now p34 is on 10 lacs own and p45 minus 7 lacs so a 17
Lacs difference which was just 2-3 lacs in the initial days of sports city. In golf city 500 yards was sold for 5 lacs own as well 1.5 crore own. So the smart investors switch to the right location in the initial days when things are piling up. So pls
Keep in touch with a real estate agent who has the knowledge and information of all these things. Dont act blindly. You never trust your gut feeling when you r sick u always visit a best doctor. So once investing your hardly earn money trust some really good real estate person and you wont regret it. Or sit in the bahria market for 5-6 hours days which most of the people cant afford to do.

Apart from all these things trust me everything will be ok in Bahria Town. You will see immense boom in Bahria karachi in coming years. Though i always believe that bahria system has loads loads of flaws but we have to live with it no other choice. I just wrote these lines who r genuine investors and have been feeling bad due to current situation.

For best advises related to Bahria Town Karachi please call onย  given number

ย 0321-2727272

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