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Info :

Heaven city housing scheme in Karachi was a old residential project by Infinity builders and developers this project was launched a year ago and offers various sizes of residential plots , commercial plots and constructed houses on installments and cash payment . Project was located at very prime location of the city near to 4k round about and ahsanabaad . Booking is now officially closed for this project all the plots and houses are occupied and the development work of the project is also almost completed many families are now part of this housing scheme . Project developers claimed that this housing scheme has all basic features and facilities . Project is also approved from KBCA noc no for this project is mentioned below.Here is the some basic details of this project claimed by project developers .

Heaven city housing scheme at 4 k round about is the old residential project by Infinity builders an developers they claimed that project has civic amenities and they also have several projects in Karachi . This housing scheme is also marketed by Real marketing consultants .

Project offered :

  • Residential plots
  • Constructed houses

Location  ; Heaven city housing scheme in Karachi is located at very prime location of the city where all civic amenities are available , roads are available and many other residential projects and commercial markets are located . This housing scheme is located at 4 k round about near to Ahsanabad in North Karachi .

Features of the project :

  • Gated community
  • Boundary wall
  • Round the clock security
  • Walking and jogging tracks
  • Sewerage system
  • Green belts
  • Parks
  • Grounds
  • Street lights
  • Carpeted roads

Booking is now closed for this project all the plots and houses are occupied development work the project is also completed .

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  1. Qaiser Jameel

    Heaven city is totally china cutting society. This is basically sector 3 of ahsanabad society developed in 1980s

  2. Arshad

    Dear any once confirm about the Heaven City authentication

  3. zulqi


    heaven city isn’t a fake project. It is authorized from SBCA and you can also find its NOC and approval from SBCA.

  4. Saleem

    Heaven city is totally a fake project and its NOC from KBCA is also cancelled by high court of sindh orders and this is already in NAB consideration


      Dear Saleem… Yes we know that the estate agent cannot get any cut amount in the process of sale and purchase of plot in Haven City that why they are trying to degrade this project and discourage people to go this affordable polt in this project to make their home.
      This is a leased project and not even 1% of Fakeness. INFINITY BUILDER are present here and they are supervising all construction in this project.

  5. Arshad

    Iam coming here since the project was announced . I never ever experinced such activties as mentioned in above post .All the works are in progress and never stopped by any authrities since to day.If this project is fake how it is leased ? how construction work is in progress? how the owner of project is coming to project?
    who ever involved in china cutting thay never devolep the project thay just sell the land and disappear.for god sack stop confusing peoples.

  6. imran

    Yes it is true 100 percent. heaven city in karachi is a fake project. this is a china cutting but in very decent way. 1st when you go to the site no body allow you to visit without any reference. 2nd staff is non cooperative like he is doing any criminal activity. 3rd his owner is in the custody of NAIB.

    1. Aleena

      Can you please tell how can i comform that its actually unauthorised ?

  7. Heaven City Karachi

    Heaven city housing scheme in Karachi was a old residential project by Infinity builders and developers. Project is also approved from KBCA NOC no for this project is mentioned below. This housing scheme is also marketed by “Real Marketing Consultants”.

    NOC No: KBCA/DCB(D-II)/950/Adv-470/2010

  8. Saleem

    Heaven city is a fake project which is based on fake and forged documents actual owner ship of this land belongs with Ahsanabad Housing society and there are many leased plots in this project the corrupt govt and police department providing shelter to these land grabbers for short time when strict government will come all these projects will be removed and give back to their original allottes I humbly requesting to those who interested in this project please ignore this project and for details can contact with Ahsanabad cooperative housing society office bambino chambers karachi.

  9. Abrar Ahmed

    Please Beware about this project, It is constructed by the Land Mafias. This Heaven City is Originally Ahsanabad Housing Society Sector 3 Area. But The Land Grabbers has Grabbed this land and named it Heaven City and made the life Hell for the original owners of Ahsanabad Housing Society sector 3 who have purchased this land in 1970s with their hard-earned money.

    1. mohsin

      Abrar Ahmed Bhai,
      mujhe ap ki advise chahiye, mai heaven city me plot purchase kr raha hu kiya, app ne jo comment likha hai woh 100% truth hai

      1. Anas

        M also interested in this project…please mjhe help kre is it really fake project … Kia abhi bh ye officially legal nh hua?

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