How To Earn Money When Property Market Is Going Down

You’ll earn money in this down property market with investing in property.

Why Property Market is Down?

In Pakistan we’ve seen this down in property market for quite a long time now. It happens first when previous Govt. of Muslim League (N) has opposed heavy taxes in buying and selling of property. What remaining was buried by the high interest rate of banks in current Govt. of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

Property And Interest Rate Phenomenon

If banks have low interest rates, people will pull out the money from bank and invest in real estate. If banks have high interest rates then investors will pull out the money from property and put it in bank.

Right now we have a record high interest rate. Investors have their money in banks.

Suppy Vs Demand

This is a basic rule of supply and demand. When we have more supply of any product and less demand; prices decreases. On the other hand when we have less supply and high demand; prices increases.

Right now we have more sellers in property market and less buyers.

How To Earn Money In Current Market

There are two type of investment

  1. Long Term and
  2. Short Term

If you want to go for a long term investment then this is a ideal time to buy the property. Real products like Gold, Real Estate Property has it’s time, if they are falling, they’ll eventually rise. Property is at it’s lowest prices right now. You can get property in remarkably low prices in current market scenario. Buy a real estate property, hold it for a time and enjoy the heavy profits when market will rise.

Short term investment is little trickier then long term. In this you have to continuously connected with market. Though market is not changing much and you don’t need to get the update time by time. This is because you can get an attractive, way less price then market property time to time. This is your shot. Get that property and you can sell it in profit. e.g. If in a certain block plot prices are 3 million in this current market situation. You get a deal in 2.6 million, you can sell that plot easily in 2.8 or 2.9 million (making it attractive for next buyer as well). You’ll get your share of profit and you’ve just made the money.

For Short Term investments real estate brokers are real handy. Connect with one you trust. Tell him to keep looking for such opportunities and let you know as it jump out; catch it instantly and move on.

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