Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society-Terms and Condition.

Terms and Conditions:


  1. The allotment of residential plots are solely for residential purpose only, any contravention will render the allotment liable to be cancelled.
  2. The Society reserves, the right to effect any variations, alterations, which are necessary to meet the planning requirements of ralevent rules and regulations etc.
  3. Allotment of plots will be on “first come first serve basis”.
  4. All corner plots carry a premium of 10% over the normal cost of the plot.
  5. All transfer and registration charges, shall be paid by the allot tees as per rules and regulations of the society.
  6. The sale deed of a plot will be executed only on clearance of Society’s dues.
  7. Rs. 20/- per sq.Yd will be charged on transfer of plot rights. However possession of plot will only be given on completion of the development work.
  8. The allot tees shall abide by te rules, regulations issued or the be issued from time to time by the management of ICHS or any other competent authority.
  9. In case a plot is surrendered by a member, the amount paid by him/her shall be refunded after sale of hie/her plot to other new member. A dedication of 10% of the paid amount will be made.


What is an Ideal Residence

You will certainly agree that an ideal residence is one with standard planning like wide roads, open climates, clean atmosphere, sense of security, proper arrangements of education, transport facility, commercial center, vast playing grounds, public library, mosque. Now all these things are a dreams no more because all those amenities are being provided at a lowest price in the ICHS Town.

It is the best and the safest investment for Pakistanis and Overseas spirit to serve and deliver to the members on mutual cooperation is the foundation stones of the Islamabad co-operative Housing Society. The location of to scheme is very important keeping is view the pleasant, beautiful environments of Islamabad/Rawalpindi and it’s surrounding valleys of Murree & Abbottabad etc.

More Details:

Address: office #106, 1st Floor, Abu Dhabi Towers F-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone: 0345 4555238 , 051 210 5111

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    sir i want to know ichs town location and payment schdule

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