Perfect Time To Invest In Bahria Orchard Lahore

Salam, valuable readers I hope to find you all good in health.
Well, investors of Bahria Town Lahore has been disappointed from last more than one years, they faced losses here I want to clear one thing investors lost their investments in files. Here we observe those invested in Bahria Town and earned money than faced loss still investing in Bahria town projects. Because they earned millions within weeks and may be other reason is want to recover their loss from Bahria town projects. This is a good sign and thats why Bahria town market always continue in trading mode.

Today the purpose of this article is to guide those who are looking for solid investments and want to earn money through investing in real estate (well, in my opinion Bahria Orchard is currently the best option for investment). There are so many reasons to choose Bahria Orchard for investment at this time.


Construction of raiwnd road is in process and 250 feet wide road approved, well the travelling distance between bahria town Sectpr- C and BAHRIA ORCHARD is almost same from Thokar Niaz Baig. People avoided rawind road due to poor road condition but after development travel difference factor will be minimum.


Bahria town Lahore head office currently in Bahria town UBD Canal will shift into Bahria Orchard this year. Head office is Bahria Orchard is on finishing phase will be functional soon.This sign shows bahria town management is seriously working on Bahria Orchard and off course after shifting they will boost Bahria Orchard in term on pending development.


This is a news, Bahria town will handover the possession of phase II which is also known as LCO blocks in the end of this year. So this is too good reason because rates will move up very speedy. In phase I more than 300 families are living.

Well, beyond these reasons I tell you what now the next potential of real estate market in Lahore at rawind road, due to metro train, ring road, expansion of road, and prices are already starting moving up. The point is Bahria Orchard is currently stand on exact same position where Bahria town Canal were in 2010, and those who are related to Bahria Town know very well boom of Bahria Town canal Lahore.

Now the current Bahria Orchard position is more buyers, few seller and the confirmation of plots are very tough due to rates continue going upward. So I can safely say this availability of good location plots are rare so these sign fairly indicates time to purchase.

Estimated prices of Bahria Orchard Lahore Plots.

1 Kanal plot rate of bahria orchard lie between 6000000 ( sixty lac) to 7000000 ( Seventy Lac) with possession.

10 marla plot prices of bahria orchard lies between 30 lac ( thirty lac) to 40 lac (forty lac) with possession

5 marla plot prices of bahria orchard with possession 22 (Twenty lac) to 28 (Twenty eight lac)

8 marla plot price of bahria orchard without possession 16 ( Sixteen) lac to 28( Twenty eight lac)

5 marla plot price of bahria orchard without possession 13 (Thirteen) lac to 21 (Twenty one) Lac.

Well, For sale and purchase in Bahria Orchard Lahore, you can contact me without any hesitation

Usman bin Khalid 0301-4442226

Nadeel Zafar 0345-4301013


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  1. Waheed

    Dear Agents & Others

    I am not investor but public sector employee and want to invest nearly 40 what is the best advise ? sector in bahria Rawalpindi ?

  2. zahid

    Dear Usman
    Thank you so much for sharing your expert opinion.
    We want to invest for short time, please advise which would be best option for us in Behria orchard.

  3. zahid

    Dear Usman
    Thank you so much for sharing your expert opinion.
    We want to invest for short time, please advise which would be best option for us in Behria orchard.
    Again thanks for all efforts and advises

  4. Imran Yousuf

    Asslaam O Alaikum
    Dear Usman
    Pls tell me about LCO for short term investment,I am dealer and I have investers who want to invest in Orchard.
    Best regards
    Khawaja Imran

  5. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)


    From last 40 days Bahria orchard prices are going upward very speedy, 10 t0 15 lac price added in entire Bahria Orchard in just last 40 days and continue going up. For the shortage of time i was unable to update you in detail. Well the advice is Boom time started in Bahria Orchard so go and INVEST YOUR MONEY and surely you will get handsome profit in no time.

    Bahria orchard prices raised almost 100 percent in last 10 months, e.g 10 marla central or south Block price was 30 to 35 lac in last may 2015 now Price in these block 55 to 65.

    There is still ample potential in LCO Block especially in C block 5 marla and also Southern 8 marla

    1. FAA,Awan

      Yes,I agree with usa sb Bahria Orchard is on boom now a days. I think 8m plot will touch 60 lacs after possession which is so near.

  6. Sumbal

    Investors be careful
    Bahria has changed their the way to grab to trap people in a different way now. They launch new deals and sell files to the maximum extend or as much file as they can without have land or any thing. Later on they pressurize to people to collect instalments. Without revealing map and balloting they send cancellation notices and applies heavy restoration fee and surcharge. After then on short notices they force to people to give more money to them otherwise cancels property. Hence after utilizing money for year or two they refund only 75% amount. Hence without land’ map or balloting they utilize our money with extre saving 25%.
    In sector F they are asking heavy surcharge and instalment even having no land

  7. Asim

    Single line for Bahria

    Bahria is the name of losssssssssssssss

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      dear Asim, If people dont participate in files speculation, and invest proper in real estate they can earn millions.

  8. Observer

    Rajab, 100% agreed with you.
    Usman, we appreciate your article on real estate but you should not be biased and being facts in front of people. We overseas people request you to please portray true face.
    Many of my colleagues and myself lost hell of amount in bahria Lahore projects.
    Bahria may fools many times but not every time.
    Do you think after happening such a scam we will invest again in Bahria. NOWAY

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      I always try my level best to show the real scenario, i have written many articles bahria town bad decisions. Well, In this article i was talking about bahria Orchard On ground plots. People invest in files just because of their greed . Beside investment one thing i can safely say life in a bahria town in term of facilities, landscape , infrastructure beyond comparison. No one can deny it.

  9. Observer

    This is truth that Bahia Town doubled play with clients with the help of agents to trap the customers. This is general rumor in market Bahria fraud in fancy project like Civic Commercial project.
    In my perception bahria town lose credibility and no more investment in Bahria Town. The same is expected to be happened in Bahria Town Karachi. Humble advise to people avoid investing any project of Bahria.
    Next come to Bahria Greens, same type of fraud bahria did in greens project.

  10. Rajab

    Dear Usman,

    Although I don’t want to write on this topic, but I feel that unintentionally you are coming in line of fire and you are forced to clear your position.

    May be from realtor point of view you are right and may be you have good reliable feedback which you are sharing with people for their best interest.But how to address the sentiments, how to stand neutral or take one side, are the points which u need to address in your analysis.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Agree with you rajab bahi, Bahria town has done too wrong especially in Sector-F . Sector-F, n Civic are less than 20% of entire bahria town Lahore Projects. So how can i leave 80% of bahria town Lahore projects that bahria town has given in time

  11. Ali Uzair

    dear usman why r u saying like that apart from above noted projects, why apart of above noted projects, are they not human being, is there money is black money, no dear thats not right.
    bahria should have to deliver above noted projects as early as possible, otherwise we will take legal action against bahria, that is our right……………

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Dear Ali Uzair.

      Yes you must go for legal action against bahria , I have seen people they just ask to bahria with very polite manners about sector-F, and green, Why people dont pressurise about these projects. I have never seen so far victim of bahria town above noted project protest their records in Lahore office. Go and ask about commitments bahria town made at the start of the project. Unfortunately i havent seen a single person .

  12. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    Zaheer can you tell me apart from above noted projects, bahria town failed to deliver?
    Fiaz i am not deceiving innocent people buyers are fully aware, and i criticisebahria town false decision you can check in my articles, but Truth is apart from that projects i can safely say MALIK RIAZ DELIVERED 80% of their all projects so far. Residence of bahria town enjoying the best facilities in Pakistan. You cant quote another housing society providing these type of superb facilities , infrastructure, entertainment, and so on.

    1. Rashid Abbass

      Un ka kya kasoor ha jin logon nay sirf Bahria Greens civic commercial sector f main invest keya ha. Malik Riaz nay buhat bara fraud keya ha. Loog awain he nahi galiyan nikal rahay .

  13. Rajab

    Tomorrow never dies, you live twice once for yourself once for your dream.

  14. Fiaz

    Malik Riaz is very dirty peron. He committed to develop Bahria Head Office in Civic Center Commercial Lahore.
    He is such a bastered to device people.
    Usman you should not deceive innocent people. We heard same before Alfalah building of bahria canal has been sold and bahria office shall be shifted in civic commercial. Malik Riaz is a rascal hungry dog.

  15. Zaheer

    Bahria don’t have land for Green’ Civic and for remaining Sector F. How they will completely. Apart from these there are so many other project where BT failed to deliver. No chance of betterment in near future. Without having land they sold thousands of file and this is fraud. At least no other developer adopted this kind of very ordinary practice.

  16. kashif

    DHA phase 9 files started from 47 lac rs in 2005…then got slumped and traded at even 11 lacs at one time. they only started increasing after 2010 and now have just approx reached the price level of 2005. so all in all the track record of bahria is still better. having said that they should try to protect their name and reputation by delivering stalled projects like GREENS and CIVIC commercial, Sector F ASAP…

  17. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    i am agree with mr Kashif, Bahria town are not made by angels, and you must be compare bahria with other renown housing scheme of Pakistan instead of dream land. Well, where is DHA CITY, all installments have been paid but yet to announce location.
    I also agree bahria town has done some mistakes / cheating or whatever in some projects. but if we look as a whole project of bahria town in Pakistan. Malik Riaz Delivered a alot.
    IF you are wise you can earn mighty from bahria town by investing in real estate not files,

  18. kashif

    to be very honest….although the above mentioned projects face delays but still bahria has the record of delivering the projects at a much faster pace then even the best considered societies e.g DHA…. DHA lahore phase 9 files came in market in 2003 and 12 yrs have passed still no MAP… DHA islamabad phase 2 extension was launched in 2005,, still no map….so these are temporary delays…one or two years delay is nothing when yu compare with other societies….

    1. Raheem

      I thinks its due to over selling of files by Bahria eventually translated into huge loss to investors. As for as DHA is concerned despite delaying at least prices are appreciated three times higher in last five years. For example phase 9 file rate is increased from 8 Lac to 22 Lac currently.

  19. TAK

    Bahria is only interested to grab money from innocent investors having no care about to deliver whatsoever. Apart from Bahria Greens’ Civic’ Sector F’ Enclave and DHA valley Islamabad they are deceiving people in BTK as well by launching new deals and grabbing money through teasing cancellation notices. Bahria game is going to be over and no more attractive in Future

  20. Rajab

    Dear Usman,

    What’s your take on below comment w.r.t to Green Valley:-

    APRIL 4, 2015 AT 3:42 PM
    I’ve got the news that Bahria Greens is coming in front of Bahria Orchard. But Haier factory is also almost there, so this news could be true as well.

    Bahria have to prove commitment towards its projects in lahore which resulted major losses, how Bahria will be able to win the confidence? On one side u also acknowledge that Bahria asking for f sector payments even no balloting done and people are stucked. Green valley black spot on name of Bahria. These are big questions for Bahria how it will settle and what medium Bahria will adopt to give sugar coated tablets to people.

    People like to see the dreams in day and rosy pictures always attract people this is common human behaviour. But humans also learn from mistakes and also have tendency to forget and repeat the same mistake and also know to avoid but very few.

    Right now wounds are still fresh, it will take time to heal.


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