Continuous Rise In Rates of Bahria Orchard Lahore

A couple of months ago , I had written an article on  Bahria Orchard Lahore  with the title of “ Perfect time to invest in bahria orchard Lahore” and mentioned why it was bahria orchard. Well, since last month plots prices in Bahria Orchard Lahore are raised from 400,000 to 600,000 and constantly unremitting. Well, some of the investors of Bahria Town annoyed due to pending issues of Sector-F files , Green Valley and Civic Commercial. (Merging facilities has been given by Bahria Town two weeks ago , you can check it )

Well, I am still very positive about  Bahria Orchard Lahore;  currently its the best opportunity for investment in real estate in entire Lahore. Many factors are involved in it mentioned in previous article. Now Lahore Ring Road southern loop has been approved as we have seen in newspaper. Ring road factor for Bahria orchard Lahore is a key factor and will always be. One junction of ring road to be constructed at ADDA plot that is hardly five minutes away from Bahria Orchard Lahore so you can go to Lahore international airport in 20 minutes from Bahria Orchard Lahore. These all are near future factors. 

Bahria Orchard is mainly divided in two major Phases. 

Bahra Orchard Phase 1 

In this phase ownership is available in the category of 1 kanal Barhia constructed house, Awami Villas and 5 , 10 and 1 kanal residential plots. And also availability of 4 and 5 marla commercial plots. In this phase above 700 houses are constructed except swami villas in LCO. Well 5 and 10 marla consider a cash cow in Phase 1. Phase 1 are divided by Northern , Central, Southern, Eastern Blocks. 

5 marla price range   25 to 29 lac. 

10 marla price range 33 to 43 lac

1 kanal price range   70 to 80 lac 

Awami villas/ Cottages  32 to 36 lac. 

Orchard Villas               130 to 150 lac.

Bahria Orchard Phase 2

Phase 2 is known as L.C.O ( Low cost) having options of 8 marla and 5 marla plots. 80% LCO has been developed and on ground and ready for ownership, rest of land is still not acquired by Bahria Town. LCO divided by alphabets and C block is the top of the line block in term of location and price in phase 2. 

5 marla price range           16 lac to 27 lac ( including development charges)

8 marla price range           19 lac to 33 lac (including development charges) 

In conclusion Bahria Orchard is currently the best time for real estate investment. Get maximum offer of your plots in Bahria Orchard Lahore contact us on the following numbers. 

Usman Bin Khalid       0301-4442226              email:

Nadeel Zafar               0345-4301013

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  1. M -Mohsin shah


    *Prime Location 8M Plot For Sale*
    *Near E-547 of Phase 2 Bahria Orchard Lahore.*
    Corner ,Near to Commercial Market, On 40ft Road which is Connecting with Main 120ft wide road, All dues clear, Direct owner, Papers Available.

  2. FAA.awan

    No confirm news,only speculations are in the market from officials and non officials ,almost 12 to 18 months more wait.Price of your plot is 22 to 24 lac.It better to go for on ground plots in C and E blocks for future profit as location is so good of these blocks.

  3. Kashif Ishaq Khan

    I have Plot in Sector F Plot#461 facing park but still not on ground please u=inform when my plot will be available on ground and right now what is its price.


  4. Umar

    Any news for sector F file holders ?
    My plot Sector F Bahria Orchard Low Cost Scheme Plot Size 5 Marla
    plot near 683 facing Garden please tel me price. my demand is 31 Lake

  5. M.Faisal


    Deals in plots & commercial for slae purchase.


  6. M. Munir

    Bahria Orchard Sale Purchase Consultants.
    M. Munir
    +92 300 4055558

  7. Sama

    Can u please tell me the possession for D block bahria orchard low cost scheme?? Please also let me know if bahria imposed any other development charges on 8 Marla plots after charging Rs 300000. Thank u

  8. Nadeem Mirza

    Hi. Can I know current situation of OLC block A- PRICES & when Possession is by Bahria town. plots are on ground or no?

    1. M. Munir

      Dear Nadim sb, would u like to sell ur this OLC A plot.
      I would like to buy it if its for sale.

      M. Munir

      1. Nadeem

        Dear Munir Sahab

        Thanks for offering. I dont want to sal now, just wanna get idea that how much plaot is & when possassion is available.

  9. FAA.awan

    Dear Akif,possession will be delivered in Nov,Dec16.I think you should not worry about possession as prices are increasing day by day and everybody wants to buy before possession.I suggest you to enjoy profit on your plot and do n’t sell it.I observed,today,market is so high and plots are being sold 50 to 54 lac in D block and 5m plot off ground in D is selling 26 to 31 lac.wait and see,what happen?

  10. Akif

    Thanks FAA.awan. Any news of possession of Block D?

  11. Akif

    Is this a temporarily boom or a sustainable one? Should one sell out this time, or hold further?

    1. FAA.awan

      Dear Akif,it is not temporary boom , it is fact and history of bahria orchard that the price does n’t decrease, if it is increased.The boom of Bahria Orchard has started and prices are increasing regularily.Bahria main office will be shifted within a few days,it may be within tow or three days in C block.prices are expected more appreciation within a few coming days.

  12. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)


    From last 40 days Bahria orchard prices are going upward very speedy, 10 t0 15 lac price added in entire Bahria Orchard in just last 40 days and continue going up. For the shortage of time i was unable to update you in detail. Well the advice is Boom time started in Bahria Orchard so go and INVEST YOUR MONEY and surely you will get handsome profit in no time.

    Bahria orchard prices raised almost 100 percent in last 10 months, e.g 10 marla central or south Block price was 30 to 35 lac in last may 2015 now Price in these block 55 to 65.

    There is still ample potential in LCO Block especially in C block 5 marla and also Southern 8 marla

  13. jaffar

    BAHRIA orchard Phase 8
    ‘Possesion within 1 year ‘
    Call : 03360833293

    5 marla:
    Total 16,50, 000
    Down payment: 4,50,000
    Installment : 1,50,000
    8 installments in 2 years

    10 marla:
    Total: 26,50,000
    Down payment: 7,50,000
    Installment : 2,37,500
    8 installements in 2 years

    For further details Call directly on : 03360833293

  14. Tariq

    Hi Moazzam Bhai

    6 to 8 month is long time. Lot of time already passed.

  15. Nawaz

    Is there any impact on GVR becz of LRR. Please update us what’s happening.

    1. Arshad

      Any news for sector F file holders ?

      1. Moazzam Khan

        Dear Sector F, File Holders.

        Your wait is not too long, As per my information, next 6-8 months are very critical. Hopefully you will see some results in Sector F.

  16. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    picture is not cleared so far, well most probably the map we have seen or i published will be route of Lahore Ring Road.

  17. Wasim

    Dear Usman,

    What is latest news of Lahore Ring Road? Will it pass through Bahria town as per map available on website? Further, Abu-Osaid has said that it is unconfirmed news that Ring Road will pass through Sundar road. What is ur view????


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