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Whenever I post anything regarding bahria town, I always see many negative remarks. Same is the case with Talha block. It’s feedback was not good in the start, that’s only because people don’t Bahria town management. They were confuse that there investment is going to nourish or not. But the scenario is different in case of “Talha” block. Now a days, bahria acquire land first then they launch deal with the map and starts the development. Above pictures are the real images of site of Talha Block. All the land adjacent from Overseas B extension to Shershah Block sector F is cleared. As per same speed of development, INSHA ALLAH project will be completed in 3 to 4 months.

Investment Opportunities:

Plots rates in Ghaznavi block is ranging form 60 to 75 lac, whereas area adjacent to Quaid block, rate of is around 68 to 75 lac for general plot and you have to pay full amount now. In “TALHA” block case you have to pay in 1 year and rates are same as Ghaznavi block and Shershah block. So it’s a golden time for those investor’s who are willing to buy plots in bahria town especially on installments, but earlier they were afraid and reluctant to buy on off ground area.

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Moazzam Khan


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  1. Aslam Khan

    What is the future of Green valley???

    Aslam Khan

  2. Saleem

    For actual details on Bahria development and current price please contact ourupn.com and contact details of Mr Yaseen are 3786-2013 to 2016

  3. Nawaz

    Talha block

  4. Nawaz

    Bahia issued open forms cancellation notice for talks block last date for payment 10 Mar

  5. SAANI

    MOzzam sahb, have you any update for sector F Abu bakr block possession ,when BAhria town is planning to give the possession , i have a plot no. but still not on ground. can you please update me on reality basis, bacause i want to built my house there. Thanks in advance

  6. Riazkameena

    Gali gali main shor ha Malik Riaz Fraudia choor ha. Civic commercial LAHORE Bahria project main logon ka balatkaar keya ha is Fraudia nay. Ghatya insaan. Dramaybaaz . dhkwaybaz.

  7. Raheel Ch.

    I think your analysis is too good, however, what to do for those who are still waiting for their investment to be ballot in Sector ‘F’? I recently came to know that 16 people has been allotted with Numbers in respect of 1 Kanal Plots in Sector ‘F’, What is this? Is it equality?

  8. Chaudhary

    Thanks Moazzam for sharing the update with the readers. We don’t share negative comments for you but for Bahria Management 🙂
    People who are worried due to their investments stuck in F-Sector, Green Valley, GVR etc. will always criticize Bahria Management until they get their due plots.
    Having said that, we highly appreciate you and other notable writers like Usman for keeping us updated and sharing valuable insights with us.

    1. ranasabir

      This is nice expert opinion about the project. But bahria town has shaken confidence of clients in sector f.green Valley and especially in golf city. Ali block and in particular new bahriaheights karachi. Will you comments please


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