Bahria Town Sector E & F! A Worthy Investment?

Good Day Readers,

I hope you all are doing great. Bahria town developed plots are always the safest investment. We all have seen a tremendous growth in last few years. Investors who invest in those plots, enjoyed the handsome profit. Never before in the history of Bahria town plot’s rates decrease dramatically, But after the tax evasion in budget 2016, the rates decrease even in the sector E and F. Now the market is settling down again and people started to buy again in those sectors.

Why Sector E and F are Worthy Investment Again?


Sector F

For example, In 2015 April rates of Ghaznavi blocks were around 35 lac to 45 lac, but in the summer of 2016 before budget, rates were from 65 lac to 90 lac, general plots in the Ghaznavi blocks were sold, more than 80 lac. Sector E and F blocks rates were almost 55 to 75 lac for general plots, means almost a million rupees lesser than its previous price.

Sector E

Sector E prices was also touching the 9 million mark, Talha block which was launched in January 2016 in 6.2 million, gives a very healthy return on investment in 6 months, for instance facing park and corner plots are sold above 8 million price, and general plots near to Shershah blocks are sold between 7.5 to 8 million rupees.

Addition of new Block!

There is also a new addition Nargis Extension in Sector C, Nishter Extension in Sector E, and Sikander block extension and Alamgir block, in sector F. These block were recently undeveloped but now they are almost to its completion, which give lot of new options for investors in 45 to 55 lac.

Why Invest now?

Rates in these blocks are almost 1 million or so, are lesser than the previous rates. Developed sectors like Sector B, C and D, have fortunately didn’t seen any correction in the rates, As these blocks are totally developed and there is very limited availability, sometime you get plot of your choice, sometimes you didn’t. Due to this reason, again investors turn themselves in those areas and everything and current rate is been sold immediately.

Secondly, Possession is been given in all the developed blocks of sector F, There are few houses already constructed in Sector F, ghaznavi block, and few are under construction in Ghaznavi and Shershah Block, even there is house under construction in Tipu Sultan, which is the last developed block of sector F,

Thirdly sector F, is been connected to Lahore canal and Multan road through NFC phase 2, main boulevard, Residents of Sector F, will use the particular road in future. They don’t have to pass through all Bahria town, to reach Sector F.

There’s a famous rule of real estate “LOCATION LOCATION AND LOCATION” try to buy locations plots like Corner and Main boulevard, especially “Facing Park”, they have huge demand and they will give you unexpected returns than ordinary plots.

Current Estimated Prices

10 Marla                            5 million to 9 million

10 Marla location                7 million to 9 million

01 Kanal                            9 million to 12 million

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  1. amna

    What are the prices in s3ctor F sheikh sadi block? And how it could be a good investment as there is no infrastructure plus i heard bahria town is going to compensate sector F owner by exchanging the plots to bahria town karachi?

  2. Ahmad Malik

    Dear Muazzam khan .
    Thanks for guiding all of us. I need to know about my case.
    I have purchased 10 marla file in Alamgeer block back in 2014. I have paid all its installment.
    Now currently when i ask for updated statement it was written sector Talha instead of Alamgeer block. When i reconfirm from bahria they said that they have shifted me to new block/phase.
    What this story is ? And where is this new Talha sector? And what is its current development status ?
    Can you please guide me .
    Thanks for your cooperation.

  3. Saqib Rauf

    I agree with you. However it will be expected in around six months to one year.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Saqib,

      You are absolutly right.


  4. Shams

    Dear Moazzam Nice article ,

    What is the future of Aalamgir Block of sector F . This place is Good for investment and what are the rates now a days.

  5. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

    Dear Mr. Talha,

    Talha will surely and very soon gain it’s previous price.

    Talha block is in Sector E, Bahria has announced that if plot is developed, you can construct a house and Talha block is almost totally developed.


  6. Tariq

    What is expected outcome of Talha Block. Is it comes to under sector F and when pocession expected…?

  7. ali

    What is fate of bahroa town jinnah block off ground plots ? Where bahria town will adjust it? One should hold these plots or sale them.?

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Ali,

      I can’t predict anything about the future of off-ground plots.

      Moazzam Khan

  8. Faisal

    Assalam o alaikum,
    There is new deal in Talha block, sector E, being booked by some property dealers.
    10 M @ 60 lacs with 50% Down payment and 50 % at possession after 6 months.
    1 K total 1 crore.
    Please update whether these 10 marla plots are good for investment?
    Whether this new area will be affected by ring road?
    Any other valueable advice regarding this new deal.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Faisal,

      These plots are good for investment and they are not going to be effected by ring road.


  9. Oversees

    Dear Moazzam,

    Nice article.

    Please also suggest regarding off ground blocks i.e. Aziz Bhatti and Tariq Bin Ziyad.

    (1) What are the current rates for 10M and 1K?
    (2) What is future of these blocks?
    (3) Is it good to invest here?
    (4) How much price increase do you foresee in 2017 for these blocks?

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Good Day,

      Thanks for your feedback and appreciation.

      Here are the answers for all your questions.

      1) 10 Marla rate is 34 to 38 Lac & Kanal rate is 55 to 60 lac. These are the approximate rates as I do not deals in these blocks.

      2) There is no future of these blocks until Bahria develop these plots, or at-least Bahria gave a map.

      3) If you want to invest its on your own risk, we cannot recommend you to buy in these blocks. Better buy developed plots.

      4) I don’t see any price increase in these blocks at all, until or unless Bahria town announce something positive about these blocks, though it may further decrease.



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