Market Update DHA Phase 9

DHA 9 Town is the only phase in DHA which has gained significantly over the last one year. The prices in this particular phase were increased sharply especially during the last 6-8 months and investors have earned good returns with small investment. One of the main reasons behind this is possession was announced and there is no phase in the entire DHA with majority number of 5 marla plots with low prices. Therefore, both the end users and investors have shown great interest in DHA 9 Town.

Impact of Askari 11

The most important factor is that DHA 9 Town is right infront of Askari 11 where more than 2000 families are currently living. Another important factor is that location of 9 Town is also very strategic. It is only 4 minutes drive from one of the most expensive phases of DHA which is phase 5 and also very near to ring road. Due to ring road it is very convenient for the residence of both Askari 11 and DHA 9 Town to reach other parts of the city within no time. Bahria Town is usually considered very far from DHA, however, if you are residing in DHA 9 Town then you can reach Bahria Town or main Raiwind road in 15 minutes. One of the key features of DHA 9 Town includes first ever power plant of DHA has been installed in this particular phase which will help to provide 24/7 electricity to the residents.

Impact of Builders.

Considering the above mentioned features of DHA 9 Town there are lot of builders who have entered the market and almost 250-300 houses are under construction at the present moments. The end users are also showing great interest in the already constructed homes by the builders and few families have shifted in DHA 9 Town during the last one month. Previously builders were building homes in DHA phase 5 and 6, however, they are giving priority to DHA 9 Town because the investment is very low and the location is excellent. The average 5 marla plot in DHA phase 5 is in between 150-160 lacs and the 5 marla plot in phase 6 is in between 95-110 lacs. On the other hand the best plot in DHA 9 town is still in the range of 70-80 lacs. Pls do remember that 5 marla in DHA phase 5 and 6 are located on the boundaries and their location is not ideal. However, 5 marla of DHA 9 Town has the best location plus 90% of the plots are 5 marla in 9 Town which means the people living in this phase would have the same living style and it will help to build a very good community.

The most frequently asked question related to this phase of DHA is that is it worth investing in 9 Town at the present moment. The simple answer is that DHA 9 Town will surely reach the pricing level of DHA phase 5 and 6 which mean there is still lot of charm for the investors. On the other hand, the fast pace construction of houses in DHA 9 Town will further boost the prices of the plots in the upcoming few months. At the present moment, houses are constructed in the every second street of DHA 9 Town which means area would be populated soon.

There are five blocks of DHA 9 Town including A, B, C, D and E. Currently possession is available in A, B, C and D blocks and possession will be announced soon in E block. Those who are seeking to build their houses immediately can buy in the first four blocks and those who can wait for 6-8 months can buy in E block.

The plot cutting in DHA 9 Town includes 5, 8 and 10 marla plots.

·         The average price of 5 marla plot in A, B, C and D blocks in DHA 9 Town is in between 63-80 lacs depending upon the location.

·         The average price of 8 marla plot is in between 90-105 lacs (Very few plots available)

·         The average price of 10 marla is in between 110 to 130 lacs (Very few plots available)

·         E block is the only block where possession is not available and plot price is around 50-57 lacs


The recommended blocks for investments in DHA 9 Town are A and C Blocks. The reason behind this is these blocks are not Askari 11 facing but the majority of the construction of houses is also taking place in these blocks.


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