Why AL-Kabir Town is Best Performing Society?

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I hope you all are great and doing very well in life. Couple of years back, the new entrant came in the housing sector, AL_Kabir Town (AKT), and in the very short span of 2 to 3 years, AKT become one of the best and hottest performing housing society.  I wanna discuss few things which makes AL_Kabir town really exceptional.

Exceptionally Good Location: 

First rule of real estate is location, location and location. AL-Kabir town Phase 1 is situated adjacent to BNU Tarogill campus, approx opposite to bahria town Lahore and 1 KM from ring road interchange Adda plot Raiwind road Lahore. Whereas Phase 2 location is way far better than phase 1, of AL Kabir town. AKT 2 is situated opposite lake city. After the completion and inauguration of LRR, distance have been shortened, only 25 mins distance to Airport via LRR. Local transport is available all the time on Raiwind road.

Target Market: 

Introduction of small size plots, especially 3 marla, get main attraction. Easy installment plan of 3 marla with only 25000 / month installment and 41000 / month for 5 marla, is never an impossible task. Recent launch of Umer block with only 2 lac down payment and 10,000 / month is getting alot of hype.

Exceptional Infrastructure:

AKT do have an exceptional infrastructure which is modern and up to date according to the new era, underground electricity and 40 ft wide road, personal security and electricity back up. I believe there is no other housing scheme offering 3 marla plots and under ground electricity. This infrastructure is no way less than in any bigger brands.


On 12th September 2018, I visited AKT phase 1, and I was amazed to see, many houses under construction.  Still many of customers are paying installments while others who paid full payments are now building their own homes.
Possession in A, B and C block is also provided, way before the completion of installment. Now you can pay your full amount and start building your dream home. One of the reason behind AKT success is its speedy developments work and commitment of before time delivery.

Exceptional Timing:

In 2016 real estate suffered a big blow when real estate was invaded with huge taxes. Market was at the highest point, when rates was out of the reach of common people. Few months into the collapse, realtors and investors, were disappointed. while Bahria town management was solely focusing on Bahria town Karachi. Owner of AKT Mr.Aurangzeb took many realtor of Bahria town on board and created a very strong dealership network. We are one of the group now working as registered dealer of AKT.

What’s Next?

After possession, rates in A, B and C blocks have already seen a good appreciation. Rates in these blocks are ranging from 6 lac own to 13 lac own as per location on both 3 and 5 marla plots. Previously it was 2 to 6 lacs in Ramadan of 2018.

My tip is, its time to buy plots in E block, currently rates are ranging form zero own to 3 lac own, land is already acquired, covered by boundary wall and development work is in process. You can visit site and see for yourself. There are very few areas around Raiwind road where 3 marla plot is less than 30 lacs.

If you are looking for detailed visit. Call for appointment:
Moazzam Khan

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