Possession in Alkabir Town Phase 2

Al Kabir town has been the most discussed society in Lahore during the past few months.  Although it is a small society but it has attracted the attention of the huge number of investors as well as end users. Al Kabir town phase 1 was a huge success not only due to its location but also due to early delivery of plots by the management of the society. Apart from big brand names like Bahria Town and DHA the general public usually has a perception that small societies can never keep their promises and deliver on timely basis. However, the early delivery of Al Kabir Phase 1 was a pleasant surprise for every one even for the real estate gurus. This is one of the reasons that prices of the plots were increased sharply and investors had made lot of money. Al Kabir phase 1 is situated right on the entrance of the ring road at Adda plot and several houses have been already constructed and families are living there.

Now the management of Al Kabir Town has also announced the possession of Phase 2. This phase 2 even has better location as compare to phase 1. It is situated at ring road right in front of Lake City. Please do remember that 5 marla on ground plot in Lake City is available in between 50-60 lacs. 3 marla and 5 marla residential plots were announced by the management of Al Kabir town along with 4 marla commercials and they were sold like tickets right in the start of launching.  The 5 marla in Al Kabir Town was announced and sold only for 25 lacs and that was also on instalments. The 3 marla plots were launched on 15 lacs and that were on easy instalments.

Currently the development has been 80% completed and the management has announced possession in the first three blocks including A, B and C. The possession will be given by August 14th which means that plot holders can immediately start construction of their houses. This will even boost the market because the construction of houses will encourage builders to enter the market. An important reason is that there is no society on the entire raiwind road where 3 marla plots or houses are available for immediate living. This is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which help to differentiate this society from the other societies.

Currently there are A, B C, D E blocks which are mostly preferred by the investors and end users. Although the management of Al Kabir Town has also launched Umer Block, Ali Block and Usman Block but they are in the development phase. Almost all the blocks of Al Kabir town are currently available at own (premium price) and even they are bought by the real estate investors on the premium prices.Recommendations of the end users means those who are interested in immediately constructed their houses should buy in A, B, C and D Blocks.

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AlKabir Town Phase 2 ( A Parallel Investment Opportunity)

Average own in 3 marla

• The 3 marla plots are currently sold in between 3 lacs to 7 lacs own price depending upon the location. This means that the total price of 3 marla in Al Kabir town phase 2 is in between 18 lacs to 25 lacs.

Own in 5 marla

• The 5 marla plots are currently sold in between 2 lacs to 6 lacs own price depending upon the location. This means that the total price of 5 marla in Al Kabir town phase 2 is in between 27 lacs to 31 lacs.

Recommendations of the Short term investors:

• E Block, Ali Block and Usman Blocks are considered to be a very good option for the short term investors. The investors who are looking for short term gains can buy in these blocks.

• The average own on 3 marla plots in the above mentioned blocks are in between 1 lac to 2 lacs.

• The average own on 5 marla plots in the above mentioned blocks are in between 50,000 to 2 lacs.

Recommendations of the Long term investors:

• Umer block is considered to be the best option for the long term investors because it is the only block which is launched on 5 years instalment plan.

The per month instalment is only 10,000 and even a lower middle class family can also afford to pay this much instalment amount.

• Down payment for Umer block 3 marla is 4 lacs and per month instalment is 10,000 and 3 marla is highly recommended in Umer block for long term investment.

• I can predict with great confidence that by the time Umer block instalments are completed the plot worth would be minimum 40-45 lacs.

As a real estate advisor and with the experience of more than 15 years of the real estate industry my personal favourite blocks in Al Kabir phase 2 are C, E and Ali Blocks.

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