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First of all thanks for your feedback on my previous blogs. Some people who already knew and to the new visitors I would like to introduce myself. I am real estate agent in Bahria town Lahore and I am dealing the projects of Bahria town in Lahore like (Main) “Bahria town” on Canal road, “Bahria Orchard” on Raiwind road, and “Bahria education and medical city”  situated on Suay Asal road, almost 6 to 7 Km off Ferozepur road.

Due to tax invasion, market crashed in 2016. But now dust has almost settle, investor is gaining trust again and start investing. They are coming back to buy properties. Some people who were unable to invest, due to sharp increase in price they are taking full advantage of the situation. Also Phase 4, have put some life in the market. So if you fall under any of below category of budget. These are the best options to invest in.



  1. 2.8 Million to 3.7 Million
    In this budget you can buy 05 marla plot in Bahria Orchard Phase 2, E, F, and G blocks, Possession is announced, and you will surely see house construction. This will surely help to increase the prices.

2. 3.5 Million to 5 Million
      In the above price you can easily get 08 marla plots in Phase 2, price vary as per location. Hottest blocks in phase 2 is C block and           second option is D block, rest of 08 marla block E, J, & H have comparatively less prices than these blocks.  



3. 6 Million to 7.5 Million
Sector F, prices were once sky high and there was not enough gap between Sector B, C and the prices of sector F, But now there’s a huge gap between them. In sector F, now prices are ranging from 6 to 7.5 or some extend 8 million. Previously it was 7 to 8.5 million. And now the possession is announced, construction of houses started in sector F, will surely cause the shift in prices upwards. Secondly Bahria Mart development is near to end. It will be opened very soon. So its a great investment opportunity to gain profit in next 6 to 12 months.


Commercial in Bahria town is very slow from last few years now. But there is one commercial entity, which is very hot during past year or so, and it is Eiffel commercial, which consists of 08 marla plots facing Eiffel tower. They are thousands of visitors from all across the Lahore and other parts of country, even overseas Pakistani come over for visit here. As mostly brands have established themselves in sector C, now it is almost full. But visitors use second entrance for Eiffel tower and so sector C, commercial got neglected for outsiders, as these brands are almost in every corner of city, so they are not a big attraction for them. Secondly sector C, commercial is mainly for Bahria residents. But on the other hand Eiffel commercial is very good investment, thousands of people from different part of city visit Eiffel tower, there is no entertainment for them in this area so these commercials are especially very good for restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The commercial rates before Eiffel tower was opening was 3 crore and now after a year or so it is more than 4.5 crore. But still its a very hot property when you compare rates to sector C, main boulevard commercial which is more than 6 crore. Eiffel commercial rates will be expected to reach 6 crore in next 2 years.

In coming few days I will write another blog, about the commercial of Bahria town, especially discussing Eiffel commercial, sector E and F, commercial.


Few days back I was in Walton area and I have to come back to Bahria town, so instead of long route of Walton road to Kalma chock and then via canal to Bahria town, I opted for short route which is through Defense Raiwind road, I was bit hesitant in start due to the time, it was late night around 12.30 but I go for it. It took me merely 20 mins, 10 minutes from Ferozepur road to bahria town entrance. I am sharing this I want to realize you that after the completion of ring road how much distance will shorten up, even this this loop is ending at Raiwind road. Surely it will have a huge impact on Bahria town and Bahria Orchard prices.

For more detail and queries, Feel free to call me or send a message on wats app.
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Moazzam Khan
Property Point Real Estate & Builders

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  5. Muhammad Mansoor

    it is a nice article.I want to know about Behria Orchard Block D-Extension so Please are ongoing rates in this block and what is the future of this.

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