25th March Fazaia Housing scheme Form Rates Day By Day

This graph will represent you average form price/rate of Fazaia housing scheme Karachi PAF on daily basis. it will help you to check out the average rate forms of PAF Fazaia housing scheme Karachi in Lahore , Islamabad & Karachi.

Well only one day is left from registration, and tomorrow have to submit according to market i think rates will go more down so i am disappointed, rates didn’t go as i predicted, well those purchased fazaia housing scheme Karachi in high price i recommend them submit it and go for registration instead of facing loss, their loss will recover after registration.

For information, sale and purchase in PAF Fazaia housing scheme Karachi you can contact the following personals.

Rao Adeeb 0300- 4036227

Mr. Imran 0321-4440909

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  1. Tak

    I bought two luxuary for 28000

  2. Honey

    Salam to allll.. Bhai kia rate chal raha hai 10000 wale form ka plz tell me thnx

  3. ALI

    Aoa I have only 1 filled registered form of fazaia Standard apartment. Form is taken genuinely from Paf museum against my nic by myself so guarantee of no black market form. price is 50,000 anyone interested in buying can contact me 0333-3904025. Plz serious buyers required only .

  4. ALI

    Fazaia Paid slips available
    contact: 0333-3904025

  5. K.KHAN

    Any one intrested in karchi for paid slip,have more than 100. Contact 03009249291

  6. umair

    29th March 2015, Market Rates of “Fazaia Apartments Karachi” in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi
    Contact No: o3312397820 (Mr. Umair)
    This is our final so please don’t waste time in bargaining, and only serious persons needed to contact.
    Sale Price of Standard Paid Slips: 35ooo/-
    Purchase Price of Standard Paid Slips: 28ooo/-
    Sale Price of Luxury Paid Slips: 45ooo/-
    Purchase Price of Luxury Paid Slips: 35ooo/-

  7. umair

    Fazaia Paid slips available in Islamabad/Rawalpindi
    contact: o331239782o

    1. nasir


  8. tariq

    Is there any extension in registration submission

  9. FaisalReporter

    The Real Story behind King and his work to lower to market prices.

    On 20th March Transparency Int. complained to Air Force about black marketing of forms
    http://nation.com.pk/islamabad/21-Mar-2015/tip-writes-to-air-chief-about- complaints-of-forms-black-marketing

    Then FBR, PM, State bank and supreme court launched complained to Air Force chief
    as well. As soon as Air Force Realized, this will cause a bad name, they came into action through their channels

    King came into effect to bring the value of forms down. His main person was contacted who goes by the name of Dr , who was always in the market who devised a strategy to bring the value of form down and made sure black marketeers dont hold the power but be available to END USERS and Pakistan loving public

    He made sure everything came up on every property forum in pakistan, so this can be a living proof to all the media circles and relevant authorities things will settle down. Hence the main reason he was posting it LIVE for all mandis, instead this should be a SECRET game they made it public as a PROOF

    I was personally there making videos of all the mandi ppl, and few insiders say Kings main person Dr who devised this whole plot personally made sure market to drop and be available to END USER instead in the hands of greedy people who had no strength.

    WHAT DR did for KING?

    DR used to buy at high price from dealers and sell double forms back to them at lower price, hence the reason mandi went down after every hour. They set an average of 11500 per form to break even and might possible for profit as well.

    Now the project has a huge reputation after they made it accessible to END USER and shunning black marketeers in market

    Thank you

    1. FaisalReporter

      The winner here is END USER and PAKISTANI PPL

      now the bulk forms are with END USERS not even with dealers, as anyone who has strength will go for membership, and ppl with no strength or satta baaz will be original losers.

      juaa kissi ka na hua.

  10. nayyar

    @king property please suggest me thanks alot
    my brother is in karachi and want to buy 5 forms
    if anyone want to sale then call him

    i am in dubai and asking some one to call my brother because he needs form in minimum rate 0344-3730681 zeeshan is his name

  11. atif

    fazaia paf karachi housing scheme form availaible only 2 form eft anyone intersted plz call straight away 03362190684

    1. nasir

      how much?

  12. king property

    We are buying at 6500 for next 1 hour. Then we will call it a day. Love you karachiites.

    Thank you guys at the black Vigo, you helped our cause for free.

  13. king property


    Love you a lot, meree aap sab KO duaa ho.

    I have made important announcement pls follow protocol.

    Khi rates 6000 and going down per minute

    1. riaz

      agr rates 5000 tuk he to mjue aik form chaye apne leye… riaz 0333-3028639


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