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Info :

Airport enclave housing scheme in Islamabad is newly launched residential project of Land Linkers builders and developers . This project is also Marketed by Star Marketing online . Project offers various sizes of 5 Marla , 8 Marla , 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots . Booking is now open for this project all sizes of residential plots are available for booking on first come first served basis . Here is the details of this project mentioned below claimed by project developers .

Location : Airport enclave housing scheme in Islamabad is located at few minutes drive away from Islamabad international airport  and also near to Motorway M2 and main Fateh jhang road . Mumtaz City , Top city 1 and Fazai housing schemes are also near to this project . To check exact location of the project go to thsi link

Booking : Booking is now open for this project booking of residential plots is starts from Rs 120,000/- and rest of the amount will be paid on 33 monthly installments and 5 Half yearly installments . Monthly installment starts from Rs 10,000/- .

For more details and booking :


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  1. Umama Chauhaan

    good work over there.

  2. Maha Khan

    I think you may be correct about all the details about this property, but you can’t blame the marketing company for post-marketing defaults (if there is any) Big and Reputable names like Star Marketing Can suffer from this careless ranting of the people must consider it..!

  3. noor

    this is scam.they have no noc.

    1. Uneza Sheikh

      Maybe but I don’t find any fault with any marketing company in this regard..!

  4. Saeed

    I want to inform you all that Airport Enclave project is totally fraud. please do not invest your money in this project. there are multi names, first they sold by name khudadad city and now airport enclave. no NOC shown any where, no website for this project, no development work, no proper way of society, long away form main road, first plots given to moon marketing for sale and now given to sweet home.

  5. ABID

    saeed malik on March 9th, 2011 :

    As people may not be aware this Anjum Aqeel Khan has taken money from thousands of investors( at average of 6 million rupees each) in 2002,2003 and 2004 in his property complex at KHUDADAD HEIGHTS- E11.
    These apartments were due to be handed over to investors in december 2006.
    NO work was done on these apartments for over 3 years now. Only in last 2 years only a small amount of work done.
    THIS is a scam whereby he has used billions of rupees of people’s life savings with little reward or happiness for them. How can government allow this in capital city?
    His website at contains no photos of outside and inside of khudadad heights building work.
    When people ask them when work finish on these for the last 5 years they say in 1 years time!!!
    This scam needs investigting by NAB, FIA and CDA.
    Newspapers and journalists can go to this site in E11 Islamabad and have a look for themselves.
    saeed malik on March 9th, 2011 :

    Correction of his website which has no photos of khudadad heights(inside and outside) its correct address should read in above post as
    rehan chaudery on March 12th, 2011 :

    Saeed, you are correct. Over 7 BILLION rupees has been obtained from people in 2003,2003,2004 on the basis of building apartments in KHUDADAD HEIIGHTS.

    10 YEARS have now passed and apartments are NOT finished.


    If it is not then why he does NOT publish photos of KHUDADAD HEIGHTS both INSIDE and OUTSIDE and people can really judge his true nature and intentions.
    As they “actions speak louder than words”


    This is asked because Anjum Aqeel Khan’s cronies at claim people are living there.
    IN actual fact the site is empty and no people have moved in . Telling lies as usual. Somethings never change.
    yousaf on April 11th, 2011 :

    @ saeed malik and rehman chaudary
    there are around 50 families living in khudadad heights and i m one of them. one more thing i would like to share is that non the high rise residentials apartments are completed after the earth quake. take the example of silver oaks, centaurus, emaar gold crist. khudadad heights is the first project the gives possesion of of 100 apartments after the earthquake and soon they are going to hand over 200 apartments. to see the pics log on to and also visit the site to have some photos of people living there.
    rehan chaudery on April 14th, 2011 :

    Yousaf, NO families are living in the apartments. Newspapers and journalists can check there.

    Go and read articles and comments in Tribune newspaper of 5th March 2011 to get full facts

    Go and read articles and comments in Tribune newspaper of 23rd February 2011 to get full facts

    Why no PHOTOS of families who have moved in as you claim are to be found on your website?

    Why no PHOTOS of Anjum AQEEL KHAN with these families who you claim have moved into KHUDADAD HEIGHTS?

    What compensation you pay to investors for being over 5 years LATE in delivery of KHUDADAD HEIGHTS?

    When will remaining 600 people get their apartments?

    FIA, CDA and pakistan government needs to start high level inquiry and ask investors who paid in 2003 and 2004 how Anjum treated them.

    Who will vote ANJUM AQEEL KHAN out of office at the next election?
    The vast majority of decent, good and honest people of ISLAMABAD
    yousaf on April 16th, 2011 :

    dear rehan, there is no article on khudadad heights on express tribune, i want u visit the site of khudadad heights to see families living in the apartments with ur own eyes. secondly there is no need to publish the photos of anjum khan with the families. can u please name any mega project in Islamabad which gave possession to their clients after earthquake.

    one more thing anjum aqeel khan has a strong base in the rural area of Islamabad he just need 20% votes from the urban areas to win the election which is not a big deal.

    can u please tell me ur flat number in khudadad heights.
    rehan chaudery on April 17th, 2011 :

    Yousaf, from your response it is plain for everyone to see you are related directly to the project of KHUDADAD HEIGHTS in some way. It may be that you are actually ANJUM AQEEL KHAN!

    If a mega project hands over apartments to its clients surely it is to be expected for photos of owner, ANJUM AQEEL KHAN to appear in newspapers and on the website??

    As for articles and comments in TRIBUNE newspaper put in “Google search” using these key words

    anjum aqeel khan khudadad heights

    Again why NO REAL PHOTOS of people having moved in on the website?

    Many mega projects have been completed and handed over to clients since earthquake.

    Why your company, Yousaf, called LAND LINKERS not kept clients updated with ACCURATE AND HONEST INFORMATION.

    Place a video and photos on your new website of people who have actually moved in describing the facilties.
    When will you do that?

    My family flat no is 802
    My friend flat no is 714
    My uncle flat no is 924

    These were chosen to be on top floors to give good views.

    We do not want to be offered flats on lower floors or in different parts of the complex.
    Only those flat numbers we chose over 7 years ago.
    When will we be given keys of these flats?
    Wait your reply to these questions here.
    sultan cheema on April 17th, 2011 :

    i have flat on 10th flor, no 1009. pay in 2005 all moniies to anjum.

    no flat givem me. when i will get flat?
    afia begum on April 17th, 2011 :

    we too paid in 2005 to anjum, all life savings. 8th floor flat with city views.
    when my family get flat, mr anjum?
    nawaz sharif on April 17th, 2011 :

    people get facts by

    “Google search key words”

    anjum aqeel khan land fraud
    rahim khawaja on April 17th, 2011 :

    all monies people paid to this man. he let many down.

    people no forget this.

    Golra people no like this and no votes for him.

    will lost next election and good person can win in islamabad
    bilal nasir on April 17th, 2011 :

    i live in islamabad and NO person live in khudadad heights. Yousaf telling lies no person live in these flats.
    Very poor design and very bad for neighbours. We go pst this Anjum Khans building each day. His local people in Golra Sharif no like him. he will lose next year.
    farid khan on April 19th, 2011 :

    me too wait for flat on 6th floor. when i get it i do not know?
    where is Yousaf with his answers. Why anjum not reply on here to people?
    Anjum Khan you will be held to account and will lose election.
    Yousaf works for anjum, no doubt!!!
    asma iqbal on April 19th, 2011 :

    My family buy flat in 2005 also and pay lot of money. we in flat on 7 floors but no flat for 6 years.
    who will help us to get justice? We want to have flat or money back, Mr anjum.
    Why you not give correct information to all us people.
    salim butt on April 20th, 2011 :

    ANJUM AQEEL KHAN who has taken money from thousands of people to build KHUDADAD HEIGHTS IN E11 ISLAMABAD is not being TRANSPARENT with the people of Pakistan.

    ANJUM if you are a REAL man then come on this forum and answer the above posters questions.

    OR are they a little TOO difficult to answer for a humble MNA like you.

    Better still get “Yousaf” to answer them once he has finished cleaning the offices!
    tariq khan on April 20th, 2011 :

    my family buy flat on 9th flor in 2004. we all sad at no work done for 3 years.
    i been to the giving wrong image of KHUDADAD HEIGHTS at BUT PHOTOS ARE OF A HOTEL IN EUROPE!
    Why these people do this?
    They are stupid!
    sohail karim on April 21st, 2011 :

    Needs investigating by FIA, CDA, NAB and senior politicians to ensure people who invested in khudadad heights do not suffer.
    Seen the website is a misrepresentation of the actual interior of the complex.
    jamal zardari on April 22nd, 2011 :

    Where is ANJUM AQEEL KHAN the owner of KHUDADAD HEIGHTS E11 ISLAMABAD to answer these above all people’s concerns?

    Why his people like”Yousaf” not answer people questions on this forum, now??

    What have they got to hide??

    Probably the BILLIONS of rupees they have stolen from KHUDADAD HEIGHTS investors.

    What is Pakistan Government response to this serious situation for thousands of ordinary people??
    Sidra Raheel on April 22nd, 2011 :

    PML-N is a goon of corrupt and criminal people. The criminal activities and corruption scandals of PML-N leaders are not more a secrete. One wonder to see the attitude of PM -N top brass dub other politician corrupt and inept. If PML-N wants clean this country from corruption and other evils, it must start this campaign from its own party members but I am afraid if PML-N starts this campaign from its own foots, it will disappear from the edifice of political landscape because every member of PML-N is corrupt. The recent corruption by Anjam Aqeel Khan in national police foundation speaks the volume of politics of principle by PML-N leadership. I often observed Mian Sahbi while talking about corruption of President Asif Ali Zardari that never proved but I never found him talking about corruption by his own party members about which he never hinted. what a politics of principles salute you Mian Sahib.
    yousaf on April 24th, 2011 :

    @ brothers and sister, first of all i apologize for late response. i want to make it clear that i m not anjum aqeel khan neither i m his representative. i am a property agent and i have earned lot of money from their projects like crystal courts. khudadad heights etc. any how i know anjum aqeel very well because i m a resident of mera aku a village nearby golra and my elders have good relations with khan’s father (late). i have rented three apartments in march to my clients in khudadad heights on a good price. that’s why i m telling u all that they have completed one of their block which is big achievement of any builder in today’s situation. as i m property dealer i have also sold apartments of silver oaks f-10 in 2005 and they have not completed even a single apartment. now i am in Malaysia i am coming back in may. so to prove that there are some families living in the complex i invite all of u to visit khudadad heights with me. once again i m not here to defend anjum aqeel khan if any one has a problem with khan u can go to his office and register ur demonstration.

  6. Saif

    Is this project real or fake please some one give me proper info about this project and Noc

  7. M.Ali Solangi

    What about the NOC?
    Is this approved by CDA or RDA?
    Please reply.
    Ali Solangi

  8. Usman-bin-Khalid

    the primary function of provides you basic information or update you about real estate industry across the Pakistan except Bahria town and DHA. so for further booking and information always see the last lines of article where we mention the contact number for further booking and information .
    well for this project please contact on the following number

  9. Mohammad Shahid Naveed

    I am interested in investment. The location is as same as was in Khudadad city. Is this the same scheme? What about the NOC? Is this approved by CDA or RDA.
    Thanks, REGARDS

  10. Zahid

    Please confirm it is safe investment and case on Anjum Aqeel will not effect on this project, no cheating will be done and development will be on time.

  11. M Zunair

    Updated payment plan is available here

    Airport Enclave

  12. AAti

    The location of Airport Enclave is same which was of Khudadad city. So difference is only having different name. This is a project of Land Linkers. Anjum Aqeel Khan of Land Linkers had corruption and fraud allegations in National police foundation and accused of land grabbing scandal. The people should be aware of that and check NOC. RDA has not given NOC to Airport Enclave yet.
    PLZ give your opinion. Is investment safe there? The comments are welcomed.

    1. J.Hunter

      Be Ware,
      This Bloody Guy will take all your life savings. He is bloody corrupt and will do corruption here too. DO NOT BOOK ANY PLOT HERE. HE WILL Take Money from TWO Poeple for a single plot. TWO DIFFERENT HOUSING ON SAME LOCATION SPEAKS IT.
      Check his record here.
      and Here
      If there is a civil war in this country I will am going to buy a spiner to hunt guys like this asshole.

  13. Mehmood

    It was previously with the name of khudadad city.
    Now rates are downed. minor changes in map.
    Have they NOC ????


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