Bonus Stage In Bahria Town

If you deal in property in Pakistan, you know Bahria Town. In Pakistan there are two giant societies for real estate business, one is DHA and other is Bahria Town. Though unlike DHA, Bahria Town is a private limited company owned by Mr. Malik Riaz.

Recently everyone related Bahria Town was upset about the case against it. Well it’s resolved and there is no stopping now. Bahria Town has to pay Rs. 460 billion. First installment of Rs. 25 billion is on 27th Aug. Then 2.5 billion every month for four years. Rest of the payment in next three years. Total payment in 7 years

How Bahria Will Arrange Payment?

It is pretty obvious that Mr. Malik Riaz is not going to pay from his own pocket. He has a brilliant mind in real estate business. He’ll surely get this amount from people through real estate deals in Bahria Town projects.

This mean business.

Bonus Stage:

Have you ever played video games. There is a bonus stage in games; in which one has to collect as many gold coins as he can in a limited time without any fear of losing life.

Now the bonus stage has started in Bahria Town. You have a limited time (It could be few to several months) in first stage. We’ll surely see other stages as well. Invest as much as you want without fear of any loss. Bahria Town is on fire right now. This is the time; you can earn your lifetime out of this bonus stage. It’s up to you how much you want.

Bahria Town Karachi:

We have a very quick effect on Bahria Town Karachi. Here are few examples

  • Liberty commercial has seen a gain of Rs. 9 million in two days
  • Ali block (Precinct 12) prices raises for Rs. 7 to 15 lac in two to three days
  • Precincts in minus has come in profit after the court decision.

Bahria Town Karachi is directly connected to the decision of Supreme Court, so it has seen the maximum growth in plot prices.

Moreover Bahria is also going to announce new deals in Bahria Town Karachi which will be a good investment as well.

Bahria Town Lahore:

It was for sure that Bahria Town Karachi effect will also come to Lahore. But we don’t have any idea that it would come that soon. Actually what happen is that Bahria Town is associated with the name of Mr. Malik Riaz. As we come to know that he has a green signal, all investors get relaxed. Investors hold their plots for better results. Buyers who were waiting for this decision, demanded the plot. More demand, less supply; increase in rates.

In Lahore, Bahria has several projects like

  • Bahria Town (Multan Road)
  • Bahria Orhcard (Raiwind Road)
  • Bahria EMC (Soa e Asal Road)
  • Bahria Nasheman (Ferozpur Road)

Out of all above projects, we have seen maximum demand in Bahria Orchard.

Bahria Orchard Lahore:

Bahria Orchard Phase 2 consists of 5 marla and 8 marla plots. Bahria has given possession, people are constructing houses and shifting to Bahria Orchard.

Bahria Orchard has seen a raise of almost Rs. 2 lac in these few days after the decision. It is expected to increase more. Bahria Orchard plots has a relax cushion of around Rs. 1 to 1.5 million. It means it is very safe to invest in Bahria Orchard unless prices are increased by above mentioned range.


Mr. Malik Riaz has to collect money. This is the only way that he’ll take his society to next level. If he has to sell any new plots, he has to raise the prices of existing plots. This open the window of opportunity for every investor.

Earn as much you want. Invest wisely and get out timely. For expert investment guidance you can call me at 0345-4301013 or Call Mr. Zubair at 0321-4057825

This is a bonus stage, get maximum out of it.

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  1. Real Estate

    Bahria Town cannot really expect to grow with the current conditions of the market

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      Yes. This Corona virus has also effect the market. Otherwise Govt. has given an amazing Amnesty scheme for buying property.

  2. Frontline

    Invest in real estate for your child’s future

  3. frontline

    Property for sale in Karachi

  4. Kamran Mahfooz

    To get benefitted with this bonus stage in Bahria Town you can invest here to get higher returns in future for this purpose contact to make your investment

  5. Estate Legends

    Property buying is such a time consuming and hassle task but thia problem is solved by where you can see property of your choice and then call us at 03008439496 and we will find you a perfect property

  6. Sarwar

    Kindly evaluate following plots in Bahria Orchard:


    1. Sarwar

      Hello, kindly confirm.

  7. Kashif Ehsan

    What about Behria Rawalpindi?

  8. Haroon rasheed

    Mega Level Protest is being planned against Bahria Town infront of Supreme Court Building in Islamabad in April for the victims who invested their hard earned money in BTK.

    Bahria Fraudulently sold the illegal plots by their Mafia Agents. Details will be shared soon, what’s app groups and Facebooks group are being created. Victims will not spare this Robin Hood Arun Riaz. Biggest Fraudia of Pakistan

    1. Yasir Irshad

      You are correct, make a bahria Karachi victim group and protest infront of NAB and Supreme Court Buildings. Block the roads this is the only solution. Nothing else

  9. Sarwar

    Thanks for article. Can you please suggest current & expected rates in Bahria Orchard? Any idea when will Bahria LHR complete the development of Tauheed block?

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Bahria Orchard Rates

      5 Marla:22 lac to 38 lac (phase 2) 38 to 45 (phase 1)
      8 Marla: 29 lac to 55 lac
      10 Marla: 40 lac to 70 lac
      1 Kanal: 80 lac to 1 crore 30 lac

      I’ll look into Tauheed block development and let you know

      1. Sarwar

        Thanks brother, appreciated.

      2. Rajab


        In current scenario (post budget) do we still have the Bonus Stage In Bahria Town

  10. Rajab

    Currently most buying is being done by dealers as their inventories were exhausted . Most of them are giving token money with a full payment in a months time ( exceptions apart ) and then trying to forward it. Genuine buyers are sparse.

    Smart estate advisers are suggesting to hold on till this game is over, and detailed verdict of SC is public. That means a month or more .till the DUST settles and market stabilizes for some time before a Dip.

    Keep your eyes wide open..Do your own due deligence.

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      We all know it is not going to last forever. It is a matter of earning from this time. Market has seen it’s dip for long time, it has to increase. This judgement has become one of the important reason.

      Secondly Bahria Orchard Lahore market is already pretty much stable. No instant dip, no instant increase. Genuine buyers are constructing houses. This is a good choice even for a long run at this stage.

      Therefore demand and supply is playing it’s part.


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