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A very critical and important decision of life is constructing your own house. In Pakistan mostly people construct one house in their life time which is their biggest asset. Keeping aside an asset part, there are many feelings attach in constructing your own house. In this post I’ll give you details about constructing a house in Bahria Town Lahore.


Firstly you’ll decide about certain things like.

  • How many family members will have to live in this house?
  • How may bedrooms I need?
  • Do I need two separate portions?
  • Do I have a plan to rent a portion in future? and so on.

This is the stage where you decide about rooms, kitchens, washrooms, living rooms etc. Mostly you are concerned about the size at this stage not a complete product. That will come in finishing part. Though your idea of complete picture helps to construct map e.g. you want to place a bath tub in washroom then you have to give enough space in map as well.

Take your time and don’t rush at this stage.


After brainstorming you’ll tell all those things which you decided to architect. In Bahria Town, you go to the design wing. Bahria management will collect some fees before starting your house. Fees like

  • Possession Fee
  • Map Approval Fee
  • TMA map Approval Fee
  • Utilities Installation Fee

Once you paid all of the above fees, Bahria will not disturb you in whole construction process.

Bahria Architect will give you meeting time in which you’ll tell him your plans which you decided in your brainstorming session. In next meeting they will give you draft as per your prescriptions. If you need any changes then let them know, they will make these changes in next visit.

Finding Contractor:

There are two ways of constructing a house. One you made it by yourself. Secondly you hire a professional to do it for you. Constructing a house is a hectic job. If you are not experienced or you don’t wan’t to gain an experience then hiring a contractor is a good move.

While finding contractor keep in notice the transparency of construction contract. Nowadays it is easy to set standards.

Setting Standards for Construction:

Nowadays you can put quality in numbers and names. You can name the brands of products and put the price range of it.


  • Floor Tiles: Master brand within Rs. 1,200 – 1,400 sq/mtr
  • Washroom Fixture: Faisal brand within Rs. 18,000/- per set
  • Electric Wires: GM Cables or Pakistan Cables
  • Sanitary Pipes: Popular or Pak Turk

Above are the few examples, you can do it with every material used in construction.

Property Point Construction:

Property Point Real Estate and Builders have spent quite a much time in Bahria Town Lahore. They have started working in Bahria Town Lahore from year 2009.

For Construction Details Contact: 0345-4301013

Find below some of the pictures of projects completed by Property Point construction.

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