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I hope you all are great and doing good in life. Recently Government has announced a tax amnesty scheme for real estate industry. Many real estates investors and buyers inquired me about “what actually tax amnesty scheme is”? Lot of people opposed this scheme, It may be political but here I am gonna talk especially how it is related with our industry. Few thinks it will not be beneficial for real estate sector and as far I have read and research I think it will be beneficial for real estate.

First of all Non –  filer cannot purchase the above 4 million. In case you want to purchase property above 4 million your have to be tax filer.

Secondly D.C rates and FBR rates will be abolished. Now you have to pay 1% advance income tax and 1% provincial tax, and you have to pay these taxes on actual value. Extras like CVT, Stamp, duty. TMA and AIT will be abolished.

How this will be beneficial for property buyers, lets suppose and implement this new scheme on real scenario.

Suppose you purchase a plot in Jasmine block, Sector C, Bahria town Lahore in one crore rupees.
Previously tax details are:
D.C. rates  420,000 /  Marla, D.C Value of 10 Marla Plot is 42,00,000.
FBR rates  456,000 / Marla FBR Value of  10 Marla Plot is 45,60,0000.

CVT, Stamp duty and TMA taxes are applicable on D.C. rates, while Advance income tax is applicable on FBR rates.
AIT is the difference between D.C. rates and FBR rates.

Stamp Duty                                                                                3% = 126,000
CVT                                                                                            2% =   84,000
TMA Tax                                                                                     1% =   42,000
Advance Income Tax Non Filer                                                  4% = 182,400
Advance Income Tax Filer                                                          2% =   91,200
AIT                                                                                                    =   10,800

Total Non Filer Taxes                                                                           445,000
Total Filer taxes                                                                                    353,000
Transfer Fee Bahria town                                                                 =  145,000

Grand Total                                                                                       =  590,000 (Non – filer)
=  498,000 (Filer)

Now if you purchase plot against new system Jasmine block, Sector C, Bahria town Lahore in one crore rupees. which will be applicable in July 2018 most probably.

Now you have to pay only
Advance income tax                                                                     1% =  100,000 (Adjustable income tax)
Provincial Tax                                                                                1% = 100,000
Bahria town Transfer fee                                                                     = 145,000
Total                                                                                                     = 345,000

there is a common misinterpretation that advance income tax is on property, while its not, it is a income tax which is adjustable against your income. Previously you were paying 262,800 in the form of non adjustable tax on buying on property. whereas previously advance income tax was 2% and 4% simultaneously. now its only 1% provincial tax which will be non-adjustable.

Miftah Ismail “Finance adviser said”:

The most fundamental reform we are seeking to bring through our Economic Reform Package is in real estate. From July 1, 2018, we will require everyone to be a registered tax filer in Pakistan in order to buy property.
Secondly for properties registered after July 1, 2108. The government will have the right to acquire any property within 6 months of registration by paying 100% more than the registered price. This means that people will not register properties at less than 50% of market value. We will reduce our adjustable advance income tax rate to only 1% and are asking the provinces to reduce their total property registration tax to 1% also. This will be a revolution in the real estate market, will help document the economy, will create legal wealth in Pakistan and thus will make available billions for investment.
For properties registered after July 1, 2019, the govt will have the right to acquire properties for 75% more than the registered price and for properties registered after July 1, 2020, the govt’s preemption rate will drop to 50% and stay at that rate for future years.
With these steps we expect properties in Pakistan to be registered at at least 67% of true market value. And we will let citizens decide the value. We will eliminate the FBR rate and are asking provinces to get rid of DC rates.  This way we will be progressively getting registration of properties to come to actual market values and due to the reduction of taxes we will not burden the taxpayers.

Impact on Overseas Pakistani’s

“It is not mandatory for overseas Pakistanis to register as tax filers. And properties bought before July 1, 2018 will be under the existing rules and laws”.

My findings from Miftah’s saying:

One thing is for sure, government is trying convert economy from undocumented to documented. Secondly abolishing D.C. rates is depending on provincial governments hand. If they succeed to convince province to abolish the D.C. rates it will be very beneficial for real estate sectors, but the question is why province reduce their taxes from almost 6% to 1% as it is the reason of lot of revenue collection for provincial government.

Secondly, overseas Pakistani issues and concern are real and needs to be adjusted.

Effect on Real Estate:

  • I believe a lot of people will like to take advantage of this scheme, thus Govt will also get billions of rupees in terms of 5% penalty.
  • In general I see number of transactions rising before July 2018 as more people who are scared of a change will most likely prefer to enter into real estate before they take effect.
  • Those people who are still willing to remain non-filers, only option left for them are properties lower than 4 million and there are few options specially in bahria town, Bahria Orchard Lahore, Bahria Karachi and small plots.


Those properties where rates are higher than their actual values, where you feel its a place for money parking,you may see a correction, while smaller and cheaper properties for middle class will remain stable and may seems small appreciation with time. With the passage of time people get used to it and investors will feel more comfortable dealing with a simple and systemic taxation system.

I tried to cover as much as possible. I knew there must be something left. If you need any other assistance or information in real estate matters. Feel free to contact.

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  1. Sahiba Nawaz

    SAREMCO Group aims to provide you exceptional standard of living beyond your imagination at the reasonable and easy payment plans that are in your reach.

  2. Kashif Ehsan

    Thanks sir for the usefull info. Sir I recently bought two plots in Behria phase 8 Rawalpindi from short time investment point of view. One in Khalid block and the other in L block. Kindly tell me was it right decision,if yes then for how long should I hold them to earn reasonable profit.
    Kashif Ehsan

  3. Dawn Daniel

    Thank you So much For this Great Information.Good Work

  4. larafree

    Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve received such type of services from a Real Estate website named They are providing best services. simple and easy solution for listing and showing properties on the internet! Who want to sell, buy or rent properties.

  5. Ch. Mubarik Ali

    I appreciate this good informative blog. All Pakistanis must become part of Tax net.

  6. Mohammed

    Please also suggest which are best investment options at the moment in Bahria Orchard and what are current rates?

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      At the moment you can buy anything in Bahria orchard it will appreciate with time. Remember rates are not going to change abruptly at least in next 6 months.

      Bahria Orchard 05 Marla plots range is between 27 – 35 lac. Whereas 08 marla ranges between 35 – 50 lac.

      But good investments opportunities are C and D block, rates are better than other blocks, but you will surely see lot of houses being construct in these blocks.

  7. Mohammed

    Dear Moazzam Sb,

    Thanks for the informative article. Could you please share which sectors / phases in bahria town might face corrections?

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      I don’t think bahria town will face any correction, because rates are currently at record low. When you compare bahria town rates with other areas of Lahore, you will know rates are very reasonable as they faced lot of reduction in past 2 years. Now rates seem to be stable. Big properties like commercial plots, high end products feel pressure currently.

  8. Muhammad Hanif

    I like this scheme. My thinking in favour of taxes.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Aoa Hanif sb,

      Yes, we all need to take a positive step, and encourage other people to become part of tax net. Its a very easy process and helpful in economic growth of a country. If country prospers every one investments prospers.



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