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I hope you all are great. Bahria town latest announced project is Bahria Paradise. The main attraction of this project is Taj Mahal (replica) and central park inspired from Central park New York situated in precinct 54 in 64 acres. Now numbers have been allotted to file holders and currently its the hot cake in the market.

Paradise 250 Sq. Yards is the hottest entity in Bahria Paradise. When you compare rates with precinct 16, where rates are (70 to 80 lac), and you have to pay almost 95% of the payment, but in bahria paradise (premium) is from 10 to 15 lac, which you have to pay in installments. Total payment you have to pay now is approx 2 to 2.5 million. After 4 years plot will cost you around 70 to 75 lac.  Currently its the right time to buy plots in precinct 46, 47, because of their location adjacent to precinct 16, entrance of Bahria Paradise If you are a nature lover go for precinct 54 to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and fresh air of central park. If you are interested in 500 square yards then best precinct is 51, right next to entrance.

Buy bahria Paradise and wait for year or so to earn a handsome profit.

For more details feel free to call or consult on watsapp
Moazzam Khan
+92 300 844 6790

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  1. musa

    Bahria Paradise Karachi is Pakistan’s first unique project located in Bahria town Karachi having a large green area inspired by Central Park New York & replica of Taj Mahal Which make it unique from others projects.

  2. adeel

    great blog ,for great property deals visit


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