Apex Heights Gulberg Greens

Apex Heights in Apex Business Avenue, Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a recent ongoing project. Providing both residential apartments and commercial shops on instalments and cash payment. Project offer 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed luxury apartments and various sizes of commercial shops. Apex Heights in Gulberg Greens brings all state of the art and modern facilities along with idea location. Every unit has attached bathrooms, balconies,  vents, kitchen, and a living room. The bathrooms and kitchen are tiled.


Apex Heights is ideal for both residents and to start a buisness, due to its location. Because, project is situated at main Gulberg Express, which is also a commercial hub.

Features & Amenities:

  • Strong security system.
  • Separate car parking areas.
  • Load shedding free project.
  • Reception lobby.
  • Lifts & elevators.
  • Uninterrupted water & gas supply.
  • Wireless netwrok signals.

Booking Details:

Booking for both apartments and commercial shops starts from 10% down payment and rest of the amount will be paid in 33 easy instalments. Discounts are also available on cash payments. You can download the link just to click here.

Payment Plans:

177.77 Sq yards:

Total amount: Rs 40,000,000/-
Booking: Rs 40,00,000/-
Confirmation: Rs 40,00,000/-
Allocation: Rs 40,00,000/-
11 Quarterly: Rs 2,200,000/-
Transfer: Rs 38,00,000/-

266.67 Sq yards:

Total amount: Rs 60,000,000/-
Booking: Rs 60,00,000/-
Confirmation: Rs 60,00,000/-
Allocation: Rs 60,00,000/-
11 Quarterly: Rs 3,300,000/-
Transfer: Rs 5,700,000/-

533.33 Sq Yards:

Total amount: Rs 122,650,000/-
Booking: Rs 12,200,000/-
Confirmation: Rs 12,200,000/-
Allocation: Rs 12,200,000/-
11 Quarterly: Rs 6,800,000/-
Transfer: Rs 11,250,000/-

2,133.33 Sq yards:

Total amount: Rs 480,000,000/-
Booking: Rs 48,00,000/-
Confirmation: Rs 48,00,000/-
Allocation: Rs 48,00,000/-
11 Quarterly: Rs 26,200,000/-
Transfer: Rs 47,800,000/-

4,266.66 Sq Yards:

Total amount: Rs 960,000,000/-
Booking: Rs 96,000,000/-
Confirmation: Rs 96,000,000/-
Allocation: Rs 96,000,000/-
11 Quarterly: Rs 52,400,000/-
Transfer: Rs 95,600,000/-

Extra Charges:

  • Main road: 10%
  • Corner: 10%
  • Main road+corner: 15%

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