Bahria Town Karachi Interchange At Motorway M-9

Bahria Town has a separate department, of Road networks and Traffic management. This department not only work within Bahria Town but also for surrounding areas of Bahria Town. And it is one of their policy to do such voluntary projects which are beneficial for their residents and other people living near Bahria Societies. Underpass/flyover at Clifton Karachi is one of the biggest example of this policy. All the cost of this project carried by Bahria Town itself. Well, continuing this policy, Bahria Town recently made an agreement with ‘Frontier Works Organization’ for the construction of an interchange for Bahria Town at Karachi-Hyderabad, Motorway M-9. A network of roads, three underpasses and two bridges, will be included in this mega project, to provide a smooth exit and entry for its residents. Moreover, the construction of road side plazas are also added in this project.

This motorway interchange will directly connect to the 18-lane, 400ft wide main Jinnah Avenue of Bahrian Town (which is inspired by Sheikh Zayd Road in Dubai). It will not just provide ease to the residents of Bahria Town but it will be a huge relief and convenience for other connecting areas of Karachi. The estimated cost of this project is in billions and Bahria Town will bear all the cost of this mega project.

Furthermore, the agreement between Bahria Town and ‘Frontier Works Organisation’ has already made and signed, in the presence of Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz and VCE Zain Malik. But, there is no exact date that has been announced yet when this mega project will start. Because, this mega project will have to be approved by related authorities. After the formal approval the construction will be started.

Bahria Town Karachi, is the largest Master-planned community as compared to any other projects of Bahria Town in Pakistan, with all of its benchmark facilities and amenities. And there is no doubt about that Bahria Town Karachi is moving forward rapidly and building a progressive momentum day by day. They have already started giving possessions in the short period of time. A huge and fleeting development in Bahria Town Karachi has been undergoing in all precincts. That is why this project has gained more unexpected attraction not just from all over the Pakistan but also from overseas Pakistanis. Secondly, many investors, real estate agents and big names has shifted to Bahria Town Karachi. Due to all these factuality’s and developments, we can get the idea that Bahria Town Management is far more serious and making every possible effort for people to come to Bahria Town as early as possible and start constructing their houses. The construction of this Motorway interchange is also the example of this effort. And the impact of this interchange will also give the positive effect on the prices of each type of property in future.

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