Bahria Town Golf City will ballot on 9th Jan 2014

Salam to all readers, hope you all are good and enjoying new year with health and wealth. Well, we have a good news from bahria town in the starting of new year. After the ballot of sector-F, it was expected the next ballot turn must be of golf city Lahore. So it has been confirmed now, golf city which is also know as gold view residencia will ballot on 9th january at 3:00pm. So this is considered as good news those having files of this Sector. Because there files are gonna convert into plots.

Well, Golf sector has been launched immediately after sector-F, So it has same launching price of sector-F that is 3100000 Pkr, but huge difference in inn / profit due to factor of Golf. Well, on sector-F we have taken incentive, but in Golf sector, the onn / profit was started from the day first. We have seen the peak and unexpected profit on golf city residential files and golf commercial as well. Two types of golf city residential files trade in market, one is consider as general and other is location file. In general files, you will may get location or may not, but in location you will definitely get a good location plot. So difference in categories also having price difference. Price of locations golf city residential file is about 800,000 to 1million more than general file.

Well, if we see golf commercial, so it is a terrible situation for those purchased at peak price like civic commercial. Because golf commercial touched price of 5,000,000 pkr profit. it was tremendous profits for those sold at that price and worse for those purchased at highest price. So those involved in trading even in low rates considered successful. See this link how people trade in minus or low rates.

Well, for the residential point of view golf city files, i can assure this will definitely give you a handsome profit as it did, and as balloting days will come near it will go move upward on daily basis. even it moved 60,000 up today. so i suggest, do invest in golf residential files. if you already have keep it especially golf city locations files, because in golf location case , you will definitely get a good location plots, but in general golf files, you may get location plot or may not so it depends on your luck. Well, i recommends you strongly, must do investment in golf files. This is the right time in-fact best time to invest.

Well, the another question raise here regarding golf commercial, what will be the rates of after ballot, well the current scenario is that people are started buying in golf commercial too, but actual picture will clear , what will be the location and volume of golf commercials and how people will receive it. So if people will get involved in golf commercial, then definitely overwhelming result will come in term of good profit.


Well, there is many things to expose regarding other Bahria town projects, but won’t to do right now 🙂

Well, for any information , query , trade in bahria town all projects. Contact me on following numbers.

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  1. Fahim

    Dear brother i am working in kuwait i have some plots in tulip and File in F not baleted would you advice me where to invest my hard earning moeny.?
    Jazak Allah.
    Fahim Equate petro chamicle company Kuwait

  2. Tariq

    Any information about balloting? I think it did not happened so far

  3. Shahid Akhter

    Any Update about Karachi forms old and new

  4. MKS

    Usman sb. any news regarding balloting of civic commercial? Is Bahria cutting down number of plots of civic commercial as anticipated? when is the announcement and new map expected?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      No confirmed news so far about Civic Commercial


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