Bahria Town Losing It’s Core Competency

Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. has become one of the biggest name in Pakistan. Why? Why Bahria Town is so famous?

There are two reasons behind it;

  1. Bahria Town gives elite class services in very low prices. (attract genuine buyers and satisfies residencies)
  2. Bahria Town delivers its projects before promised dates (attract lot of investors of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis)

First thing, it is still going great, that’s why people are rushing to construct houses in Bahria Town and day by day, number of houses increasing. In May, 2014 there were 4000 electric bills generated in Bahria Town Lahore. At the end of year 2014 that number goes to 7000. Seven months and 3000 more bills. Enormous number of increase. You can’t see that increase in any housing society of Lahore or even in the whole Pakistan.

On the other hand, Bahria is not focusing on it’s second core competence reason of success. In earlier days if Bahria Town promised to deliver the project in 24 years, they completed it in 8 months (like they did in Sector-D and Sector-E except of few patches). But now after the failure of delivering Sector F in Lahore, then Golf View Residencia and then Green Valley, they are losing the confidence of investors.

Now investors will think before investing a large amount in Bahria Town. Secondly it has stopped entering those investors who were just going to jump in, but now, after seeing such situation, will never enter. But we still have such investors who do investment like playing a poker game, they will always be there, to enjoy the richness and to loose their money.

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  1. Ali from Denmark

    Oh shut up you pessimistic persons… I live in Bahria Town and I love it.

    Every time a Pakistani create something good, thousands of Pakistanis will try to pull him down… Yes of course its jealousy.

    He created one the most beautiful and most secure societies in the whole Asia. So please show him some respect gentlemen.

  2. adeel

    we should take bahria town management to consumer court .and they have to return our money with panalty .so don.t delay lets take malik riaz to consumer court.

  3. Abid

    Malik Riaz aik ghatya shams ha. Harami ki ulaf nay hamaray Lahore greens aur civic Commercial kha gaya.
    Allah is KO aur is kay bachoon ko jahanum main ghar day. Ameen

  4. Muhammad Hanif

    Any one about sector F balloting?As all installments are paid.

  5. Haroon Arshad

    Malik Riaz is looteraa. Green Valley & Civic Commercial is best example. Malik is MAkaaar

  6. Muhammad Shazad

    Bahria Lahore took all installments of Sector F but not listening us for balloting/plot numbers? I could not understand why Bahria doing like this especially with Sector F Lahore?
    If Malik Riaz doing charity then who he get ajer from ALLAH.

  7. Muzammil

    Malik Riaz is getting money from lahore and spend it in karachi projects. BTL has totally been ignored by Malik Riaz.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      what i think, this year malik riaz may pass some bailout package for bahria town lahore, and pending issues should be resolved this year

  8. Abdullah

    All the scams should be highlighted through media or whatever it takes to aware people because billions of rupee of innocent and middle classes are already stuck in Bahria Lahore projects.

  9. Hassan

    People are really concerned about this Green Valley scam because they have invested billions of ruppees in this project and after more than 1.5 years Bahria has not given a single response regarding Green Valley and Tons of money is being invested in Karachi.
    It was very planned and organised scam to get more and more money to invest in Karachi as it is a huge and very large scale project.
    People have to take a step or do something whatever they can do to highlight this scam and get their money back.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      bahria town should consider very seriously about green valley project and still off ground plot in bahria town orchard . Bahria green valley diluting the effecting the image of bahria town is very badly

  10. Tariq

    Bahria Greens is the spot on Bahria face.

  11. Haroon Arshad

    Malik Riaz scandalize his personality after mega level frauds in Lahore. Many people loose their hard earned money.
    Malik Riaz is known as Fraudia kind of personality. I don’t think he will ever regain his name back. People hate him for his double play. Specially after Bahria Greens and Civic Commercial Fraud.

  12. Muzammil

    You are right sir, now people are loosing confidence on BT but still BT management is not ready to answer all these questions. They did not reply, why they are not fulfilling their commitments, every time they launch a project, gather money and then start another project for gathering money. Basically BT is operating by some big estate dealers.

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Property dealers deal with general public and we consider them very clever. Now think of a person; Malik Riaz, who is dealing with dealers. How much clever he would be.
      Estate dealers are being played in the hands of Malik Riaz.

  13. Rajab khan

    Bahria incompetency started from Rawalpindi itself, only difference was lahore get exposure late.

    Second incompetency is Malik Riaz, himself, majority of the people in Pak consider him as a fraud he is playing with people money, creating speculation etc. Credibility, trust, and keeping commitments are only lasting points in success. Loosing above characteristics will result into fall.

    Sometime, I feel that Malik Riaz is trying to be hero of old english movie “The Robin Hood” he used to loot money from king and distribute to poors but doesnot take money for himself. But here in paki Robin Hood case situation is opposite. Paki Robin Hood is the friend of kings and looting general public and to keep public happy he makes mosques, free food and some other show off stuffs.

    1. Muhammad Shaheer

      Mailk Riaz, is create the trust of peoples and doing like other took amount from with wrong commitment like Sector F, Green
      & Civic Commercial Bahria Town Lahore. All Installment took but still not purchase the land.What is this.It is totally fraud.Being overseas we don’t believe on BT now.Karachi Bahria also so many commitment but not deliver.BT took million rupees from innocent peoples and not able to deliver as per committed in Dec-2014.
      As per my advice don’t take any thing like Golf City Overseas Karachi otherwise you will lose too much.
      He too billion from Lahore and IBA and spned in Karachi.
      It is Fraud with lahore & Islamabad.
      Just Launched 3 to 4 projects to gathers then run away to karachi.Peoples going/ coming office in lahore &IBA.
      Get Only one answer Management not yet decide to give plot even took all installment?Be away from bahria.

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