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Bahria Town officially Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. is the largest real-estate developers and Investors in Pakistan and the largest private housing society in Asia. Bahria Town has establishments in Islamabad (Phase 2 to 7 and enclave), Rawalpindi (Phase 1 and 8), Lahore,Murree and Karachi. Bahria Town is a mega gated community, worth $6 billion only in twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi where it is the original community with nine phases, which has a capacity of a planned residential city for 1 million people. The Town’s offers amenities (24-hour armed security, schools, hospitals, a fire department, retail shopping, restaurants and entertainment centers).

Given the Pakistan’s security issues, Bahria Town remain the safest place to live with a lower crime rate than other developments. Bahria Town operate’s Pakistan’s largest private sector fleet of heavy earth moving equipment and the service workshops. Bahria is also building the First Formula 1 racing track with full proof safety provided to Bahria Town residents.

Bahria Town believes that education leads all nation towards secure and better future and to achieve the mission Bahria Town facilitate all their residents across the Pakistan best Educational Institute with the the cooperation of high class Schools and Universities specifically,Following are some high facilitated and best Schools In Bahria Town.


Bahria Town introduced Roots Millennium Schools Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi (area of classes 40 Kanal), Bahria Town Karachi (Area of classes 36 Kanal),  and Bahria Town Nawabshah (Area of classes 34 Kanal), provide 21st century teaching and learning conditions for pupils and teachers, and campuses that will be well cared for and designed to nurture our children.

Roots Millennium Schools Education is always based on some valuable parameters. Within school campuses they believe that the purpose of education is to provide opportunities for all through learning to practice stewardship of a healthy environment and creating just and fair socioeconomic systems when beginning their journey into practical lives. Roots Millennium School Bahria Town focuses on learning which strengthens the capacities of children to act progressively on their own behalf through the acquisition of relevant knowledge, useful skills and appropriate attitudes; and which helps children understand, and helps them create for themselves and others, a safe, secure and a healthy environment. Roots Millennium School Bahria Town is under construction with fast tracking,Classes will be start in 2017.


  • Construction of campuses according to educational needs
  • Sports Festivals
  • Swimming pools and Kids Pools
  • Library based on audio and Video setup
  • Classes from Pre Schools to A/O Levels
  • Auditorium , Arts Studio and Exhibition Hall



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Beacon House Schooling System:

Bahria Town also introduced Beacon House School System with highly progressive anf healthy enviroment for all students, located in different Locations, Beacon House School System Bahria Enclave Islamabad, covered 36 Kanal Campus area, is now under construction and classes will start in 2016,highly facilitate with many features and educational activities for kids,allow 1600 students will to be adjust easily. Besides , Sports Facilities, Library and Auditorium and very updated courses.

Baecon House School System, Bahria Town Lahore covered an area of upto 24 Kanal for campus, has almost complete Construction  and classes has been started from 2014, have all highly facilitated and healthy enviroment with educational activities, Sports and all features.

Well, more then 21650 Students are the parts of Bahria Town Schools and colleges with aimfull mission and visions for future. Bahria Town promised to provide facilities that promote physical learning environments in which formal learning occurs and which ranges from relatively modern and well-equipped buildings to open-air gathering places as the quality of educational institutes facilities seems to have an indirect effect on learning, an effect that is hard to measure.

24/7 Free Hep Line:

0800 00100

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