Bahria Town Sector F, Latest Update

Good Day Everyone,

This article is connected with the series of article in past. Some time I become very tired by answering and answering the queries about sector f, but I also for feel bad for those people who are suffering in sector F, waiting for good news from my side.

Here is a little good news for sector F, investors and plot holders,  Bahria town had delivered 1st installment of plot.Here is the map of sector F, adjustments. This area is adjacent to Ghaznavi block and these plots are also the part of Ghaznavi block. Those people who have these plots will enjoy good profit now. Also bahria town management is seriously interested in delivering the remaining project.

Sector F new map

Second good news is sector F,  10 marla and 1 kanal files sees a good increase in rates.

10 marla file which was previously been traded at  PKR 250,000 minus is now at (on) of PKR 150,000. Whereas 1 kanal full paid jumps from 48-49 lac to 52 lac directly.

Hope fully bahria deliver remaining project ASAP.

For more details or one to one discussion.

Call of sms at 0300-8446790

Moazzam Khan
Land Economist

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  1. saqib javed

    i have plot in aziz bhatti block any one update me whats going on in secor f aziz bhatti block

    my plot number 434/A

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Good Day, at the moment nothing is going on in non developed area of sector F, there is no map yet and that’s why rate is very low again.
      Last I check rate of 10 marla in these block is 37-38 for 10 marla and around 58 for 1 kanal file.

  2. Nazim Hussain

    Usman Bhai I have applied for refund of three Lahore greens files with down payment apprise how to check it’s status

  3. SB

    Bastard malik riaz is going to launch new deal of 5 marla in BTH without clearing the affectees of sector f

  4. bilal

    good kren ge protest tab he apko kuch mily ga

  5. ZA

    I am also effectee of sector f. lets join on whatsapp and plan a physical protest. my number is 03214853419

  6. IT

    On Tuesday12 July 2016 , effectees of sector F Aziz Bhatti block and Tariq Bin Ziad block held forceful protest and stopped the transfer. They stayed in orchard office till 7:30 pm and threatened the management that they will not let them do any transfer next day. So Malik Riaz talked to the protestors through video links the same day. Physically present members at that time were allotted on ground plots in Talha block. I’ve come to know through sources that Malik Riaz will be in Lahore on 20th or 22nd July 2016. You should all be ready to reach orchard office for meeting or protest whenever core committee calls . If Malik Riaz promises to allot on ground plots in golf in near future , only those members will be entertained who are physically present in allh protests or meetings.

  7. Aslam Khan

    Thanks for the information, it surely good for the plot holders.

    Aslam Khan
    Property Experts.

  8. UPN

    For assessments of your plots in Bahria Town,Bahria Orchard and latest development contact us:

    Best Regards,
    Universal Property Network (UPN)
    (Affiliated with Lahore Real Estate)
    22 A, Main Boulevard Commercial
    (In Front Of Roshaan Center, Near Green Pharmacy)
    Sector C
    Bahria Town, Lahore
    +923211161115 (Whatsapp Text)
    +92-423-7862013 To 16

  9. Manzoor Ul Hassan

    Dear Hassan,

    Please share your whats app Number or email to share that letter as I am unable to past that letter in this blog because of format problem.

    My Number is: 00971556614910

  10. Hassan

    Can you (Manzoor sb)or anybody post this letter here on this page?

  11. Manzoor Ul Hassan

    Dear All,
    Bahria has announced officially about Sector F through letter that 3rd balloting will be occur on 30th May 2016 and all file holders with all categories will be included in 3rd Balloting and on the same date Development work will b started and the plots will be hand over to owners within 4 months.

  12. Manzoor Ul Hassan

    Dear All,
    Bahria has announced officially through letter that 3rd balloting will be occur on 30th May 2016 and all file holders with all categories will be included in 3rd Balloting and on the same date Development work will b started and the plots will be hand over to owners within 4 months.

  13. Abdullah Kamboh

    Dear Usman sb Please guide me. I have 10 marla F- Sector file. Now If I sell it then whether I shall get 1000000 or 1050000 profit on it (keeping in view todays file prices). Thank you in anticipation…

  14. Arham Bin Shafiq

    Thanx God… At last pleasant news are coming from Bahria Town F Block Investment…

  15. Usman-bin-Khalid

    We have seen dramatic Jump in Sector- F files in last three days. Last week rates were settled but in last couple of days Sector-F files price raised 4 to 5 lac especially in 10 marla & 1 kanal.

    Sector F today File rates ( 15-02-16)

    ~ 5 marla Buying Price 540,000 Selling Price 570,000

    ~ 10 marla Buying Price 1,000,000 Selling Price 1,050,000

    ~ 1 kanal Buying Price 6,200,000 Selling Price 6,250,000

  16. ZA

    Dear Usman sb
    can u plz update today’s rate of 5 marla?

  17. Usman-bin-Khalid

    Continue upward of Sector F Files Price/rates 03-01-2016

    5 MARLA sector F file rate buying rate 510,000 & Selling rate 540,000
    10 Marla Sector F File rate Buying price 710,000 Selling Price 740,000
    1 Kanal Sector F file price 5,650,000 to 5,700,000

    1. Arham Hassan

      Thank You Dear Usman sb. for updating everyday files prices…. God bless u…

  18. Usman-bin-Khalid

    prices of files are going up very speedy especially 10 marla .
    Today rate was in evening 02-01-2016
    price of 10 marla sector F buying rate 620,000 onn/ profit n selling rate 650,000 onn/profit

  19. Arif

    all files are canceled other then full paid, this is what I came to know when visited bahria town office today for 3 pending installment of kanal files to make them full paid complete as 5 installments were paid already.They simply said its canceled and we can not do anything with nice smile.NO solution they have now.

    please advise?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      i will check it n let you inform tomorrow if there any way exist.

  20. Usman-bin-Khalid

    prices of sector F files are getting better day by day.
    sector F today rates 28-01-2016
    5 marla @ 250,000 to 300,000 profit
    10 marla @ 450,000 to 475,000 profit
    1 kanal @ 54 lac to 54.75 total price

  21. bilalfaisal

    dekhte hain bro yeh zameen lety hain ke nhi f sector ki may b apkk plot den ya alternative kise r block mein dedn

  22. Nawaz

    On 23-Jan-2016, Bahria issued the notice for Balloting of remaining files on 15-Mar-2016.

    Please call Bahria to re-confirm this news or Abu Osaid / Usman can post the Bahria notice for all people info.

  23. imran

    bilal sb jahan per sector F alamgir aur sheikh saadi blocks hain, us zameen ka kiya status hai? woh bahria ne li hai ya nahi? suna hai new lahore city ne woh zameen li hai? aapko kuch pata hai is bare mein?

    1. bilalfaisal

      nahee broo lahore city ka name chalta h bahria he hty h lhr city f sector ka zamen nhi khrdii koi b

  24. bilal faisal

    2.50 tk ratee hai akr ka bahria ne abhee 1 deal ki 100 acr 2.30 crore rate dia

  25. bilal faisal

    mere zameen f sector ke cinema ke bilkul pichay h yeh rates nhi derahay neat se werna zameene sale hogate

    1. Ali

      Bilal sb bahria kiya price offer kerta h aur market rate kiya h? Also kiya bahria n near lahore city and end of NFC jagga kharedi h ya ni? Do you have any information

      1. bilal faisal

        abhee info ayi nfc ke 100 acr khareedi hai rate 2.30 crore itna rate hai
        lekin yeh khud nahee khareed rehe deal kerahay zameeno ke malikn se
        lhr city bro dor h jehan tk f sector inho ne hmre zameeno se agey b zmne khredi h

  26. bilal faisal

    yeh zameen to khreedte nhi plots keha se dege f sector pe logo ko zamen ka rate nhi derehy werna ab plots b logo pass hoty

  27. saqib

    I heard same that bahria will start something on 15th January. Hopefully things will be clear at the end of January 2016.

    1. Haroon

      From where have heard ? I was told this by the dealer from whom I bought my file from.

    2. bilal faisal

      jhoot h bro zameene to sale nhi horehey f sector ki apko plot abhee kse mily ga

  28. Haroon

    I have heard from the dealer from whom I bought my sector F that balloting is happening on 15th Jan. Is it true ? Please comment.

  29. saqib

    Any updates regarding sector f? Can anybody plz update me?
    Thanks in advance.

  30. khan

    I sold my plots Al and left the sinking ship.

  31. Property Reader

    Bahria ship sunk now try get out of it as early as possible. Malik Riaz scandels are coming out of baskits bahria greens sector F civic commercial.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      just check the rates appreciation of Bahria Town Lahore, Orchard & Nasheman from last 5 months. e.g 5 marla plots raised more than 1 million.
      how could you say Bahria Ship Sunk now ?

  32. saqib

    Plz update me current situation.
    Those who are having plots in shaikh saadi block .are they on safer side? Or sufferer? ????

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      currently you can say it sufferer, well wait for next three months.

  33. saqib

    Please update me who are having plots in shaikh saadi block.
    Does bahria having this land????

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      not yet

  34. Usman-bin-Khalid

    Well, Bahria management has taken some positve steps regarding Sector- F issue. Bahria Town has also acquired 70 to 80 kanal land behind this new Sector-F ghaznavi cutting ( map in article) from Sui-Gas Society, Sui-Gas society reserved that land for graveyard but now they have shifted it towards to medical city.
    In the same way they have also acquried land near Tipu block . There is also info Bahria Town is involving Pubjab Govt ti purchase land at DC rate as they own 75% of land for the project so they have priority right to get rest of land for Sector-F, According to Bahria management they have given more than 1 billion to Punjab Govt in this regard.
    Well Bahria town also acquirng land on large scale in Bahria Orchard premisis, Sector-F files will may also adjust there,
    I wish everything will happen as i noted .

    1. IM

      Thanks Usman for updating with detail reply.

  35. Haroon

    Hi Moazzam,

    Thanks for the update. I have a question. I hope you have answer for it. Bahria is developing some land on Multan road side. Which project is it for ? Is it for Sector F ?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      @ Haroon

      I dont think Bahria will accomodate victims of Sector-F at that place, i Guess Bahria will launch a new deal there.

      1. Shaukat

        Dear Usman,

        I heard that Bahria is planning to launch sector-G in this area.

    2. bilalfaisal

      yes i think 110 acr li h bahria ne

  36. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

    Dear All,

    Thanks for your feed back. As per my knowledge these plots were adjusted to random files holder. Secondly there are news that bahria management is trying to buy the land for sector F, and also they have bought some land. Mr. Shahid Qureshi said in last gathering that they will come up solution in next four months.

  37. Nawaz

    Dear Moazam and Usman,

    If you guys really interested to operate this web site in best interest of your clients as they wish and as you have been doing so long then it’s good to have regular feedback from you. We like your thoughts and value them.

    In case you guys are busy with some thing else then my humble advise is don’t leave your friends / clients at mercy of some un known visitors and try to keep the steering in your hand otherwise dont share the info with public or remove the comments options from web page which will not allow your viewers to open communication channel with you.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Mr. Nawaz,
      I am real estate agent who is just trying to update people about bahria town latest happening who are not updated to bahria market. Secondly, I am not bound to reply every comment, my main responsibility is business development.

    2. Usman-bin-Khalid

      Dear Nawaz

      Thanks for your valuable feed back, Actually we try to put original picture whats going in Bahria Town, I always mention my contact number in evey article, if some one wont to see comment section he/ she can contact me on my cell.

  38. khalid

    Agreed with Ali.

    Dealers like Shoaib dont have any right to comment like this.

    1. Shoaib

      Hahah…Sahi baat hai .. Malik riaz fraudia… Ab theek hai ? Jo ap ki haan mai haan milai woh sahi jo difference of opinion rakhay woh dealer … Anyways my apologies if some of you got offended .. And best of luck with your investments .. Keep investing and keep complaining

      1. khalid

        Dear Shoaib,

        Appologies brother.

        You can surely have difference of opinion. You know peole who somehow made a mistake to invest in sector F are really suffering because of poor tactics of Bahria so they feel bad if someone blames them instead of Bahria.

        Thanks for understanding.

    2. Shoaib

      My apologies to IM.. Khaled.. Ali .. Haroon.. My tone was harsh .. No hard feelings. Thanks

      1. IM

        No issue shoaib sb. No harsh feelings 🙂

  39. haroon

    Jab tak malik Riaz fraudia zinda ha awam ka khoon choosta rahay ga aur khoon chostra rahay ga

    1. Shoaib

      Bhai yeh aap ko pehlay nahi pata tha ? … Abhi koi naya project launch karay bahria to 2 din mai sab kuch sale ho jaye ga

      1. Ali

        Shoaib sb with no offence but from ur comments il looks that you are paid agent of Bahria.

      2. ZA

        by the way, you seem to be a stupid person

      3. ZA

        Shoaib, By the way you seem to be a stupid person…fighting with others baselessly

      4. Shoaib

        ZA you keep your bloody opinion to yourself … Fuckin retard

  40. IM

    Dear Moazzam, can you please tell us to which people thoseplots have been given. I saw in the map it was a garden which bahria changed to ploting now. Also we will be thankful to you if you can tell us from your sources that bahria has bought the land for rest of Sector F files or not. I heard that a meeting was held between dealers and Shahid Qureshi about 2-3 weeks back where shahid qureshi assured that they will deliver sector F and working on it. Plz can you confirm this as you are sitting in the market. Also we heard that the last protest by the file owners of sector F also put pressure on bahria managemen. If you donot know abt anything just tell us that you donot know. But if you know something plz share it. Thanks.
    I also noted that once your website was down for a week after that you never wrote anything against Bhria 🙂 Plz its my guess i can be wrong.

    1. Shoaib

      Speaking on moazzam’s behalf .. He is not mandated to update us about anything at all … This is our investment and we should be keeping track of what is going on in market .. Instead of grilling him you should rather be thankful to moazzam that he is keeping you updated about your investment and that too for free …. Learn to be thankful

      1. IM

        Dear Shoaib Sb. please note that i thanked him twice for updating us. Also note that i am not grilling but only sharing my observation and i mentioned that as well. Let me tell you Honesty is the best policy. I know a dealer who is running his website and most of the clients are overseas. He tries to speak truth and that how he gets the business as people trust on him. And let me tell you i didnt know the dirty tricks of bahria before i bought the file. But this is also reality that if they launch new project it will be sold. The problem is first time people dont know the tricks of bahria aur jab woh phanse jatey hn hamari terhan, then they realise. And i believe you should not speak on his behalf, let him speak, if he wants to reply. Thanks.

      2. Shoaib

        Well you will not tell me when to speak .. What to speak and speak on someone’s behalf or not … There is enough said about bahria and all information is available online … It’s just that people dont want to go through the hassle of doing due diligence .. They just want quick bucks and when they fail to make it they start blaming others for the loss .. Nobody held a gun over their head and asked to buy bahria files or lda city files .. We need to own our decisions

      3. IM

        Shoaib sb you need to be calm. You replied to my question which I asked to Moazzam not to you. Please I don’t want to fight with you or indulge in long arguments.
        Yes I am responsible for my buying in bahria and no where I said that I am not responsible.
        Me and many other members asked the question specifically to Muazem Sb. if he can explain (if he knows) that who has been adjusted in those plots. You are saying all information is available online but even then you could not answer this question.
        Plz note that I said no where that I want to be rich overnight and I didn’t blame anyone. I want to construct house and Bahria promised for the possession in Feb2015. So plz put your arguments on facts.
        Lastly I hope you are well aware of the condition of Civic commercial, bahria greens, bahria golf view, Bahria enclave 2 (Isalmabad). So its about bahria/private developers that they are not doing ethical business in real estate.
        So nothing personal.

  41. Ch Shaukat


    Thanks for sharing the update. Who will benefit from this adjustment? Is it new area added into sector-F? Sorry it is unclear, pls explain little bit more.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Shaukat,

      Randomly files holders are adjusted. It is added part of Ghaznavi block sector F, bahria town Lahore.

  42. imran

    dear Moazamm sb,,,,, good to see yu back after long time…plz throw some light on who ill get these adjustment plots??? people with files?? or undelivered blocks like alamgir etc?? or bahria will sell these plots seperately through dealers to make more money????

  43. Haroon

    Jab tak malik Riaz kanjri zinda ha loog sector f civic commercial aur green valley jaisay projects main loottay rahay gay. Ghasti Shahid Qureshi apni maa ko bhi beech day is dhnaday main. Lanti aur manhoos loog.


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