Huge Wave Expected In Bahria Town Karachi.

Hello valuable readers, first of all i do apologise of my absent but now i will try my level best to update you at least on weekly basis. Well, today i am covering bahria town Karachi market which are in terrible condition, Patience of file holders of bahria Karachi in the last stage, Some sold their files at lowest price and many of waiting for Miracle and won’t to lose their hard earned money.

RUMOURS And Current Situation

There are many rumours in Market regarding Ali block 5 marla and 125 square yards. Ali block files will merge in Old 125 square yards and 125 square yards files will not include in ballot, and we are hearing so many other news some thing like that. Well, i am very disappointed again by Bahria Town about ballot, They have given an ad in newspaper in June and asked members to update their pending dues for the balloting which will be held on 30th June 2015, That was official announcement in newspaper how could bahria town deny this without giving any reason. After that bahria town karachi moved toward worse and currently market is almost dead and no transaction in Karachi market.

Expected Market

Well, I am seeing a huge wave in Bahria Town Karachi in next couple of months, and bahria town Karachi will go dramatically up and may break last year record that is very much expected that what i think. This is bahira town strategy and as i mention usually Bahria town itself re-purchaser of its project.

Impact of Bahria Town NawabSAHA

The another connection which i am seeing is Bahria Town NawabShah which is going to be officially announced on 17th August 2015. The Booking forms of NawabShah booking has been started already by Dealers and last night price was 15 to 20k Onn. Well, in my opinion the wave will start from Bahria Town NawabShah for several weeks and than it will move to Bahria Town Karachi.

Most used Strategy by Bahria Town

Here i inform you one more interesting thing is mostly what turns out to be in bahria is the unexpected which means don’t expect growth where expect growth in bahria town and vice versa or in other words we can say the projects which seem like underdogs in bahria always turn into lions.


Well, there is also news so many little projects are in queue. Well here i suggest may Bahria town market will take more dip and become more worse but don’t lose your patience, because a big wave is coming to bahria town karachi. Well, this is my own prediction let see what actually happens.

For more query or information you can contact me on given below numbers.

Usman bin Khalid 0301-4442226

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  1. Saad

    Waiting for Huge wave but ending with Huge wait….Never ending wait … Kab aaey gee Bahaar

  2. kashif

    can i buy the file of 125. this is write time for this or not .
    what u thing for high wave in rate up or down.

  3. Thomas

    I just want to know is it time to buy or sell in bahria karachi, 1st June 2016′ the rates of all pricent are gone so high, please advice me, thanks

  4. Nabila M Faisal

    Respected Mr. Usman,

    We have two plots in DHA City Karachi, which we want to sell and invest in Baharia Town, pls give your expert suggestion on this decision. Should we, or shouldn’t we. What is the future of both DHA City Karachi and Baharia Town Karachi. Kindly give some expert analysis

    1. Mohammad Zohaib

      Yes prices are stable in DHA city and not likely to go up. In bahria town prices will rise further as it will be livable this year.

    2. Qureshi

      Dear nabila
      What i belive every year bharia town going the same situation and and later pricees will be higher u can check out the history of bharia khi.
      Dont get me wrong but i think u can sale one plot and invest in bharia and you will feel the diffrence.
      But as i said this is only my openion .

  5. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    mr rizwan said absolutely right . Yes i am out of screen due to i give up karachi. The major reason is i live in Lahore Bahria Town so fail to update you people, and another reason is karachi become too complex i cant provide you exact info without presence in Karachi.
    Well. i am looking for Bahria Town Karachi realtor who deal this segment in future.

  6. Rizwan


  7. Javed

    Dear Usman

    Where is this huge wave and when it is expected ?. You are also out of screen. We are looking forward to see your comments on upcoming situation.

  8. Arslan

    Dear Usman bhai. We are anxious to see update from U. Bahria did absolute confused ballot. Its only 10% allotment what will happen of rest 90%. Despite announcement all five paid ignored and even all six paid not entertained due to incomplete payment updation in Bahria record. Also fake map with airy precincts. What will U say.

  9. farid

    Usman Bhai
    Where are you? Public is waiting for your comments on bahria balotting, as I understand only 20% applicants are successful for getting plot numbers in Prencient 1 to Prencient 31 (current map shows P-1 to P-20) My question is where is P-21 to P-31 and where remaking 80% will go?

  10. Mansoor

    I have 125 Square Yard Bahria town karachi file .I am selling only in 75000+Installment.

    Please email me at

    1. Noman Afzal

      Whats the total asking price?

  11. Faraz

    Well friends, it’s all about holding power with patience and above all faith in Allah. I think Usman-Bin-Khalid is an honest optimistic person and giving everyone the right advice to hold as long as you can. Rest Allah will take care of your hard earned money. If you stay positive and don’t pay attention to negative and made up stories by narrow minded dismissive people , things will look up for you..All the best and keep you chin up..

  12. Irfan

    Thank you usman for your reply

  13. Tariq

    All BTK rates are creeping up

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      yes today i purchased 2 bed old apartments at the rate of 670

  14. Irfan

    Dear usman hope you will be fine I would like to ask a question about BTK ali block what do you think about ali block as current rates of ali block is in minus what is the future is it any improvment expected because ali block is expensive as compare to old 125

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Ali block will get early possession , and also limited plots compartively, Well if 125 square yard old will ballot , and give possession too same time than surely 125 square will have edje due to price

  15. Tariq

    Dear Usman bhai
    Would yo please shed some light on why Bahria is delaying balloting..?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Tariq Bhai there is also news Bahria will ballot on 6th September

  16. saleem

    @usman-bin-khalid i have 125 yards old file BTK 4 installment paid what should i do sell or hold. in case of cancellation how much bahria will pay ?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Hold it for the end of this year bahria will deduct 20% and refund money after 6 months

  17. malik nayyar

    @malik ahsan
    I need ready to transfer file on level price in pindi on cash price (280)
    please suggest ( skype: whatsup: 0097-155-1569346

  18. Azhar

    BIG fishes started buying 125 sy old booking. Huge trading expected in said file in a days to come.

    1. tariq

      Market taking U-turn hope it will move upward with flying gate now.

  19. malik ahsan

    Another interesting phenomenon which observed in almost all the property offices in behria town islamabad / rawalpindi (as I spent a whole day in survey) the rates 250 sq were melting very rapidly , the price of 125sq was almost stable at -15000/ -20000 and the prices of 250sq went up till 280000 .But if you Wanted to sell your 125sq you could sell it in minutes but there was very less people Interested to buy 250sq.Somebody is buying 125sq very fastly 😉

    1. nayyar


      This is nayyar abbas and want to buy 250 sqr yard file to cover loss and dealers are telling me rate of 350k for 250sqr yard file

      Please suggest about your experience.

      This forum is very reliable to get exact information

      1. malik ahsan

        Well if you have made up your mind dont think about 20000/30000 difference ,well the dealers are telling to the seller 280000 to 300000 in some places 320000.Obviously they will give it to buyers at 350000.i think you understand what I am saying.

  20. Taria

    As a matter of fact’ old 125sy would be prove as most demanding BTK product once situation normalize. The reason behind logic is attractive and most lucrative pricing and high probability of trading option for not only investors but for general public too. Rest all products would remain in danger due to high amount of investment plugging and chance of decline would remain there. The market is telling boom is ready to come in. Best wishes for all investors.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Agree with your statement.

  21. malik ahsan

    As per now its Does,nt look like a huge wave but a destructive tsunami for investors …….

    1. malik ahsan

      Well now I think its not gonna be a destructive tsunami but rather a good one….

  22. Asim Khanzada

    Dear Usman Bhai, I need you candid opinion, i bought two files of Bahria Enclave -II at 955000 each, now the current price is hardly 500000 for one file, I am facing a loss of 900,000 (almost 50%), kindly advise me should i sell both of them and buy something in Karachi to recover it? or should i wait ?? if you suggest to buy in khi then which plot size?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      @ As i have seen the above comments, that is shocking , Well my suggest sale that Bahria Enclave and go for Bahria Town Karachi, Purchase any thing according to your pocket,

  23. Malik Ahsan

    Well i hope that your prediction about a huge wave is behria karachi,s rates in next couple of months is correct. Today its 13th of August 2015 and 120 sq and 250 sq files are melting like ice.In 125 sq the file is trading at -10000 which is actually (-160000) you can hardly get your installments back if you sell now.And 250 sq is trading at 350000 till this time and going down fastly.On the other hand Behria Nawabshah is expected to be launched soon. Still you expect a big wave in a couple of months in BTK ???????

    1. imran

      means the down payment is out of the window and file is trading at minus 10,000 below down payment price?means we have to pay only the installments that have been deposited minus 10,000 rs?

      1. Tariq

        According to experts there is absolute No trading happening in the market so question is how markets rate being determined.

      2. malik ahsan

        Yes ….today its -15000 for 125 and 300000 for 250sq

      3. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

        This price rate shocked me

  24. ismail

    Nayyar bhai,

    Market mai suna hai, bahria sab broker ka interview kar raha hai…dekhte hai kee hota hai

    Mai to kehta hu abhi koi invest na karoo is se pehle aur mazeed loss ho

  25. nayyar

    I am planning to purchase one 250yard file and one 2 bed old apartment file
    Please suggest when and on which rate i should buy and what should be the procedure to make a safe deal.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Follow your plan, i strongly recommend you.

  26. nayyar

    Dear Sir,

    I read your comments and found you a reliable source of information.

    I want to ask your one most important question.

    Most of the real customers including me are affected in huge loss due to fake dealers of bahria town and now rates of the files are very down and we are in big loss

    Please suggest how we can cover our loss.

    Do we need to purchase some files in this situations and then again hold for few months to cover loss and come on average?

    I think bahria should give attention on his real customers rather than dealers.


    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      @ Nayyar.

      In my personal opion, most of realtors are facing same loss like you noted above real customers. Well, yes this is the perfect time to buy and i recommend you buy files due to rates, and hold your files till end of this year, Becuase in current scnario investors left nothing to loss except hold their files.

  27. Tariq

    Dear Faisal
    Thanks for Sharing such important information but please also share the names of few ones big fished involve in selling fake firms. So that people would aware

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Dear Tariq Bahi, I guess your are indication big ones ( Dealers) so Major Dealers cant be involved in this type of paractice.

  28. Faisal reporter samaa


    Bahria is angry and because of this rates have fallen and poor ppl have lost money,

    Guys be careful, a lot of agents in karachi are now under watch and will be arrested soon, this is why these agents are selling at low prices and run ng away….

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      I havent heard this type of news, Actually it happened in starting but now people are very much aware, Moreover Bahria Town should resolve this issue like currency note .

  29. Imran


    If you are in position to file a case, it must be done. It is fraud that Bahria took all instalments and did not deliver the plot. There are hundreds of victims who are suffering becauee of poor attitude of Bahria. It is shameful for Bahria that they are completely ignoring voice of people, they should at least communicate deadline to the affectees.

  30. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    @ Fahad MIRZA

    Well, Civic Commercial and Green Valley both project made started Bahria Town down fall, Well , i have already written ot it and will write on current situation, Well, as i have mentioned above Bahria is less interested to buy land in Bahria Town Lahore, Well my opionion is sale your Civic Commercial , because i m not seeing any seriousness toward this project and moreover commercial is already down in Bahria Town Lahore from last 18 months. Well Some months ago Civc Commercial minus rates apperciated and traded maximum in 11 TO 12 LAC minus due to merging option. Well now again Civic Commercial rate travel between 17 to 20 minus, Well i will update you what is the current rate , and invest this money somewhere else.
    Well, The other thing you noted in your comment is MALIK RIaz will espace so it seem quiet impossible, They are earning billions here so he dosent need to espace from this Country.. People of Pakistan have deep pockets and sound purchasing power.

    1. Fahad Mirza

      Should I sue Bahria Town and Malik Riaz? Because we are already almost at dead level? One of my cousin is barrister. He suggested to file a suit against him.
      Let him bring court, as he is already in trouble . If he is doing fraud then he can think of escape as well.

      1. Fahad Mirza

        Can you help me out regarding write an article on Civic commercial so it would me get her people to file a suit for collective effort. I will not ask a single penny for a file suit till it last. I need victims for combine effort to take him in court.

  31. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    I need favour from you valuable readers, I also setup a page on facebook kindly like my page , Here is a link

    P.S : Invite your friends too, THANKS your this act will motivate me 🙂

  32. Ali Uzair

    Dear Usman Bhai, Assalam o alakum
    No doubt u have very good eye on Bahria town market, u always said that in the long run everyone will get profit. who has strenght of holding he will get the profit………..but…. u know, a very big scandle has leaked…malik riaz bought huge government land with corruption and with the mutual benefit of big Fishes………..i think u must know the story……he purchased land of billion rupees in just some million rupees(with corruption). So dear plz tell me in this case, how the poor people will get back their money invested in these projects……i will wait for ur kind reply and any suggesstions for poor people

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)


      I heard so many these types of news, but not confirmed so far, Bahria Town has given clarification on it. Well, if this could be happened as you said than nothing left , but i believe nothing gonna be like this. Well I dont know how people could back money, But i am expecting in the end of this year BAHRIA TOWN Karachi market will go up and everything will be fine. These news always come at that time when market in worse condition.
      my suggestion keep your file holds till end of this year, Many will recover their loss. Rest of Allah knows Ali Bahi, This is just assessment of mine. Well, As we know Bahria town itself re-purchases of his own society so dont you worry ,Hope you got my point.

      1. Fahad Mirza

        Please through some light on Bahria civic commercial project Lahore. I have bough file of civic commercial in Aug 2013. I bought file in 68 lack and I am living in UK. I am on vocations now and I am surprised to know the prices are very low. What do you suggest?? should I hold it?? or it is a fraud by bahria?? what is this,?? there are many stories in market. Some say malik riaz is doing fraud and he will escape the country soon.

        Your valuable article is requested specially on civic commercial bahria town Lahore. We have already lost millions in Bahria civic commercial. I have seen many comments in which people are abusing and cursing bahria and malik riaz.

        Your valuable comments are awaited.



  33. Imran

    Dear Usman Sb,
    Need your input and expertise on bahria education & medical city lahore.


    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      I just visited once Bahria Education and Medical City Lahore, Road was on construction phase at that time, Well, I dont See much potential currently though Bahria has given possession, Well, if Lahore Ring road will intersect near by than may be i guess this project will take at least 5 years. and last Bahria Orchard is far better than Bahria Education & Medical City, if you have 2 million go for Bahria Orchard, Because possession is going to be given in Bahria Orchard in the end of this year, and so many other features make Bahria Orchard Far superior over Bahria Education & Medical City

  34. Irfan

    Usman bhai hope you will be fine what do you mean by merging of ali block in old 125 ?or do you mean old 125 merge in ali block?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      that was rumour in marketing, i think that will not gonna happen now. it

  35. Syed

    Could you please suggest me about DHA Valley city islamabad ,is this is good for short term investment .In which sector should i invest?

    Waiting for your remarkable remarks.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      dear i dont have command on Bahria Town Islamabad, So i am not in position to advise you.

  36. Abdullah m

    Why is Bahria town itself so silent. They should better give an update to its effected cients

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Bahria & affecties are silent too, they need to write emails , letter and calls at least on weekly basis and put the pressure on Bahria Town

  37. Sabir

    What is current rate of 1 kanal and 10 marla non-balloted files of Bahria sector-F Lahore? I want to buy for investment purpose.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      @ Sabir

      I dont suggest you to invest in Sector-f, Because Bahria Town is less interested to purchase that land though they have some pocket of Sector-F but wont develop till all land will be acquired by Bahria.

      Well, Sector- F 1 kanal full paid file minus 900,000 to 1,000,000 and 10 marla file between 175,000 to 200,000 minus.

  38. Afzaal Jadoon

    Welcome Back Usman Bhai!!!!!
    We were desperately waiting for you to come back with your valueable comments & analysis about the Bahria Town Market. Hope you will be fine & sound. May Allah give you prosperity in your life… Aaameen

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      @ Afzaak Jadoon

      Thanks for your appreciation.

  39. Faisal Sheikh

    Malik is thagia choor. He did loot maar in bahria civic commercoal Lahore. We are victims of bahria.
    We pray for malik Riaz to go and burn in hell forever. Ameen

  40. faisal samaa reporter


    If rumours are to believed high ups of bahria are convincing King and his friend Doctor to rejuvenate the bahria market.

    Rumours are they had a meeting with King, but doctor is unwilling to enter bahria. So all you investors and ppl stuck in market pray doctor gets convinced. Doctor is a key focal person as he claims to be a foot soldier of market.

    All the best wishes
    Faisal reporter

    1. Ch. imran

      Faisal bhai,

      Dr se musalsal mulakaatein pindi mai bahria walay kar rahe hai, kal ik mehfil mai doctor se mulaqat hui thi, usko koi interest nh bahria mai, suna hai aaj sabiq karachi mayor bhi mulaqat karegaa.. Maine piocha Dr se ke kya masla hai ,wo kehta hai jahil brokers aur cheaters ka khaatma karega bahria kyubke sab juaa khelte hai aur public ko bewaqoof banate hai. Usko chahiye bahria apni policy end user friendly banaye, phir wo soche ga bahria join karneka.

      Agar aap mai se koi update mai hai Dr ke baray mai, mujhe inform zaroor karee, kyunke wo expert hai market uthane mai…..

      Chaudhary realtors

      1. Fivestar realtors

        Chdry sb,

        Dr, backhand mai dha ke saat hai, us ne bola hai bahria ko rates girayee, aur correction kare, jiska Matlab rates October tak ye neechay rakhegaa,

        Usne bahria ko kaha hai ke apne cheater brokers ko farig kare Jo jhootay form banatay hai….aur saray brokers ki inquiry report bhi Dee hai…..isliye bahria apnu inquiry karke cheater dealers ko kharij karegaaa

    2. Kamran khi


      I heard that bahria is decreasing prices of everything on recommendation of doctor, to make it accessible to end users, last time in may I saw him with son of Riaz sb at a luxury hotel in khi, where he was awarded a commercial plot for pump but he refused.

      Kamran Ilyas

  41. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    @ Tariq
    Thanks for your valuable comment.

  42. saud


    What is current rate of midway commercial 5 marla? How much extra people are demanding other than paid instalments?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      @ Saad

      two types of midway commercial, One is along with number, and other is just midway commercial files. Well file price is about 70 to 80 lac and the price of midway commercial plot with number is depend on location and almost 1 crore plus.

      I didnt get your send query , Well i think u asked value difference of up-to-date paid plot or less paid, Well now there is no difference of price on the basis of most paid or less paid in bahria town karachi files.

  43. Tariq

    Welcome Back Usman b

    Since all investors facing huge loss and were in really difficult and terrirble situation of BTK. We were helpless to obtain your valuable comments and support during the time. However late but not too late. Thanks for coming..May God bless U

  44. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    @ Imran

    Current rate of 125 square yard bahria town karachi is 80 to 90 k.

    1. Abdul Hafeez

      I can offer in PKR 70,000

  45. imran

    usman bhai what is the current market of 125 yard old files? how much minus?

  46. kamran


    Kindly also spare time and analyze the delay in ballot for Sector F Bahria Town Lahore. What should file holdrs do? What are expected timelines for ballot? What affectees can do?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      @ kamran

      I have already many articles on it, you can see it and i suggested earlier what victim of Sector-F could do, well, situation as still as it was. So well the major reason of delay of Sector-F ballot is land acquisition issue and it look alike bahria town is currently less interested to resolve this issue and prime focus on Bahria Town Karachi and other projects due to easy available of land and quiet cheaper than Lahore.
      Well lets see hope Malik Riaz will resolve the major issue of Sector-F, Green Vally and Golf in the end of this year.

      1. Sabir


        Thanks a lot. Kindly advise what is current rate of 1 kanal and 10 marla non-balloted file. I want to buy for investment purposes?

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