Is Sector F moving to Bahria Karachi?

Good Day Readers,

I hope you all are great. Lot of people are aware of news regarding sector F, Bahria town Lahore is moving to Bahria town Karachi. Notice was officially displayed in Bahria office. Bahria town sector F, customers suffers a lot in this project. They invested 4 years back, but still they are unable to get their hands on their plots. Now Bahria town is offering below suggestions for sector F, file holders.

1. Allotment of plot in Bahria town Karachi:

Plot Size                                          Current market rate in Karachi

05 Marla                                           30 Lac (approx)
10 Marla                                           60 Lac (approx)
20 Marla                                           100 Lac (approx)

2. You can merge your file in any active files, excluding Iqbal Villas, Quaid homes, bahria Heights, golf city, sports city and bahria homes (old).

3. You can refund your file without any deduction.
Those member who are willing to get allotment in Bahria Karachi, they will get number and map at the end of this month. At the end of this year they will get possession of their plots.

After this notice was displayed, on 10th of April, Bahria town management faced a huge and harsh response from sector F customers, many people gathered in Bahria town main office situated in Bahria orchard Lahore, even management needs to call the police to control the situation.

These people refused the offering of bahria town and insisting that they must get plots in Lahore. Now another protest is organised on 20th April 2017.


This offerings may not seems very attractive but it have few positives, especially for investors, who invested 4 years back, if bahria town deliver as they said their investment is almost double, but for those customers who bought plots for house construction purpose can suffer in this offerings.

Secondly, these sector F, plots will be full paid, whereas almost every project in BTK is on installments, so customers also may also face difficulty in selling their plots.

But still my suggestion is, rather than of getting your money back, opt for a plot in BTK, as situation in bahria Lahore is not very fruitful, and BTK has lot of potential in coming years.

For more information and detail, you can call me or send sms on watsapp.

Moazzam Khan
+92300 8446790

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  1. Omer M

    I wondering why people are not going to court or NAB. One organisayion defeated people n now treating victoms as sheeps.

    Protest sa kuch nhee hoona wala.

    Ye log kutty ki dum ha. Kabhi nhee sudhraa ga.

  2. Omer M

    I m wondering why people are not going to court or NAB. One organisayion defeated people n now treating victoms as sheeps.

    Protest sa kuch nhee hoona wala.

    Ye log kutty ki dum ha. Kabhi nhee sudhraa ga.

  3. Sector F Victim

    Next protest is planned tomorrow 04 May at bahria orchard office. Time is 10:30 am.

  4. Sector F Victim

    For latest updates on sector F protest news, anyone can join following WhatsApp group. Also, pls ask others to join this group for a common voice. Remember, without raising your voice, you won’t get any thing.

    1. Hassan

      I m also sector F affecty, I have also join the group for protest

  5. sibghat

    dear Moazzam Khan – any news about DHA overseas valley?

  6. Imran

    Mr. Moazzam when the next protest organized is that any idea
    I visited bahria office 19th april
    And what was the outcome of 20th april protest.

  7. Imran

    MY NUMBER 03334814034
    I am available any time to protest against the bull shit ideas by bahria town

  8. Ali

    Why all agents bhais and girl as one girl trying to supporting bahria stance in also and trying to convince people to take refund or get adjusted in Karachi,come on bahria has used this money for last four years or so now they want to give refund,bloody cheaters and mafia boss ,kuch sharm haya bhi nahi is chutia malik Kochi,Jonah paisay honay k bawjood greed at extreme,is gandoo ne qaber main NahI jana.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Ali,

      First of all thanks for your feedback, I honor your opinion,and I understand your frustration about sector F, you may fully express your thoughts, but my kind request is please do not use abusive language.

      Secondly, I didn’t mention anywhere to refund your file. While writing I have to look at broader picture. Many investors talk to me about taking refund, in that particular scenario, I advised them to move to BTK, as it has lot of potential in coming days as compare to BTL, as they invested and waited for 4 long years, they deserve profit. Same thing I mentioned above in the blog, but less elaborated.


  9. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

    Dear Mr. Imran,

    I am not bahria town spokesperson, nor hold any authority, its will be much better if your raise your voice in front of bahria management.


    1. imran

      Dear Mr. Moazzam….
      I have not adressed you…I am just highlighting bahrias fault. where in my comment have I mentioned yur name?? so kindly chill. we are in talks with bahria and as a strong group of 100 plus people have already rejected this ridiculous offer. if yu mind and get offended people commenting on yur posts then plz give a note so that we may not indulge in commenting.

  10. imran

    this is like you go to an electronic store and buy a SONY Tv. but the store keeper calls you after 1 year that I cant give SONY bcoz I have used yur money to buy stock but have re sold all the SONY tvs to new customers… However I can offer you a NOBLE tv instead in a new packing…WE REJECT THIS OFFER COMPLETELY AND OUR UNITED AND WILL FIGHT TILL END TO GET OUR DUE RIGHT IN BAHRIA TOWN LAHORE

    1. faheem

      Im also an affectee. May I get your contact details to join you guys.

      1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

        Please contact Zubair Ahmed
        0313 4343444


  11. Hamza

    You (All agents) should stop supporting and justifying Bahria Town’s stupid decisions. We have spent 4 years waiting to get our lands in Lahore. If we wanted a plot in Karachi we would have bouģht there.
    This is unacceptable. We don’t need refund or adjustments in any other city.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Hamza,

      I am not supporting anyone, I am just depicting a worst case scenario.
      Secondly, I am not bahria town spokesperson, nor hold any authority, its will be much better if your raise your voice in front of bahria management.

  12. khurram

    Firstly, if you read this notice again, then you will find that this offer is only for full paid un-balloted files. It is not for those files who were balloted and are off ground.

    Secondly, even if Bahria gives option to get alternate file/plot in BTK, it would be unacceptable by most of the members.

    This is the time when investors are taking their money out from BTK and people getting BTK files will suffer even more than sector-F.

    We all sector-F victims are united and have the same stance. We will keep protesting stronger and stronger if Bahria further delays our case.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Khurram
      Firstly, it is clearly mention on notice that “NON-Developed” plots are coming under this, whether they are in Alamgir, Sadi, or anywhere else. There are no balloted files now. They all been given name of Tariq bin Ziyad and Aziz Bhatti.

      Second, it is unacceptable to many investors that’s why they are protesting against bahria.

      It depends on investors strength how much they pressurize bahria management, not to move the project to BTK.

  13. Tariq

    This is extreme failure part at Bahria End.

  14. RAMZAN


    Sector F most of the block developed like Gaznavi,TALHA,and also seems developing in Alamgir blocks ,there rates are 50-70. its good chance to get money back instead of refund If they transfer Sector F files to BTKP for those who have plots in non developed area. Here is one thing which blocks developed and there is no risk to shift

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Ramzan,

      Developed blocks are not going anywhere. Only non developed blocks like Sheikh Sadi, Abubakr, Tariq Bin Ziyad, or any-other files left are going to BTK.
      Secondly there are 2 better options, first one is to sell your plot or file at cash payment or get the adjustment. Investing 31 lacs and taking refund is not worthy.



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