Jinnah Avenue Commercial (Satta ON Hai)

Bahria Town has recently launched a new commercial project with the name of Jinnah Avenue Commercial in Bahria Town Karachi. Forms are out and people are loaded on bank like this is their only chance of life.


Bahria Town give registration forms first, which people buy and sell. Yes people sell forms. And they give them profit as well. Even some people bought a new car with just one day profit and some lost all of their money, like that in the poker’s game. You think it’s in your hand, but actually it’s not.

How Satta Works:

For some people it’s just a matter of luck but is it really a luck then? Not for all of them. Big giants create game, they create demand and the form prices rises. When they earn enough money, they just get out of the game leaving so much supply of forms, that the form prices fall on earth.

These forms were available earlier in the market through property dealers. What property dealers do; they write on their letter head about the commitment of number of forms. Whenever the forms came out, they give it to their committed people.

Previous Price Of Jinnah Avenue Commercial Registration Forms:

As people get to know through the property dealers about this new registration forms. They try to get their hands on it. People/property dealers don’t care about the price of plot, or even is it a plot or not, they just need those forms to play Satta.

When the news came price was Rs. 125,000/- – Rs. 150,000/- On (other than form price i.e. Rs. 100,000/-)

Then ON came to Rs. 50,000/-

Then ON came to Rs. 25,000/-

Today you can get it on level Rs. 0/- On from UBL bank where people are crazy to get forms right now.

What Happen Next:

It doesn’t mean that price will go in negative are remain at level. Once the bank stop giving registration forms. Prices will again start to rise high. This is purely a Satta, Juwwa or whatever you say. There ain’t any rules in it. There ain’t any right and wrong in, it’s because it’s wrong at the first place.

Islamic Point Of View:

This kind of tradingĀ is totally Haram in Islam. There are many Fatwa’s on it as well. There is not a single school of Islam who favors such kind of trading. Everyone says that it’s not allowed. The earning from buying/selling of these registration forms is totally Haram (there ain’t any doubt about it), it will not bring you peace but problems.

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  1. chowdary

    how manny forms were printed?
    balloting for registerd members or the one who will deposit down payments?
    what would be the down payment?
    what r the projects in which form will be adjusted

  2. MR

    Every one is eager to earn more n more without realising reality of these double shaaaas

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Yes buddy, we are greedy species…

  3. Taimour B

    Nice Post. I totally agree with you on this. One more thing, Bahria Town is charging 100k for registration which is also against the law. You cant raise money from people in the name of registration or by offering discounts.

    B Town can raise Billions of rupees by selling just forms and invest on other high risk project to make millions. Government should take this seriously but they are not interested.

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Yes Taimur you are right but he is a businessman, he suppose to earn money. Mostly those people face losses which do this Satta thing only and don’t get registered to actually buy a plot. And most importantly people living in Bahria Town are quite satisfied. You can’t get such facilities in whole Pakistan.

      These all losses and disappointment people have for Bahria Town is from the business point of view. How Malik Riaz get all of the money through investors pockets and not delivering them the value.

  4. Nawaz

    Looks like Bahria dealers sent their office people to stand in the que then we will make create hype.

    Good Job

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Yes Nawaz but people are also very eager to earn overnight. Many people individually (don’t have to do anything with property) also try to catch such games.

  5. Asim

    Good article

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Thank you Asim

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