Launching Ceremony Of Al-Kabir Town Islamabad

After the huge success of both phases of Al-Kabir Town Lahore. Al-Kabir Developers has also recently announced about the launching of Al-Kabir Town Islamabad. But, did not announce the date of its official launching. Now, two days ago, Al-Kabir Town has already started sending invitations for the official launching ceremony of Al-Kabir Town Islamabad project. So, the final date and venue are here for pre-launch of Al-Kabir Town Islamabad.

Venue & Date:

The project will be launched on Thursday 25th, October 2018. The launching ceremony will be arranged at 06:00 PM, The Marquee Hall, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad.


All other details of the project had already written on You can check its complete details by simply clicking here. 

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