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Lake City is one of the most prominent societies of Lahore situated at main Raiwind road near the Shareef Medical Complex. Lake City has been gaining the attention of the investors and genuine buyers since 2015 when Chief Minister of Punjab has announced the commencement of Ring Road Southern Loop. This has increased the interest of the buyers and one of the main reasons behind this is ring road will improve the access of this particular society from different parts of Lahore and suddenly the investors jumped into the market and they started buying plots and files in Lake City. The widening of main Raiwind Road has also diverted the interest of the genuine buyers in Lake City. Therefore, heavy investments were made by the investors in Lake City during the last two years. Ring road always benefits the real estate market and one of the prime examples is phase 5 and phase 6 of DHA. These phases were considered to the flop phases of DHA 15 years back but after the completion of ring road heavy investments were made in DHA phase 5 and phase 6 and now they are considered to be the most expensive phases of DHA.

Near Future Prospect

The most important prospectus of Lake City is that ring road is going to be completed by the end of August 2017 and it will benefit the plot or file holders in Lake City immediately. The price boom is expected in Lake City once the ring road is completed and the general public will start using it. Approximately 90% of the work is completed on ring road and it is expected to be open for the general public by the end of August 2017. I am going to attach few pictures of ring road with this blog which gives a better idea to the readers regarding the current development work on ring road. Now the question arises in the minds of investors that why ring road will benefit Lake City. The answer is simple; the completion of ring road will improve the connectivity of Lake City. Currently it takes minimum 90 minutes to reach to Lake City from Lahore Airport and after the completion of ring road this distance will be only 15 minutes which is a huge benefit.

Living in Lake City

Apart from the ring road factor or the connectivity factor, an important consideration is that Lake City is a very well maintained society which is offering a very good standard of living to its residents. The 24/7 availability of electricity, zero load shedding, impressive security arrangements, beautiful mosques and the presence of well known brands and banks make Lake City attractive for the genuine buyers who are interested in building their houses and wants to get settled down. The management of Lake City is also focused on providing improved level of residential facilities to the residents and the maintenance facilities in Lake City are also excellent. More than 2000 families are living in Lake City at the present moment and many houses are under construction which shows that more families will get settled down in Lake City.

Why to Buy in Lake City ?

Now the most important question arises that what should be bought for investment in Lake City? Even if the society is very good everything should not be bought blindly even in the best society of town. After analysing the market situation and current available options in Lake City, the best thing to buy in Lake City is 5 marla files which are available on instalments. The price of the 5 marla file is approximately 27.5 lacs and the on ground 5 marla plot in Lake City is minimum 35-40 lacs so the so the 5 marla files are more likely to give a better return both in the short and long run. The development is also under process and map is more likely to be released soon which will immediately impact the market in a positive manner.

I am going to attach few pictures with this blog regarding the current update of Lahore Ring road and the glimpse of the residential facilities in Lake City.

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  1. adeel

    nice blog ,visit for great deals on property

  2. Sadia Anwar

    Very nicely written.
    You may look for the similar blogs and updates at

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  5. Sadia Anwar

    Nicely written. I also read a similar blog on AARZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.

  6. Asim

    Bro what is the update of Bahria Paradise Karachi??

    I am interested in 500 Sq Yard and 1000 Sq Yard..

    Give your feed back please

    1. Hassan

      Bahria Paradise karachi has the best location, 500 square yard and 1000 square yards are recommended

      You can also call at 0321-2727272 to discuss in detail

  7. FAA.awan

    Lake City has a big issue of resale .Lake city development is not good as Bahria Town.I think Bahria Orchard is also near to Ring Road,and with good resale market. It is time to buy plot in
    Bahria Orchard as prices are low as compared to Lake city.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      yes i am agree with your statement, but lake city approach is far better than bahria so far.

  8. Muhammad Junaid

    I disagree with you. I bought a plot in M-8 with 5 years installments.It was committed that possession will be given after 2.5 years installments.I have completely paid the installments, more that 8 years have passed and yet no hope of possession in near future.
    So check before buy.Better to buy on ground plot with full payments.

    1. Hassan

      Regarding the possession, there were few files which were in those areas which was not cleared by Lake City due to land acquisition issue otherwise the majority of the plot holders got the possession.

  9. Abid

    I disagree with you on level of facilities being provided by Lake City. You will be right that Ring Road will give advantage and value addition to the Lake City. But Lake city itself a worst society, poorly maintained.

    Further, if someone wants to buy plot, he should buy on ground with full payment. I know many people who bought plot in 2010 in M7 and they are still suffering after paying full payment.

    So first thoroughly and check then decide to bu. The only area lake city is maintaining is Lake Golf which is quite expensive and not for common buyer.

    1. Hassan

      Recently the management of Lake City has significantly improved the residential facilities and they are almost equal to Bahria now


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