Pace Ext. Model Town Link Road

Pace Pakistan Ltd. has started their new project which is an extension of Pace shopping mall at Model Town link road, Lahore. They have started their campaign 3 months back and now they have sold all of there ground floor, 90% of first floor and more than 50% each floor upward. They have joined both shopping malls and connected them through corridor. Ground floor and first three floors are connected but not fourth floor because this new plaza is four stories and the old one is three stories.

Main problem of any shopping plaza in Lahore is parking. Even Pace shopping mall of Model Town Link road doesn’t have any parking space and they purchase a plot in front of plaza to park cars. Now in their new extension of Pace Model Town link road, they have two floors of basement only for parking which I guess will still not suffice the need.

Find out complete detail of Pace Ext. Model Town link road here. At the link you would find the minimum price from where the counter and shop starts. Further there are many different sizes of the shop on each floor and have many different rates according to the size and floor of the shop.

Attractive option they are giving is the one year rent on advance for those who have bought the shop and don’t know what to do. Pace authority will give them rent of one year and take that shop from them. Further they would rent out the shop by themselves.  Moreover you’ll be fined if you have a shop and you didn’t use it. Whether you use it by yourself or give to rent, if not then give to Pace on rent. They will give the 7% of the shop price as rent. I believe this plaza will help in running the previous Pace Model Town link road as well. They are planning the opening on 14th August 2010, let’s see what happens then.

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