PIREX- Property Expo Islamabad

Few days ago in Lahore a grand property expo was held at Lahore Expo centre Joher town . It was a great opportunity for those who were interested in buying / Selling and want to invest their capital in secure projects . Many major real estate property consultants and also property builders and developers were there who show case their projects for all customers , buyers and investors . So there was a unique and meaningful activity was held before .

Now there is another great opportunity for all customers , residents , buyers , investors and other real estate consultants to get all information about new and up coming residential and commercial projects in the capital city Islamabad . This expo is not for only those who want to buy or want to become the part of any project but there is a opportunity for all those builders and developers who want to show their projects through this exhibition . People who want any information about any type of project like , apartments , houses , farm houses , commercial projects , Shops they have another opportunity to visit and get all information from by one to one meeting . This exhibition will be held at 14 , 15 and 16 March , 2014 .

Raja Builders and developers , Vertex international , Alain Enterprises , New York Builders , Property bank and Land lord real Estate builders are the Sponsors of this event .

For any details , information and want to get a stall visit or call below info :

11-L DHA Business bay , Sector F DHA phase 1 , Islamabad .


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  1. maztek

    I feel we must review this mega event which came up first time in Islamabad Rawalpindi.
    Good Points:-
    Very well advertised
    The stall holders were given ample time to get their place in the exhibition.
    Sign postings were very well planned.

    Points Need attention:-
    It attracted lot of visitors but stalls were very few.
    The exhibition clearly showed that few of the stalls were very prominent and some mega developers were displaying their products in congested areas.
    It showed that event was meant to promote only the sponsors like Raja Builders and developers , Vertex international , Alain Enterprises , New York Builders , Property bank and Land lord real Estate builders……others were dragged to cover up the events stalls. Their were very few dealers or developers from Islamabad. Why didn’t they participate.
    Lobby or the passage on entrance should have been more wide open while it was obstructed by stalls.
    Enthusiasm was lacking everywhere
    There should have been some stalls of food and snacks for the visitors.


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