Sangar Housing scheme Gawadar

Sangar Housing Scheme is one of the residential projects that you should consider for investment. It spans 2,500 acres and features all the facilities you would expect to see in any high-end housing scheme. Residential plots in the locality range between 400 square yards and 1,000 yards in size.

Project Summary:

  • Total Area 2500 Acres
  • Total Area (Phase I to IV ) 1900 Acres
  • Total Area (Proposed Phase V & Future Extensions) 600 Acres
  • Total Length of Roads (Constructed) (Above 100 KMs)
  • Width of Roads
    • Main Roads (Constructed) 132’ – 0”wide
    • Secondary Roads (Constructed) 66’ – 0” wide
    • Neighborhood Roads (Constructed) 33’ – 0” wide
  • Total Length of Water Pipe Line 300,000 Rft.(Approx)
  • Total Length of Sewerage Pipe Line 320,000 Rft. (Approx)
  • Under Ground Water Reservoir (Constructed) 600,000 Gallons
  • Over Head Water Reservoir (Constructed) 40,000 Gallons
  • Security Walls (Constructed) 24,000 Rft.
    • Electrification Work
    • Desalination Plant
    • Sewage Treatment Plant

Summary of Plots:

  • Residential:

Phase    Category              Size of Plots

I-A          A             1000 Sq.Yds

I-B          B             600 Sq.Yds

I-C          C             400 Sq.Yds

II-A         A             1000 Sq.Yds

II-B         B             600 Sq.Yds

III-A       A             1000 Sq.Yds

III-B        A             1000 Sq.Yds

  1. Commercial:

Phase    Category              Size of Plots

IV            Commercial        100 Sq.Yds to 5 Acres

Project Highlights:

  • It is a completely self-financed scheme.
  • Engineering design has been carried out after full soil investigation study. Soil bearing capacity on Koh-i-Batil is double of what is found in the coastal belt and has been found suitable for high rise building.
  • Design of utility services is based on most modern engineering codes and efficient utilities systems.
  • Development started in 1992 and continued till date covering different phases & activities.


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