Sector F Developed Plots Cancellation Notice


People are already annoyed with Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. policies and yet they have issued a new notice regarding Sector F developed plots.

There are many investors who have given very few installments. Bahria wants to pressurize them but what happened, these kind of notices are becoming a threat for genuine customers. Those who are paying these installments timely become suspicious to what  will happen if they fail to submit last installments.

What return Bahria Town is giving to those genuine customers who pay their installments timely?

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  1. Rasheed


    Dear SECTOR F blocked File & plot holders.

    Are requested to join the Protest.
    Against cruelity of BAHRIA TOWN.

    on Sat. 26 March.
    09.30 at Orchadd.
    11.30 at Alfalah Office.

    This time we will not leave the place without taking our right..

    Make your presence compulsory, also invite other members.

  2. Victim

    Lanti Malik Riaz. Biggest fraud in the history of Pakistan. Civic Commercial Bahria Town Lahore. Corrupt mafia. Bahria Town

  3. Imran

    Aoa On 19th Mar protest at Bahria Alflah Office & 20/25 files Un-Blocked ,,,, We also protest at Bahria Alflah on 26th Mar Saturday at 9.30 pl join & meet at Car parking

  4. Dr. Atiq ur Rehman Qamar

    A Very Unfair policy of Bahria town Lahore.
    I have paid 5 installments of 5 marla File of sector F. I came to know from the office that the file is cancelled. although there was no intimation letter or email before cancelation. Bahria town had no land for more plots of sector F. They sold a bulk of files, Used peoples money and cancelled the files. It was mistake on Bahria side because they delayed the balloting for very long time and had no land.
    I request Bahria town management to give a chance to people for paying the remaining installments and restore the cancelled files.
    Otherwise public has a right to go to the court against this scam.
    PlZ unite against Exploitation policies of Bahria town and Join us on Whats-app
    Dr. Atiq ur Rehman Qamar … 0322 4439862

  5. Tariq

    Dear Usman
    Since Bahria failed to deliver in Sector F hence no right to cancel un ground plots I.e.Sheikh Saadi’ Abu Bakar and Almgir blocks. As an investors we have already faced huge loss due to un ethical behaviour by Bahria and we should not put more money in instalment shape. Please comment

  6. Atif

    Bahria Town cancelled the files in Karachi and now they have given them option to pay the remaining dues by 13th March. Why different policies for Karachi and Lahore.

  7. uae


  8. Muhammad Shazad

    Bahria should give us our paid all amount with bank rate interest as they don’t have land /plot number.
    If I am defaulter then take fine like 0.05% per on pending rate?If Bahria not going to deliver as per commitment then no one able to listen?
    BTL management is doing totally cheating?
    Bahria second name is fraud?
    I want to go on Media /give the Dharna on Shahkum Chowk.

  9. Muhammad Shazad

    Bahria Lahore took all installments of Sector F but not listening us for balloting/plot numbers? I could not understand why Bahria doing like this especially with Sector F Lahore?
    If Malik Riaz doing charity then who he get ajer from ALLAH.

  10. Shaik

    Sector F files went to HILL with Malik Riaz.

  11. Haroon Arshad

    Malik Riaz is a greedy kind of person who looted people through Bahria Greens & Civic Commercial.
    May Allah send him HELL and take revenge of every single penny who have invested in Bahria Greens & Civic Commercial. He is a criminal, those who invested first time in bahria and invested in Bahria Greens & Civic Commercial. He is Corrupt. GO TO HELL MALIK RIAZ

  12. Tariq

    Bahria is becoming more and more greedy and just interested in drawing payments. Investors have already stucked. Will bahria compulsate all losses. Where is Green Valley and where is Civic cenre…?

  13. Muhammad

    I already paid all instalments but Bahria did not give plot number/balloting?I am waiting for plot number but bahria want cancel the plots those having balloted. Bahria not giving plots to us this is cheating.
    If is Bahria defaulter then problem if any customer lag from payment BT want to cancel files/plot why?

  14. kashif

    this is Rubbish. this is black mailing. Will Bahria town management compensate losses incurred to people on their failure to deliver projects like Civic commercial, Sector F files, Greens, Awami Villas and many others. Malik Riaz is a leech , a dragon and we all are stupid to fell into his trap.I would sale everything from Bahria and Reinvest in DHA as that is more secure and safe/sensible investment.

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