Two New Deals In Bahria Orchard

It has been couple of weeks that Bahria Town has launched two new deals in Bahria Orchard.

D Block Deal

It is in D block of Orchard Phase II. These plots are behind apartments of Awami Villas.

Deal came out in market with the price of Rs. 3,000,000/- in which you have to pay Rs. 1,000,000/- up front.

It has ON from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 300,000/-

Installments: Eight quarterly installments of Rs. 250,000/- each

Phase 3 Deal (Chinar Bagh Deal)


Bahria Orchard Phase 3 is the second deal. It is also known as Chinar Bagh deal within some dealers. This is because it’s attached with the society Chinar Bagh. And yes it is on opposite side of road. Right in front of first gate of Bahria Orchard. Not the main entrance.

Deal came out in market at price of Rs. 3,200,000/- in which you have to pay Rs. 1,200,000/- up front.

It has ON from Rs. 75,000/- to Rs. 350,000/-

Installments: Eight quarterly installments of Rs. 250,000/- each

Future of Both Deals:

D block deal will see good returns in recent times. Infrastructure, electricity, gas pipe lines, each and every thing is present in this part of Bahria Orchard. Bahria has to merely give an extension of D block. It will not take Bahria long to develop this part, though it will take start showing results after 6 months.

Bahria Orchard Phase 3 deal has got the attention of mostly dealers because of it’s approach. It is situated at the other side of road. Plots are in start, have a nice approach from main road. Bahria is famous for the environment they give. Once you are in Bahria it doesn’t matter how far you have to travel to reach your home.

In Phase III, Bahria has to develop each and everything from beginning. First of all the basic infrastructure and then basic utilities. It won’t have any school, any store, any masjid, water filtration plant etc. Bahria has to build all this to bring life in that part of society.

Bahria Orhcard Phase III will start giving results after an year.

Sale And Purchase:

For sale and purchase of these plots you can contact to following numbers

Nabeel Zafar: 0345-4301013

Usman-bin-Khalid: 0301-4442226 

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    Bahria orchard phase 4 development started

  2. Imran

    When they are giving possession of E block.

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      No confirmation from Bahria side. Hope to have soon

  3. Azeem ahmed

    How 2 purches???direct behria office or what????plz advice…..

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      From open market of property dealers or directly from seller.

  4. Mohsin

    Pls advise when we will get possession for LCO block G? Also what is future for this block?

    1. Muhammad Waqas Badar

      As fas as i know, possession of G, H and J blocks are already offered.

  5. arim

    i just want to know possession of phase3 just oppsite to bahria orchard new buld office….

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Not within this year

  6. Ahsan

    When is Bahria announcing possession of Olc-D block?

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Not sure. Seems to be soon


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