WocLand Housing Society

These days you must have seen an advertisement about a new housing society with the name of WocLand Housing Society. Well they said to have 920 Kanal of area but right now they have only developed 10 acre (80 Kanal) of land. They have build 150 houses in that area in which they said that 80% are sold.

They said to be load shedding free housing society and they will provide backup electricity through heavy generator. They will charge Rs. 500/- per month for usage of generator and as per their info you can also use AC with that generator but I guess that won’t be correct because running AC in 150 houses is a big deal.

Find below different categories of plots and houses available within the society with their rates.

Categories with Prices:

Firstly they are dealing in both, plots and constructed houses. In finished houses they are selling 5 and 8 Marla houses and 6 Marla apartments. Their prices according to different category is as follows:

5 Marla plot: Rs. 1,690,000/-

8 Marla plot: Rs. 2,400,000/-

5 Marla house (single story): Rs. 2,500,000/- to Rs. 3,000,000/-

5 Marla house (double story): Rs. 3,790,000/-

8 Marla house (single story): Rs. 4,300,000/-

8 Marla house (double story): Rs. 5,400,000/-

6 Marla apartment (ground floor): Rs. 2,000,000/-

6 Marla apartment (first floor): Rs. 1,800,000/-

6 Marla apartment (second floor): Rs. 1,690,000/-

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  1. Saif Allah

    Salam, Plz tell me the final installment plans for 5 Marla House and 6 Marla Apartment First Floor with downpayment plus monthly installemnts… is it possible to send the outside and inside view photos of apartment, When flat will be allotted and what are the facilities and services provided?


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