Wrong Perception about Bahria town Lahore.

Dear Readers.

Many investors and clients perceive that property prices depreciate in Bahria town Lahore. As a real estate agent, I would like to explain that this wrong perception spread across the globe. That’s true, Bahria town investors had suffered and few are still suffering in different projects of Bahria town Lahore. But that’s only for those people who took part in trading of files, without knowledge they jump in. Real estate industry is all about the sale purchase of Land or property, unfortunately files trading has become the favorite part of investors and real estate consultants, this may change the fate of someone overnight but hardly for 2-3% peoples, others always suffer.

Why Wrong Perception:

Rates of developed plots, didn’t depreciated in last 1 years. Definitely, few readers are not going to be agreed with me.

All Develop plots, where possession is given rates appreciated upto 8-12 lacs in last 1 year. Even Few blocks gain 15-20 lac.

Gulbahar Block, Sector B:

Rates in gulbahar block increased from 50-55 to 67-75 of a good location plot.

Janiper and Overseas B:

Rates in Janiper increased from 45-48 to 58-60 in last 9-12 months, same is the case with overseas B block, rates appreciated from 40-45 up to 55-65. Even Facing park plots crossed 65 lacs.

Quaid Block:

Quaid Block rates increase form 42-45 to 52-55 lacs, only in last 6-8 months.

These are the few examples of appreciation of prices in few blocks and still they are increasing. Plot options are decreasing in all sectors. If you invest in (on-ground) developed plots and you bear loss you need to change your agent.

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Moazzam Khan

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  1. Muhammad Saeed

    Malik Riaz and associates are very well aware of Pakistan politicians and burocrats and establishment, so he has grabbed them all with showering billions and hundreds of plots earned from the pockets of middle-class investor or desirous of reasonable plot for sale……he made fool of this class by promising the delivery of developed plots or house like Awami villas which even after 10 years of its start are partially delivered to its owners…my myself victim of of investing my total saving in Awami villa and one plot in E- sector to have good return after possession, which remain a dream after 7 and 4 years respectively…what I believe he all the time manages to start new projects and create a hype and forgetting old projects to run at dead pace to keep file system sale/purchase at maximum. now time have come to gather all the affectes and highlight his malicious intention in media and to further contest legally…..at least it will prevent further entrapment of innocent investors or needy person……

  2. Qadeer

    Malik Riaz harami shams ha. Harami sala kisi gandi nali ka keera ha. Greens main awam KO is kuttay nay fraud keya ha

  3. Rajab

    Moazzam, Sorry to say your comment on DHA city are ground less, would you please tell how much far is Bahria from Thokar and how much is the distance from thokar and proposed location of DHA city.

    Malik Riaz never want DHA city to be successfull and he used what ever the means required to make it happen.If DHA city is launched on time then who will buy the plot in Bahria, answer is no one becz it is much far from DHA city and thokar.

    DHA city Lahore and DHA Valley Islamabad are Public private partnership ventures. In these ventures private partners made money and left the DHA alone to settle the issues. Did you analysed Why DHA is facing difficulties only in JV projects?

    As far as your comment on Greed is concernd, please advise on which news paper, Tv ad Bahria Green Valley advertisement made by Bahria. Answer is Nothing done. If nothing done to publicize then how Bahria managed to sell thousands of files in Bahria. Answer is through dealers as dealers made all publicity and showed to public charm and dreams and people get trap. I know personally how much % Bahria give to their dealers to sell files and how Bahria use there dealers to get the job done.

    Property dealer or Realtor business getting dirty because if dirty developers and dealers. Code of conducting business and ethics need to establish as it is enough for general public and No More.

  4. Moazzam Khan

    Mr. Tariq,

    Jumping into files is always a riskier business. Look at the DHA city, they even didn’t announce land, whereas they received all the payments. Projects got delayed. Bahria will soon deliver all the projects.
    People jump into files speculations, to change their luck overnight but this is not like that. Whenever greed comes in ability of thinks goes to sleep mode. Every one knows green valley is a very expensive project but they don’t stop buying, because of greed.

  5. Moazzam Khan

    Dear Mr. Rasheed,

    There are two reasons, why your Iris plot price is still not appreciating.

    1. First of all Iris block is always under shadow. This is not a famous block for builders and even final users. Bahria town charge penalty only when the possession is taken and construction not started after 3 years, within 3 years no charges. If possession not applied they only charged 750 for maintenance charges.

    2. May be you have bought the plot, at the maximum rate, or may be at the odd location like near to village or rohi nala. This is one of the reason rates not increases much in Iris block.

    Secondly, Sector F, rates are one of the biggest speculation, and everyone knows that. Even those who paid installments at the time. they are also enjoying handsome profit.

  6. Nawaz

    Old people said “Gold Smith and property dealer” are two type of business who will not sell to their mother without profit.

  7. Rasheed

    Yes, you are right. BTL deceived people based on its previous track record. I put down DOWN PAYMENT AND 1 instalment for Sector F 10 marla. I didnt pay anything as OWN and then it shot up to 7 LAC OWN. I didnt sell hoping i will get a plot. Never got any. At the end, had to pay all instalment and then sold off the plot. Lucky that I sold at good time and didnt loose money, but I know many are in deep losses.

  8. Tariq

    1. Your analysis clearly shows that price appreciation is limited to on ground plots but what about those who don’t have sufficient funds and jump in file purchasing as only cheapest option to purchase land.
    The issue is why bahria management deal into file business and making investor fool when they don’t have land for the project (Green Valley and Sector F are unfortunate examples). Many unfortunate investors have lost their hard earn money due to this un ethical behavior of Bahria Town Management. Own and loss is seperate thing but BT has not delivered what they were commited during last two years whether these are files or plots.

  9. Rasheed

    I bought 10 marla in Iris. It’s price is the same. Barely breaking even and Bahria town charging penalty for non-construction. The examples you mentioned maybe true but there are certainly people who are losing money on possession plots too.


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