First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! STAY BLESSED in 2017. I hope you all will be fine by the grace of almighty Allah. I am back to bring you the insight of what happened in year 2016 in Bahria town & Bahria Orchard Lahore. In 2016, market has taken many turns, to a speed of lion to a speed of snail. TAX evolution which caused panic in the market and market crashed dramatically. Year 2016 starts on a high note as a trend from 2015 keep on going. Let first talk about Bahria town Lahore.


Bahria town rates are always stable and strong. The rates here don’t increase and decrease very sharply like other projects of Bahria town, especially developed sectors like sector B & C especially, even now sector D is quite stable even after the tax evasion, The rates in all these sector are almost as they were in the start of 2016. Also in 2016 main trend and focus was in Bahria Orchard so investors here didn’t enjoy maximum returns on their investment. But in other sector’s like E, F, people enjoyed returns in the beginning and but in the end  of year rates decline, almost 5 – 8 lac.

In 2016, main event in Bahria town was Talha block, a project launched in Bahria town after a long long time, it was an ultimate hit. Investors earned handsome amount in this project. Initial booking rate was PKR 62,50,000 on installments. At a time, general plots were sold as high as PKR 77 lac, whereas locations are sold above 80 lac. But now rates are back around 70 lac and may be less for many plots. The reason was somehow TAX tsunami, which caused panic in the market and market crash. secondly, many people who were able create pressure and maintain it on Bahria town management, they get plots in shape of adjustments, brings more supply in the market, which caused more decline in the rates.
Another main event was balloting of sector F, though it was without map. Bahria town management said that they will start development after 6 months, which cause upward trend in rates. As per now development didn’t started so rates increased almost upto 50 lac to 60 lac now they are back on 37 – 45 lac.

Strangely ring road cause negative affect on BTL rather than positive affect. The reasons behind is the affected owners, whom property is coming inside the ring road. Now BT has paid adjustment to building owner and tax evasion is also solved, this consider to be as good year coming for Bahria town investors.

Golf view residencia which was the most hyped project of BT, which was unfinished for a long time, and there was no development in it.  Now is a good news for them, Few member created a group, create pressure on BT management & try hard for the development, and they succeed, they had a meeting with Malik Riaz. He ordered for the development and hopefully new map will be out in the market in few days and development will be started in this month as promised by Malik Riaz.


Bahria Orchard started 2016 on fire. In the beginning of the years rates of 08 marla plots were 28 – 35 lac, whereas rates of 05 marla were around 22-27, but the impact of development on Raiwind road, in the Adda plot area, and Raiwind road super highway statues and ring road projects, cause the much appreciation in all the societies of Raiwind road as well as Bahria Orchard. In the first few months of the year rates jumped upto 50 to 60 lac for 08 marla, many 08 marla plots were sold above 55. and 05 marla rates were above 40 lacs. But suddenly the tax evasion cause the panic in the market and the bubble burst and rates started to depreciate. Currently bahria orchard 08 marla rates lies between 37 to 46 lac and 05 marla rates are now 28 to 36. At the moment market was on high note, it feels that its a bubble because rates are unjustifiably high, but now rates are unjustifiably low, which show there is a potential of appreciation of 4 to 5 lac at least in every plots. It’s a buying season in Bahria Orchard Lahore.

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Moazzam Khan

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  1. Chaudhary


    Very nice article and well summarized.

    Please keep sharing the updates regularly.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Thanks for your appreciation
      I am back, i’ll try to post as much as possible

  2. Khalid Javaid

    A good article. Can you please advise what will be the prospects of 10 marlas (on-ground) & 1 Kanal Villas in Bahria Orchard in 2017?

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Plots are always a better option. Prices of 10 marla plots are on lower side now. Transfer fee is less and they are good for investment.
      On the other hand 1 Kanal villas are just average investment. They may not be as fruitful as plots.

  3. Faisal

    Is it a good time to buy 5-8 marla on ground plots in bahria orchard?
    Please comment on new deals 10 marla in bahria orchard phase 4..

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Yes. Its a prrfect time to buy something in bahria orchard as rate is very low. Phase 4 is a bit riskier, could be good for a long term
      For more detailed concersation. Call me on 0300 8446790

  4. Rajab

    Moazzam, how do you see the future of GVR and how much you feel that Bahria is serious in delivery.

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Rajab
      As per latest news new map of GVR will be out in this month. Notice is on display in orchard office regarding devopment in Jan. But there is no chance of Golf course, only plots will be devolped.
      Sms me on wats app i’ll send you bahria notice


    please advise what is future of Bahria green LAHORE

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Good Day
      There is no future of bahria greens. It’s been officially called off.
      Secondly greens has been merged into Karachi files. You can sell it now and get the cash payment or apply for refund

  6. Nawaz


    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr.Nawaz,

      Hopefully map will be out in this month. Members are co ordinating regularly with bahria town management. Please wats app me for more detials.

  7. zeshan

    Dear Moazzam Bhai
    Whats is construction status in low cost orchard phase 2 after possession.
    and how you see low cost in year 2017

    1. Moazzam Khan (Post author)

      Dear Mr. Zeeshan,

      Few houses are under construction. But you know, it need a big heart to live alone and take initiative. In 2017 you will surely see initiative for construction. Secondly, bahria orchard market is very positive especially after tax amnesty scheme. Very good amount of transactions have been recorded in last 2 months. Previously it was totally stuck. Bahria Orchard is the cheapest in price in Lahore as per infrastructure. So looking forward a great 2017 orchare year.


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