Bahria town Peshawar Update and Noc.

bahria town Peshawar NOC

Bahria town Peshawar Noc (no objection certification) from pesawar development authority finally circulated in the market. Although this is very initial and one of the Noc but sources saying bahria town got almost 90% Noc, and will able to launch the project timely. As i mentioned in my last article to create hype these types of stuff will regularly comes in the market. Read previous article.

Bahria town Peshawar sales and marketing office already established there from two to three years but there is a big news staff will join on 5th december and there will be opening ceremony held tomorrow inaugrated by Malik riaz and country head at 2:00pm, so this is the major development so far thats mean Peshawar project will launch timely. Address of bahria town Peshawar office main Gt road near tarnab agricultural research institute. after that mega ad campaign is also going to launch soon. here are some images of Bahria town Peshawar office.

Bahria Town Peshawar Office.
BTP sale and marketing office.

Initially Bahria town will run all operations from this office then after some time operation office will be shifted inside the bahria town peshawar. The location of peshawar is yet to disclosed but according to some sources bahria town Peshawar will be located at Charsada road near to motorway exit.

How to Invest in Bahria Town Peshawar.

Well, the major discussion apart from all this information how to invest in bahria town Peshawar, As i already mentioned in my last article bahria town will initially launch the Registration form worth of 10,000 to 25,000. On that launching day we will see long queue outside Bahria town offices and banks. If you cant stand on long queues then you should purchase on same day by giving some on ( profit). Then registration certificate will trade in bahria town markets for some weeks until the the booking start. So this is the first step to do investment in bahria town Peshawar.

For more information regarding bahria town Peshawar you can contact me on following address.

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  1. Riaz


  2. Usman-bin-Khalid

    why are you showing sabz bagh to poor people, bahria town is not an investment, its gambling, pay full installments and then they will allot you a plot in a sector which can not be found on this earth, after another two years they will offer your money back, this is what they do with at least half of the applicants, because they sell always three times than the actual available plots, then they start playing with unfortunate file holders by allowing merger, adjustment or simply the money back after using your money for five years…. I think they are living example of high class hell bound cheaters and exploiters, jitni laanat utni kam, bach jao in barda froshon se, kahan ke bhaeee….

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      you are saying right in some extend, on the other hand bahria has delivered more than 80% in all projects. and you know price has increased significantly and the living standard facilities are beyond comparison.
      yes in bahria there is 15 to 20% affecties i agree. and these affecties are listned by bahria. if we see DHA city, phase 7 off those affecties cant even register their complaints in DHA.
      well you are going to see long long queues outside banks and bahria office on the launching of bahria Peshawar.


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