Beacon House National University Housing Society Lahore

Beacon House is a famous name of High School chain which then upgraded in university. Now they offer different specialties in which Mass Communication is important one. Well right now we are not talking about university but a housing society which is launched by same university. I’m sorry to say that Beacon House has a very good name in education but they fail to give quality in their housing society.

Housing societies which meant to flourish work hard and show themselves within a time of ten years. They do development that people start living there and prices of their plot increases. Same way company who launch housing society start getting business. But this is not the case with Beacon House National University Housing Society Lahore. They have launched the society in 1995 and still no sign of any house in it. Society location is very excellent, it is near to Adda Plot on Raiwind Road. It is considered as better location if we compare it with other housing societies on Raiwind Road.

There ain’t any electricity, no sui gas and no sign of any house. If they give little time on a project they started, they could get lot out of it. There are many housing societies on Raiwind Road away from this one which are representing positive view of their company. Well find below the prices of plots in Beacon House University Housing Society Lahore

Prices of Plots:

  • 10 Marla: Rs. 6 to 7 lacs
  • 1 Kanal: Rs. 15 to 20 lacs

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  1. Mirza

    Mrs. Nasreen Qasuri should develop society on such high standards that people give examples of Beacon House society. No swings on Premier Park. Not proper sitting bunches. Plight of roads should be observed n no community club etc

  2. m

    Solar lights in parks are good sign of innovation. Quality of parks should also improve

  3. Mubashar mirza

    Please construct big mosque n community centre. Mrs Qasuri is famous professional n now it is the time to uprise the quality of society calibere. School construction should also start. Proper swings n children playing equipment should place in Paris. One mosque should be in the begining of the society. Guards are not performing properly.

  4. H Khan

    All the owners need to organise and raise their voice. I suggest that a group must meet their Head at the earliest.

  5. Adnan

    Yes I agree with both of u above, they have delayed the project unnecessarily although they got all the money from us in time and yet no sign of constructions there. I myself am very intested in building my home there. I don’t know what to do whether i sohould sell my plot or keep it and be patience.

  6. H Khan

    I agree with this post. Visited the site today and was disappointed to see the state of parks and other development. I think its important that allotees organise themselves and approach the management for an immediate permission to allow construction. Of course, this cant start unless electricity is available. The management should atleast maintain parks, roads and other infrastructure.

    1. Nabeel Zafar (Post author)

      If they maintain these things you said, it would definitely increase their repute


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