Booking Open Bahria Town Sports City Karachi

Hello, Hope you find this article with good health, Well, Bahria Town Karachi is going to be launched a new mega project of Bahria Town Sports City offering residential plots of 250 , 500 and 1000 square yards and booking has been already started from Authorised dealers at controlled price. This newly project has come with separate entity, Some’s asses the location of Bahria Sports City adjacent to Precinct 31 or Precinct 22 but location will be adjacent to already given map of Bahria Town Karachi.

Bahria town has also given an ad in newspaper today though booking has been started couple of days ago. Well, terms and conditions in settling phase between Dealers & Bahria management like “ quantity of plots, location, incentive”. Final meeting will held tomorrow where dealers demand to management quantity should be limited and incentives. This meeting will dictate or make impact on price / success in initial stage which we say in our words ONN/ GAME / SATTA.

Pros & Cons of Bahria Sports City Karachi

Lets discuss the favourable and unfavourable factors soon after closing of booking

~ Favourable Factors
Launching price is very attractive for 10 marla is 3,650,000 with downpayment of 430,000 only, you just need to pay 430,000 that attracts short term investors and investors will prefer to purchase this files in multiples instead of buying 10 marla old without number. If you purchase 10 marla file without ballot you have to pay about 1.9 to 2.0 millions so here you just have to spend 430,000 without transaction cost, Similarly in 1 kanal the same equation applies. The other positive fact is bahria claims that Sports City Karachi will ballot on 1st instalment.

~ Un-Favourable Factors :
Bahria Town Karachi has already thousands of plots, and more than 60% members have non-balloted files that expected to ballot in 23rd March 2016 but currently uncertain situation for non-balloted files holders due to that reasons this project will attract only Short term investors those aim just trading instead of real potential and longer term buyer / investor. The other uncertain situation of this projects is quantity of plots and location. In my opinion there will be numerous plots in sports city may create hurdle in positive rates.

Conclusion & Recommendation ;

The positive fact is that entire Bahria Town Karachi existing projects prices are higher then its actual launching prices except 5 marla residential and 2bed Bahria Height t, moreover the up prices of old projects are quite high in some parts according to locations.
Another speculation in market regarding last few days upwards movement in price could be an inner strategy of bahria management in-order to launch NEW SPORTS CITY KARACHI.
A mix review of market through dealers let the investor make a mind to wait and see the trend, rather to invest in uncertain situation. Although some of them are insisting there clients to jump in, the intentions behind are might be more risk more profit or to get incentive from bahria.
Well, Those investor , Dealers believe in Speculation, file trading, will must go for this project. If some-one go for it should sell in first round.
Well, this is just only assessment based on market info and my personal experience. Bahria Town is famous for file speculation so anything can happened.

For Booking & Information in Bahria Sports City Karachi

Ch. Attique Saddiq 0323-4244428

Click on the below link See latest update / price on Bahria Sports City Karachi.

Numerous Quantity Drag Bahria Sport City Karachi In Minus

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  1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    Today Bahria Sports City Rate:(12-01-2016)

    250 square yards @ 60,000 to 70,000 incentive / discount / minus.
    500 square yards @ 80,000 to 90,000 minus

  2. shamshad

    i am totally confused regarding purchase in sport city,can somebody guide me

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      read next two articles on bahtia sports city if still any query left then call me on 92-301-4442226

    2. mohsin

      sports city project is a worst project ever, they are selling their plots in high prices, and the location of sports city is 30 k/meter away from bharia main gate. So i ‘ll recommend don’t purchase in sports city it’s value is going in minus day by day.

  3. muhammad mumtaz khan

    dear sir
    assallam allakum
    i want to buy in bharia tonw sport city karachi but now i am still in abudhabi so pls 250 square yard villas payment all procedure send my by email i submit my email id thinks
    best regards

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Call me or whatapp on 92-301-4442226 For further procedure & Booking.

  4. zeeshan

    i want to buy in bharia town sportscity karachi but now i am still in south africa so pls 250 square yard villas payment and all procedure sand my email id

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      you can call me on 92-301-4442226 for further procedure and booking

    2. mohsin

      Plz don’t purchase in sports city,

  5. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    Click on the below link and read new article on latest situation of Bahria Sports City Karachi.

  6. Ahmed

    A massive protest is planned on Saturday February 6 to get the refund of Bahria Green project. Those want to join please write to Dr. Rizwan at 0335 1182783

  7. Arshad

    Since it is launched through dealers it will be replica of Green Valley

  8. imran

    location is in yur pocket.. he only needs your money at the moment. about location, he will think later ?

  9. Saima Ahsan

    Where is the location for Sports city? Here they explain the complete detail but no location mentioned anywhere for this new project:

  10. Nawaz

    Blood sucker Vampire is out for hunt again, hide yourself and kids.


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