Numerous Quantity Drag Bahria Sport City Karachi In Minus

Hello, Hope you get this post with good health. Well, Bahria Sports City Karachi which has been recently launched and booking started through dealers from last four days available in minus now. At his first day Bahria Sports City available at level but right after next day available in minus 15,000 to 25,000. Now dealers offering 250 square yard at the price of 50,000 minus and 350 Square yard villa in minus 80,000 to 95,000. Well, mostly overseas & unaware purchasers booking their files at level price so before getting new booking must consider price first.

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Booking Open Bahria Town Sports City Karachi

Well, this is really not a good sign for this new project though bahria town is doing good advertisement in electronic media and getting handsome attraction by Overseas & local purchasers. This project is also attracting those types of investors / purchasers who missed opportunity at the launching time of Bahria Town Karachi.

Why Bahria Sports City Karachi Going Downward ( Proposed Reasons)

~  It is may due to numerous quantity of files creating hurdle to settle price positive or upward as i predicted about large number of quantity in last post. Some sources say Bahria Sports City Karachi consist of 8,000 plots so this type of quantity need as overwhelming response as we have seen at the launching time of Bahria Town Karachi from all over the Pakistan.

~ I heard dealer will get 75,000 or may  more incentive on each booking of 250 square yard and similarly will get more on other categories. It could be a major reason. So dealers are willing to transfer their incentive to client to reduce their payment burden which they have to give to Bahria Town. Some time main stream dealers competition create this type of situation in race of more and more booking and this type of scenario happens when they have a burden to sell or booking files in large quantity.

~ The another reasons which is simply demand and supply formula. I guess less purchasers and more files available of Bahria Sports City Karachi making this situation.

Recommendation & Conclusion.

I was not very much excited since launching day of Bahria Sports City Karachi and I predicted if this project have large quantity of files will face difficult situation at the time of booking. On the other side  genuine client who has holding power of 1 year or aim to mature his / her plot not consider much this type of plus / minus situation. But those has aim to short term investment / trading purpose must consider this type of scenarios. Well, if you are going to book your plot in Bahria Sports City Karachi must consider price / rate and take discount in downpayment as per market rate instead of book your file at level. 

 It is very possible once booking will be completed this project will go upward at any time, as we have seen in Ali Block Bahria Town Karachi. But It will go in more minus before completion of booking thats what I think.

For Booking & Info you can contact 

Ch Attique Saddiq       0323-4244428 

if you are seeking guidance regarding Bahria Town Sports City Karachi You can contact me.

Usman Bin Khalid  0301-4442226



Yours comments are always welcome , share your views / queries through comment box.

Rates Variation in Bahria Sports City Karachi

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  1. Nazim Hussain

    Usman Bhai pl update when latest map will b issued of precinct 16 in BTK

  2. Muhammad Arif

    please quote the price i want to purchase 205 sq yard plot in behria sportb city and i am very thankful for advise can i invest in this project because i am retired person and little saving

  3. Riaz Uddin

    Dear all,

    My opinion Malik Riaz have pain for poor peoples and have some stress of ALLAH , so he could not eat poor people’s amounts
    and personally I have no listen any bad news Just like other politician have loss characters personality, and killing the innocent
    peoples and eating the whole country amounts – so I pray of my ALLAH given him more stress and pain for poor peoples. so we Malik Riaz work for peoples in the right direction-

  4. Anonymous
  5. Faisal

    Can some one confirm if BAHRIA SPORTS CITY 500sq yds plot still in minus and if so how much. I checked got mixed reviews on it, as I’m told that there is a premium as well.

    Secondly, also that it will be located in the middle of the BTK, some where around prescient 12.

  6. Ali Hussain

    Let me know someone, When we will have to deposit our first installment of bahria Sports City , Karachi?

  7. ksf

    hi, any latest update. about sport city

    1. Wasi

      Yes, the latest update is that we have paid the installmetn and waiting for balloting now.

  8. Iqrar Ali

    I want to purchase villa in bt sports city.

    Please email me details at or call 00966 54 0977 239

  9. Muhammad Azam

    Dear usman bahi morning salam ”
    Reagrding bahria sports city rates are going down daily basis ,most of people invest in this project for good return, so what is the causes of rates going to fluctuate.what’s future of this project,
    Bahria are launching “iqbal Vila ” news are floating in market.
    what is future bahria town golf city still prices are in minus.can u suggest to keep continue with golf city r quite.

  10. Furzan

    Anyone tell me, what is the procedure to validate the booking/bahria sport city receipt that i received from the dealer???

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      That must be Bahria Form go to Bahria office and verify it

  11. Muhammad munir

    I need bahria sport’s city 250 yard form urgently if any body interested to sale please reply ASAP.

    1. riyaz

      Pls contact 03158373203 booking is still open.. but time is limited.

  12. Ali Ahmed

    tv ad and road publicity still going on as of Feb 18 of Bahria sports city

    so booking still going on ?

  13. Kami

    I filled the form but unfortunately would not be able to make it due to some commitments. Is there any chance to fill or submit after the last date? Any solution?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      if you purchased directly from bahria then i cannot say anthing , if you taken it from dealer then managable.

  14. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    Today we have seen good demand of Bahria Sports City Karachi in market due to shortage of delivery of files. Actually Some dealers sold Bahria Sports City Files without having Files They thought will cover in more minus. So Due to last date of submission now they need files to fulfil their commitment. This is the reasons today file rate 250 square yards of sports City in evening was minus 35k to 45k at ready delivery ( 15-06-2016). Yesterday 250 square yards traded between 55,000 to 65,000 minus

  15. shameer

    Behria sports city form available contect 03072828935

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      kindly quote the asking price of all categories of bahria sports city

  16. Shamim Soomro

    Dear Admin, What is your opinion to invest in Sports City 250 yards plot through dealer ?? is there any guaranty we will get plot in balloting ?

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      every one will get balloted , either you purchase directly from bahria or dealer. Through dealer you will get discount

  17. Shamim Soomro

    Dear Admin, What is your opinion to invest in Sports City 250 yards plot through dealer ??

  18. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    Today Bahria Sports City Rate:(12-01-2016)

    250 square yards @ 60,000 to 70,000 incentive / discount / minus.
    500 square yards @ 80,000 to 90,000 minus

  19. faisal

    Sale parh contact me 03222122862

  20. Maroof Khan

    I have Bahria Sports city form 250 Sq Yards. (Only 1)

    If anybody wants please contact.


    1. Farhan

      whats your asking price

  21. Hamza Khan

    If four to five people having low capital and income jointly invest in bahria town sports city karachi..
    425000 diveded on five , per person hwve to pay Rs 85000.
    and per month installment is round about 13500 ..
    all you need is trustable person.

  22. Zeeshan

    Is it a good investment if we are willing to hold the plot for long term, such as more than 5-7 years?

    Need kind advise from all seasoned Property investors.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      iF Some one holding power of above 5 years, He / she will definitely get at least 100% pay back in any Bahria Town Project. This 100% return is lowest possible assessment.

  23. Tariq

    Good observation Imran. However Sports City is going towards dead end and rate probably 100k minus for 250sy. Investors are no more interested to buy and dealers are trying hard efforts to sell at any down price

  24. imran

    no..its the same tanveer.. yu can see an icon above the name which is same in both comments. thats probably linked to the same ip address no matter yu change the name , icon will remain the same

    1. Sheraz

      Then it’s definitely a big lol

    2. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      I always quote Tanveer sab example. Investors saying about Bahria Town ” Fraud, fake, n bla bla ” and same time they are are curious to invest in Bahria Town .
      Actually if we see rationally Bahria Town entire performance till today all projects, In my point Bahria Town has delivered more than 80% at-least.

      1. siddiqui

        see the DHA karachi since 30 years they did not complete their project like phase 8 and same time dha city need next 50 years, Bahria karachi development is on very fast track

  25. imran

    lol @ tanvir sb… above yu are advising people to stop investing in bahria and at the same time yu are interested in sports city booking?? what is this??

    1. Sheraz

      Probably two different tanveer 😀 coincidence!!

  26. tanveer

    I needbahria sport city forms any brother want to sell.

    1. Zeeshan

      I have Bahria Sports city forms 240 Sq Yards. 3 No.

      Please advice your offer.


    2. Hamza Khan

      I have bahria sports city forms .
      contact me 0335-4000073

      1. Rizwan Qureshi

        Plot Size + Demand ?

  27. tanvir

    I minus a huge money in lahore files Rawalpindi etc I advice all investors don’t go to bahria projects plz plz otherwise all your money gone.

  28. tanvir

    Malik riaz a group icon of frauders plz take care all friends investors don’t invest in schemes.

  29. Haroon

    We don’t need Plot on moon. We don’t need dreams of Bahria . Bahria is frau. They are deceivers. We want our 100% payment back. Malik Riaz and Bahria town is total fraud.

  30. NED

    See outclass response

  31. Ammar

    I think Bahria town is master in advertisement and marketing not in infrastructure development as they used to be couple of years back. I am personally interested to purchase plot in BTK and Bahria enclave islamabad but due to slow pace of development & uncertainity of BT projects I cannot indulge myself in file game.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      Yes your are saying true, From last two years Bahria Town development is as not as it was couple of years ago. In lahore this is happened due to land acquisition issues.

  32. imran

    comprehensive and rational article. plus bahria also needs to understand that it cannot keep on selling projects without completing previous commitments. this is n age of internet. Lahore/islamabad and karachi stalled projects have given them a bad name and they first need to rectify old issues before moving forwards

  33. Ahmed

    For Bahria Green victims:
    A massive protest is planned on Saturday February 6 to get the refund of Bahria Green project. Those want to join please write to Dr. Rizwan at 0335 1182783
    We are around 70 members and looking for more to join hands.

    1. Rajab


    2. tanveer

      I want to join your group to protest bahria greens plz call me.

  34. Rajab

    Good analysis


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