Is Property Boom Coming Again To Bahria Town

There was a boom, there was a fall, it’s turn for a boom. For reasons of this boom and fall, read my earlier post. Those 4 outstanding booming period in Bahria Town Lahore make everyone rich at that time. Then we have next two years in which many property dealers left the market. Right now, it seems, that we are moving for something good. Something mature and consistent. It might give us a chance for a big shot again.

Bahria Town Lahore:

There have been a great increase in prices of plots of Rafi and Iqbal block. Then we’ve seen a sufficient increase in prices of Quaid, Johar and Ghaznavi block.

More investors are taking interest in buying plots. Genuine clients who are constructing houses or shifting to Bahria Town Lahore has increased tremendously.

Commercial plots and Off Ground plots are still at their lowest. So it’s a buying time for commercial plots especially.

Bahria Orchard Lahore:

Bahria Town Orchard is becoming an interest for everyone in the market. Prices are going up in every block. In last two to three months we’ve experience a raise of

  • 3 to 4 lac in 10 marla (especially in Central block)
  • 2 to 3 lac in 8 marla (especially in C block)
  • 1 to 2 lac in 5 marla (especially in C block)

Bahria Orchard is genuine client market. We have a genuine buyer here, who is buying a plot for savings. On the other hand, we have genuine sellers, who are selling their plots in profit.

Why Few Investors in Bahria Right Now?

We have very few investors in this market. That is because of the transfer fee. If someone buy a 5 marla plot, which he can sell in Rs. 50,000/- profit. What if he transfer that plot in his name and pay transfer fee of Rs. 68,000/- How come he sell the plot? It will take some time for that plot to come in profit. This slow raise in price is a reason for few investors in market.

Projects Not in Profit

Secondly, investors money is stuck in many of those projects which are not in profit. Projects such as

  • Golf View Residencia
  • All Off ground plots
  • All commercial plots
  • Sector F files
  • Bahria Greens files
  • All projects of Bahria Town Karachi

Some of these projects are in minus. Some of these projects are in low price as compare to buying of investors. Bahria Town management needs to deliver what they promise. This is the way which will make genuine clients and investors happy.


This is time for buying a plot. Prices are going up slowly right now but they are getting the pace. Price raise is increasing and it seems that we may see that old boom in property of Bahria Town Lahore as we’ve seen earlier. When you get the price raise in weeks. Yes not in months, not in years, but in weeks and days.

This seems to be a starter for investors. Many have already jumped in to invest in Bahria Town Lahore. Golden chance is for others…

 For Buying and Selling in Bahria Town Lahore or Bahria Orchard contact below

Nabeel Zafar: +92-345-4301013

Usman-bin-Khalid: +92-301-4442226

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  2. tariq

    Dear Usman

    Your analysis clearly shows that price appreciation is limited to on ground plots but what about those who don’t have sufficient funds and jump in file purchasing as only cheapest option to purchase land.

    The issue is why bahria management deal into file business and making investor fool when they don’t have land for the project (Green Valley and Sector F are unfortunate examples). Many unfortunate investors have lost their hard earn money due to this un ethical behavior of Bahria Town Management. Own and loss is seperate thing but BT has not delivered what they were commited during last two years whether these are files or plots.

  3. Rasheed

    I bought a file in Sector F. Had all 3 instalments up-to-date but didnt get ballott. Clearly when this happen, people loose confidence. Bahria has not delivered many projects in Lahore since last 2 years. Clearly this is reflecting in trading in BTL. Reason: people lost trust. I was lucky to be out of F without loss because I bought at 0 own but there are people who bought with 7 lac own and are in loss now, even after paying all instalments. I feel sorry for them. My advice: Only buy where possession is available and you want to construct a house. For investment purpose, stay away from Bahria for 1 year.


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